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Pg 50 (post Civil War) Wisconsin – Book, Census Enumeration 1885

Surnames "Burton to Butler"

Includes - Name/Rank/Co./Reg’t/State or Vessel/Post Office

BURTON Daniel/ Pvt/ C/ 2/ Wisconsin/ Yorkville

BURTON E/ Pvt/ E/ 46/ Wisconsin/ Adams

BURTON Robert/ Pvt/ / 12/ Wis.Battery/ Janesville

BURTON James R/ Pvt/ D/ 33/ Wisconsin/ Glen Haven

BURTON Joseph/ Pvt/ A/ 33/ Wisconsin/ Annaton

BURTT Charles M/ Pvt/ E/ 141/ NY/ Little Rapids

BURTT M/ Pvt/ D/ 27/ Wisconsin/ Larrabee

BURTT George N/ Pvt/ I/ 14/ Wisconsin/ Nicollet

BURWELL Andrew W/ Corp/ H/ 5/ Wisconsin/ Oxford

BURWELL Samuel B/ Pvt/ K/ 43/ Wisconsin/ Kendall

BURWITZ C/ Pvt/ I/ 48/ Wisconsin/ Richland Center

BUSBY E/ Pvt/ D/ 129/ Indiana/ Sparta

BUSBY Thomas/ Sgt/ E/ 52/ Illinois/ Osseo

BUSCHBELL Henry/ Pvt/ F/ 49/ Wisconsin/ Cassville

BUSCHMANN William/ Pvt/ K/ 32/ Wisconsin/ Hebron

BUSH Daniel/ Capt/ D/ 44/ Wisconsin/ Abrams

BUSH Peter/ Pvt/ E/ 4/ Wisconsin/ Clinton

BUSH Franklin/ Corp/ A/ 36/ Wisconsin/ York

BUSH G.C./ musician/ / / Wisconsin/ Rio

BUSH Calvin/ Pvt/ D/ 75/ Ohio/ Rockton

BUSH Bedford/ Sgt/ F/ 8/ Wisconsin/ Wauzeka

BUSH Francis E/ Pvt/ B/ 32/ Wisconsin/ Brandon

BUSH A.N./ Pvt/ H/ 36/ Wisconsin/ Ithaca

BUSHAW M.B./ Pvt/ H/ 110/ NY/ Green Bay

BUSHENDORF William/ Pvt/ / 32/ Wisconsin/ Elk Mound

BUSHEY K.B./ Sgt/ G/ 5/ Vermont/ Appleton

BUSHMAN George/ Pvt/ D/ 17/ Wisconsin/ Tunnel City

BUSHMAN Peter/ Pvt/ A/ 52/ Illinois/ Racine

BUSHMANN William/ Pvt/ K/ 32/ Wisconsin/ Watertown

BUSHNELL C.E./ Pvt/ A/ 46/ Wisconsin/ Monroe

BUSHNELL Elijah D/ Pvt/ C/ 7/ Wisconsin/ Belmont

BUSHNELL Hiram M/ Pvt/ K/ 44/ Wisconsin/ Platteville

BUSHNELL R.S./ Pvt/ B/ 43/ Wisconsin/ Platteville

BUSHNELL Alfred W/ Pvt/ G/ 4/ Wisconsin/ Hammond

BUSHNELL A.R./ Capt/ C/ 7/ Wisconsin/ Lancaster

BUSHNELL Frederick H/ saddler/ G/ 4/ Wis.Calvary/ Hammond

BUSKIRK John/ Pvt/ G/ 7/ Iowa/ Millston

BUSS Charles F/ Pvt/ F/ 47/ Pennsylvania/ National Home

BUSS Charles/ Pvt/ E/ 45/ Wisconsin/ Dotyville

BUSSAK Charles/ Pvt/ C/ 9/ Wisconsin/ Young America

BUSSE August/ Pvt/ D/ 13/ Wisconsin/ Rosecrans

BUSSE John/ Pvt/ B/ 52/ Wisconsin/ Appleton

BUSSETT H.E./ Pvt/ G/ 16/ Missouri/ LaCrosse

BUSSEY Nelson/ Pvt/ B/ 31/ Wisconsin/ Oakley

" " / Pvt/ F/ 1/ Wis.H.Art./ Oakley

BUSSEY M/ Pvt/ B/ 18/ Wisconsin/ Juda

BUSSEY G.W./ Pvt/ K/ 11/ Maine/ Omro

BUSSEY G.W./ Sgt/ D/ 1/ Wisconsin/ Juda

BUSWELL S/ Com.Sgt/ D/ 11/ Maine/ Antigo

BUSWELL John/ Pvt/ A/ 1/ Wis.H.Art./ Union Grove

BUSWELL H.P./ Pvt/ A/ 1/ Wis.H.Art./ Newton

BUSWINE Peter/ Pvt/ D/ 6/ Wisconsin/ Oshkosh

BUTCHER Benj/ Pvt/ B/ 18/ Wisconsin/ Brodhead

BUTILL Christ/ Pvt/ I/ 4/ Wis.Battery/ National Home

BUTLER Charles H/ Pvt/ D/ 185/ NY/ National Home

BUTLER Kearn/ Pvt/ A/ 17/ Wisconsin/ Berlin

BUTLER Louis/ Pvt/ A/ 29/ Wisconsin/ Lone Rock

BUTLER William/ Pvt/ F/ 46/ Wisconsin/ Lone Rock

BUTLER Burton/ Pvt/ G/ 31/ Wisconsin/ Monroe

BUTLER A.O./ Pvt/ B/ 7/ Wisconsin/ Beaver Dam

BUTLER Thomas/ Capt/ C/ 8/ Wisconsin/ Chippewa Falls

BUTLER William/ Pvt/ F/ 13/ Wisconsin/ Shopiere

BUTLER Robert/ Pvt/ H/ 49/ Wisconsin/ Ontario

BUTLER W.W./ Pvt/ I/ 22/ Wisconsin/ Cataract

BUTLER Henry/ Corp/ K/ 36/ Wisconsin/ Eau Claire

BUTLER Jason/ Pvt/ C/ 92/ NY/ Omro

BUTLER Thomas/ Pvt/ G/ 31/ Wisconsin/ Oakley

BUTLER J.G./ Pvt/ F/ 30/ Wisconsin/ Hanover

BUTLER J.F./ Corp/ A/ 155/ Pennsylvania/ Nelson

BUTLER P.G./ Pvt/ L/ 2/ Wis.Calvary/ Norway Ridge

BUTLER L.M./ Pvt/ K/ 5/ Wisconsin/ Eureka

BUTLER Ephriam/ Corp/ B/ 139/ Pennsylvania/ Modena

BUTLER W.F./ Pvt/ B/ 41/ Wisconsin/ Ripon

BUTLER F.B./ Pvt/ B/ 49/ Wisconsin/ New London

BUTLER J.F./ Pvt/ F/ 49/ Wisconsin/ Clinton

BUTLER Harvey/ Pvt/ M/ 4/ Wis.Calvary/ Poynette

BUTLER Jas.D Jr/ drummer/ H/ 40/ Wisconsin/ Madison

" " / Pvt/ H/ 49/ Wisconsin/ Madison





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