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Washington County newspapers indexed from Guide to

Wisconsin Newspapers-1833-1957, compiled by Donald E.



Please note: All I have is what’s listed below. The Wisconsin Historical

Society in Madison should have all the papers listed on microfilm:

816 West State St., Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1482


Name of paper/town or city/variations & dates


Allenton Tribune-Allenton, WI; 1905-1908[?]

Beobachter-West Bend WI; Jan 1879-Oct 12, 1917. In German

Botschafter-Slinger WI; Mar 27, 1897-Aug 9, 1917. In German

Hartford Press-Hartford WI; May 30, 1867-1868 [?]

Hartford Press-Hartford WI; Sept 13, 1872-Oct 23, 1933

    Title varies: West Bend Republican, 1872-July, 1876;

Washington County Republican, July 1876-Jan. 1883 - Merged with Hartford Times

Hartford Times-Press-Hartford WI; Sept 13, 1894 to date.

Title varies: Hartford Times, 1894-Oct 1933

Hartford Tribune-Hartford WI; Sept 5,-Oct 24, 1929

Home League-Hartford WI; Aug 11, 1860-Mar 5, 1864

Kewaskum Statesman-Kewaskum WI; Oct 5, 1895 to date.

Phoenix-West Bend WI; see under Milwaukee WI

Richfield Journal-Richfield WI; 1905-1908 [?]

Schleisingerville Scout-Slinger WI; 1889-1893 [?]

Washington County Banner-West Bend WI; 1868-1872 [?] In German

Washington County Democrat-West Bend WI; see West Bend News

Washington County Organ-West Bend WI; see West Bend News

Washington County Pilot-West Bend WI; see West Bend Pilot

Washington County Republican-Hartford WI; see Hartford Press (1872-1933)

West Bend Echo-West Bend WI; 1895-1896 [?] In German

West Bend News-West Bend WI; Jan 1855 to date. Title

    varies: Washington County Organ, 1855-1856; Washington

    County Democrat, 1856-1860; West Bend Post, 1861-1874;

    West Bend Democrat, 1874-1902

West Bend Pilot-West Bend WI; Feb 24, 1892-June 30, 1954.

Title varies: Washington County Pilot, 1892-Jan 1907.

    Merged with West Bend News

West Bend Post-West Bend WI; see West Bend News

West Bend Republican-West Bend WI; see Hartford Press

West Bend Times-West Bend WI; June 3, 1880-Oct 27, 1887. - Merged with West Bend Democrat

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