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Old Naming Patterns


The following is a list that periodically appears on one or

more of the genealogy mailing lists for the purpose of sharing

with other researchers. I, myself, cannot take credit for

compiling this, but felt that posting it might be of help to

those not active on the lists




relative with some possible exceptions:

a boy, he would be named for the minister, if a girl, she would received his

surname as her middle name

the foster parent

in the correct order then, if John's first son is named Charles & his second

daughter is named Elizabeth, then John's parents must be Charles & Elizabeth




Common nicknames for given names


Allie - usually Alice, Aline or Aletha

Bell - usually Arabella, Annabelle, Isabel, Rosabel, etc

Cindy - usually Lucinda or Cynthia

Daisy - usually Margaret

Delia - usually Cordelia or Adelia

Dora - usually Theodora, Eudora or Dorothy

Effie - usually Euphemia, but sometimes Sarah

Elsie - usually Elizabeth

Fanny - usually Frances

Greta - usually Margaret

Hal, Hank or Harry - usually Henry

Hallie - usually Harriet or Henrietta

Hettie - usually Hester, but sometimes Esther or Henrietta

Jack - usually John

Jake - usually Jacob

Jenny - usually Jane, Virginia, Janet or Jennifer

Larry - usually Lawrence

Lena or Lina - usually a name ending in those letters (Emeline, Seline

or Selina, Magdalina or Magdaline, Pauline, Angeline, etc.)

Lettie - usually Letitia

Libby - usually Elizabeth

Madge, Midge, Meg, Maggie or Maisie - usually Margaret

Mattie - usually Martha, but sometimes Matilda

May or Maisie - usually Mary

Millie - usually Mildred, but sometimes Amelia, Millicent or even Mary

Minnie - usually Mary, but sometimes Marie

Molly - usually Mary

Nancy - usually Agnes or Ann(e)

Nannie - usually Nancy

Nell - usually Ellen, Helen or Eleanor

Nora - usually Eleanor, Honora or Lenore

Patsy - usually Martha or Patricia, but sometimes Matilda or Patience

Peggy - usually Margaret

Polly - usually Mary

Sally or Sadie - usually Sarah

Sukie - usually Susan

Tillie or Tilda - usually Matilda

Xr - Christopher

Zeke - usually Ezekiel or Hezekiah


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