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Walworth County newspapers indexed from Guide

to Wisconsin Newspapers, 1833-1957 compiled by Donald E. Oehlerts



Please note: All I have is what’s listed below. The

Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison

should have all the papers listed on microfilm:

816 West State St., Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1482



Name of paper/town or city/variations & dates


Conservator; Elkhorn, Wi; June 28, 1859-1860?

Darien Banner; Darien, Wi; 1883-1884 ?

Darien Dispatch; Darien, Wi; 1897-1902 ?

Darien News; Darien, Wi; Aug 3, 1858-1859

Delavan Badger; Delavan, Wi; 1900-1901

Delavan Enterprise; Delavan, Wi; Mar 1878 to date; title varies: Delavan Tribune, Mar-Aug 1878

Delavan Patriot; Delavan, Wi; Dec 1861-1864; Merged with Delavan Republican

Delavan Reporter; Delavan, Wi; 1889-1890 ?

Delavan Republican; Delavan, Wi; Sept 25, 1863 to date; title varies: Republican and Patriot, 1864 ?

Delavan Tribune; Delavan, Wi; see Delavan Enterprise

East Troy Gazette; East Troy, Wi; Aug 1879-1883

East Troy News; East Troy, Wi; Feb 1, 1893 to date

East Troy Star; East Troy, Wi; 1886-1887 ?

Elkhorn Blade; Elkhorn, Wi; Apr 17, 1891-Nov 28, 1905

Elkhorn Independent; Elkhorn, Wi; May 1854 to

    date; title varies: Walworth County Independent, 1854-1855, June 1868-Feb 1892

Elkhorn Liberal; Elkhorn, Wi; Oct 18, 1873-Jan 7,

    1876; title varies: Walworth County Liberal, 1873-July 1875

Geneva Lake Herald; Lake Geneva, Wi; see Lake Geneva Herald

Geneva Lake Mirror; Lake Geneva, Wi; Feb 1, 1860-Mar 1861

Genevan; Lake Geneva, Wi; June 3, 1858-1859

Geneva Weekly Express; Lake Geneva, Wi; Sept 22, 1855-Apr 25, 1857; merged with Elkhorn Independent

Genoa City Broadcaster; Genoa City, Wi; see Lake Geneva Broadcaster

Genoa City Marquee; Genoa City, Wi; Dec 1948-Oct 13, 1955

Genoa Junction Courier; Genoa City, Wi; 1914-1916?

Genoa Junction Gazette; Genoa City, Wi; 1916-1918?

Genoa Junction Journal; Genoa City, Wi; Dec 1890-Sept 4, 1895; merged with Lake Geneva News

Genoa Junction Times; Genoa City, Wi; 1900-1912?

Herald; Lake Geneva, Wi; Aug 5-Nov 7, 1941

Lake Geneva Broadcaster; Lake Geneva, Wi; 1924-

Apr 18, 1957; title varies: Genoa City Broadcaster, 1924-May 1954

Lake Geneva Cisco; Lake Geneva, Wi; June 1879-Sept 1894

Lake Geneva Herald; Lake Geneva, Wi; Apr 20, 1872-Apr 11, 1919; title varies: Geneva Lake Herald, 1872-

    May 1879; merged with Lake Geneva News-Tribune

Lake Geneva Regional News; Lake Geneva, Wi; July

    18, 1879 to date; title varies: Lake Geneva News, 1879-

Dec 1924; Lake Geneva News-Tribune, Dec 1924-Sept 1933

Lake Geneva Tribune; Lake Geneva, Wi; Apr 1923-Dec 4, 1924; merged with Lake Geneva News

Northron; Delavan, Wi; Aug 27, 1856-May 1860;

    title varies: Wisconsin Messenger, 1856-Feb 1857;

Delavan Messenger, Feb 1857-Mar 1858; followed by Walworth County Journal

Observer; Williams Bay, Wi; Mar 19, 1896-Sept 23, 1898; merged with Delavan Enterprise

Pantagraph; Whitewater, Wi; 1877-1878 ?

Puddingstick; Whitewater, Wi; see Whitewater Chronicle

Sharon Gazette; Sharon, Wi; 1868-1873

Sharon Inquirer; Sharon, Wi; Sept 25, 1873-Aug 8, 1878; followed by Delavan Enterprise

Sharon Mirror; Sharon, Wi; June 1868-1871?

Sharon Reporter; Sharon, Wi; Aug 29, 1878 to date

Walworth County Democrat; Elkhorn, Wi; May 26, 1847-1849

Walworth County Democrat; Delavan, Wi; Jan 7, 888-1889 ?

Walworth County Independent; Elkhorn, Wi; see Elkhorn Independent

Walworth County Journal; Delavan, Wi; Nov 1852-1853 ?

Walworth County Journal; Delavan, Wi; May-Oct 1860

Walworth County Liberal; Elkhorn, Wi; see Elkhorn Liberal

Walworth County Reporter; Elkhorn, Wi; Aug 8,

    1845-Nov 1856; title varies: Western Star, 1845-Mar 1853; merged with Elkhorn Independent

Walworth County Tribune; Elkhorn, Wi; 1906-1908?

Walworth Press; Walworth, Wi; June 1886-1887?

Walworth Times; Walworth, Wi; Oct 27, 1904 to date

Western Star; Elkhorn, Wi; see Walworth County Reporter

Whitewater Chronicle; Whitewater, Wi; June 18, 1879-1884; title varies; Puddingstick, June 1879

Whitewater Gazette; Whitewater, Wi; July 31, 1854-Jan 1, 1857

Whitewater Gazette; Whitewater, Wi; Mar 1889-Sept 26, 1918; merged with Whitewater Register

Whitewater News; Whitewater, Wi; 1880-1889

Whitewater Press; Whitewater, Wi; Jan 1, 1924-Dec 26, 1940

Whitewater Register; Whitewater, Wi; Mar 25, 1857 to date

Wisconsin Messenger; Delavan, Wi; see Northron

Wisconsin Standard; Lake Geneva, Wi; July 1848-July 14, 1849


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