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Transcribed in 1971 by Jack & Colleen Belk (both deceased).

Location; Twp 29N Rge 33W Sec 2 – northeast of Hwy 97

Names & Dates (more or less an index) only as this is copyrighted

1972. For those who can’t get to this area, here’s hoping this’ll

help a little. Some of the names have additional info listed, but

not all. If you’d like to check on a particular surname, simply email

me and I’ll check on it for you.

NICHOLS, Elizabeth S – 1857-1948

John Wesley – 1852-1927

Major Walter, M.D. – 1883-1927

John – 1919-1943

Mott – 12/1/1920 – 10/9/1963

TITUS, Samuel Mott – 1818-1896

Eliza Goodrich – 1831-1909

HARKEY, Rena N – 1887-1965