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Public Records Abbreviations



The following is a list that periodically appears on one or

more of the genealogy mailing lists for the purpose of sharing

with other researchers. I, myself, cannot take credit for

compiling this, but felt that posting it might be of help to

those not active on the lists




Some abbreviations that are encountered in public records and their



a.a.s. = anno aetitis suae = died in the year of his/her age i.e. 86 y/o died in year 86

ante.nup. = ante-nuptialis = before marriage

coel = coelebs = unmarried

m.p. = mortuo patre = after his father's death

o.coel = obit coelebs = died unmarried

o.inf. = obit infans = died in nonage [being under age] = obiere omnes = all died

o.s.p. = obit sine prole = died without issue

o.s.p.l. = obit sine prole legitima = died without legitimate offspring

o.s.p.m. = obit sine prole mascula = died without male issue

o.s.p.s. = obit sine prole superstite = died without surviving issue

stip.con. = stipendis condonatis = without fee

unde. = from whom

v.i. = vide infra = see below

d.s.p.l.v.p. = died without legitimate children in the lifetime of his father

d.s.p.m.s. = decessit sine prole mascula supersita = died without surviving

male issue

d.v.m. = died in the lifetime of his mother

Et al = et alia = and others

inst = instans = present month

liber = book or volume

nepos = grandson

nunc = nuncapative will = an oral will, written by a witness

relict = relicta/relictus = widow or widower

sic = so or thus, exact copy as written

testes = witnesses

utl = ultimo = late

ux or vs = uxor = wife

viz = videlicet = namely

v.p. = vivente patre = in his father's lifetime

v.s. = vide supra = see above


All these "obit" entries also occur very commonly with "decessit"

(deceased) in place of the "obit" (died), i.e.

d.s.p. = decessit sine prole legitima = died without issue

d.v.p. = died during the lifetime of his/her father, etc.


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