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Milwaukee County newspapers indexed from Guide to Wisconsin

Newspapers, 1833-1957, compiled by Donald E. Oehlerts


Please note: All I have is what’s listed below. The Wisconsin Historical

Society in Madison should have all the papers listed on microfilm:

816 West State St., Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1482


Name of paper/town or city/variations & dates


Abend Post; Milwaukee Wi; Feb 1 1879-May 16 1897; Title varies,

    Milwaukee Freie Presse, 1879-June 1890; Merged with Germania; in German

American Courier; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 1939-1940 (?)

American Freeman; Milwaukee Wi; see Wisconsin Free Democrat

Amerikanische Turnzeitung; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 4 1885-Dec 30 1917;  in German

Ansiedler; Milwaukee Wi; 1880-1882 (?); in German

Arbeiter; Milwaukee Wi; 1854-1855 (?); in German

Arminia; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 1882-May 1886; in German; Followed by Milwaukee’r Arbeiter-Zeitung

Atlas; Milwaukee Wi; Apr 1856-Apr 1861; in German

Atlas; Milwaukee Wi; Nov 29 1858-Apr 1861; in German; Followed By Herold

Banner Und Volksfreund; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 15 1850-May 11 1880;

    Title varies, Wisconsin Banner, 1850, Banner, 1851-Apr 1855; in German

Bay View Herald; Milwaukee Wi; 1882-1891 (?)

Bay View Observer; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 1932 to date

Bay View Press; Milwaukee Wi; Apr 14 1933-June 26 1941

Bay View Wave; Milwaukee Wi; 1889-1892 (?)

Biron Und Brucker’s Sonntagsblatt; Milwaukee Wi; see Freidenker

Bodocnost; Milwaukee Wi; see Vestnik

Cas; Milwaukee Wi; Apr 8-Oct 14 1893; In Bohemian

Cechoslovak; Milwaukee Wi; Aug 1 1918-Apr 3 1948; in Bohemian

Columbia; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 1873-Dec 21 1938; in German

Commercial Advertiser; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee Weekly News

Cudahy Courier; Cudahy Wi; 1896-1902

Community Press; Milwaukee Wi; 1935 to date

Cream City Courier; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee Gazette (1872-1880)

Cudahy Enterprise; Cudahy Wi; Oct 17 1908-Feb 14 1952; Merged with Reminder-Regional Press

Cudahy Sun; Cudahy Wi; 1892-1893 (?)

Cudahy Times; Cudahy Wi; Oct 29 1893-1894

Cudahy Times; Cudahy Wi; Apr 11 1906-1909

Daily Commercial Times; Milwaukee Wi; 1870-May 2 1878; Title

    varies, Evening Times, 1870-1874; Merged with Milwaukee Daily News

Daily Life; Milwaukee Wi; Aug 17 1861-Apr 1865; Merged with Daily Wisconsin

Daily National; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 10-Nov 6 1859

Daily People’s Press; Milwaukee Wi; Aug 16-Dec 14 1860; merged with Milwaukee Daily News

Daily People’s Press and News; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee Daily News (1848-1881)

Daily Reporter; Milwaukee Wi; 1898 to date

Daily Republican and News; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 3 1881-May 20 1882; merged with Milwaukee Sentinel

Daily Republican-Sentinel; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee Sentinel

Daily Review; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee Daily News (1887-1918)

Delavaska Slovenija; Milwaukee Wi; see Vestnik

Deutsches Volksblatt; Milwaukee Wi; 1877-Dec 30 1902; in German

Deutsche Warte; Milwaukee Wi; 1877-Oct 28 1914; in German - Published in Chicago, 1877-1889

Dispatch; Milwaukee Wi; 1953 to date

Domacnost; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 3 1879-Dec 24 1930; In Bohemian

Dziennik Polski; Milwaukee Wi; 1887-June 1888; in Polish; Followed by Kuryer Polski

Evening Courier; Milwaukee Wi; Feb 22-May 18 1847; Followed by Daily Wisconsin

Evening Signal; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee Evening Chronicle

Evening Times; Milwaukee Wi; see Daily Commercial Times

Evening Wisconsin; Milwaukee Wi; June 8 1847-Nov 23 1918; title

varies, Daily Wisconsin, 1847-May 1868; followed by Wisconsin-News

    Events; Milwaukee Wi; Apr 5 1885-Dec 25 1897; Title varies,

    Yenowine’s News, 1885-Nov 1895, Yenowine’s Illustrated News, Dec

    1895-Jan 1897, Illustrated News, Jan-Oct 1897

Excelsior; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 8 1883-Sept 5 1946; in German; Published at St Paul, Nov 1929-1946

Farmer’s Sentinel; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 2 1902-Dec 28 1905; Published by Milwaukee Sentinel

Fram; Milwaukee Wi; July 1894-Sept 4 1897; in Norwegian; Merged with LaCrosse Tidende

Freidenker; Milwaukee Wi; Apr 1 1872-Oct 25 1942; Title varies,

Biron Und Brucker’s Sonntagsblatt, Apr 1874-Jan 1875; published at

    Minneapolis Mn, May 1916-Sept 1918; published at New Ulm Mn, Sept 1918-1942; in German

Fremad; Milwaukee Wi; Oct 29 1868-Dec 20 1871; in Norwegian; Published at Chicago, 1869-1871

Germania; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee America

Germania-Herold; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee-Herold

Glendale Herald; Glendale Wi; Nov 1950-1956 (?); Title varies, Glendale Town-Times, 1950-Aug 1955

Greendale Review; Greendale Wi; 1939 to date

Herold; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 21 1861-Dec 28 1917; in German

Humanist; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 1851-1854; in German; followed by Arbeiter

Illustrated News; Milwaukee Wi; see Events

Index; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 22 1877-1878

Irrepressible Conflict; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 11 1860-1861 (?)

Italian Leader; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 1933-1937

Jewish Daily Press; Milwaukee Wi; 1919-1923; in Yiddish & English; published by Milwauker Wochenblat

Journal of Commerce; Milwaukee Wi; Nov 14 1866-Dec 22 1880;

Jugoslovenski Obzor; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 10 1929-Dec 15 1946; in Slovenian

Korsar; Milwaukee Wi; Oct 7 1854-Jan 1856; in German; followed by Milwaukee Journal

Krytyka; Milwaukee Wi; Nov 1885-June 1888; in Polish; followed By Kuryer Polski

Kuryer Polski; Milwaukee Wi; June 23 1888 to date; in Polish

Marine Advocate; Milwaukee Wi; Feb 1 1919-1920

Milwaukee Advance; see National Advance

Milwaukee Advertiser; Milwaukee Wi; July 14 1836-Mar 20 1841; Followed by Milwaukee Courier

Milwaukee America; Milwaukee Wi; June 18 1873-Nov 25 1924;

    Title varies, Germania, 1873-Sept 1918; in German

Milwaukee American; Milwaukee Wi; July 1855-Nov 1857

Milwaukee Commercial Herald; Milwaukee Wi; May 17-Nov 17

1843; Mar 21-Dec 27 1844; Merged with Milwaukee Sentinel

Milwaukee County News; Milwaukee Wi; 1946 to date

Milwaukee County Northwestern; Milwaukee Wi; 1896-1902 (?)

Milwaukee Courier; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 27 1841-June 2 1847

Milwaukee Courier; Milwaukee Wi; Nov 7 1868-1869 (?)

Milwaukee Daily Advertiser; Milwaukee Wi; Oct 12 1874-Mar 18, 1875; Merged with Daily Commercial Times

Milwaukee Daily American; Milwaukee Wi; July 1855-Nov 1857

Milwaukee Daily Commercial Advertiser; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee Daily News (1848-1881)

Milwaukee Daily Courier; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 19-July 14 1846

Milwaukee Daily Enquirer; Milwaukee Wi; July 18 1860-1861 (?)

Milwaukee Daily Free Democrat; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 16 1850-Oct

1861; published by Wisconsin Free Democrat; merged with Daily Wisconsin

Milwaukee Daily Gazette; Milwaukee Wi; Oct 21 1845-Feb 14 1846; Merged with Milwaukee Sentinel

Milwaukee Daily News; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 1848-Nov 1853; Aug

1854-Jan 1 1881; Title varies, Milwaukee Daily Commercial Advertiser

1848-1852; Daily People’s Press and News, Dec 1860-July 1861; followed by Daily Republican and News

Milwaukee Daily News; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 3 1887-Oct 15 1918;

    Title varies, Daily Review, 1887-May 1889; merged with Evening Wisconsin

Milwaukee Daily Record; Milwaukee Wi; Oct 28 1895-Mar 23 1897;

    Published by Peck’s Sun and Saturday Star

Milwaukee Democrat; Milwaukee Wi; Aug 11 1843-Feb 23 1844; Followed by American Freeman

Milwaukee Democrat; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 25 1897-Apr 2 1898

Milwaukee Deutsche Zeitung; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 24 1933 to date;

    Published at Chicago, Mar 1950 to date; in German

Milwaukee Enterprise; Milwaukee Wi; (1872-1873) see Milwaukee Gazette

Milwaukee Enterprise; Milwaukee Wi; 1923-Jan 1925; Merged with Wisconsin Weekly Blade (Madison)

Milwaukee Evening Chronicle; Milwaukee Wi; July 24 1879-Nov 16

    1881; Title varies, Evening Signal, 1879-May 1880

Milwaukee Free Press; Milwaukee Wi; June 18 1901-Dec 1 1918; Merged with Wisconsin News

Milwaukee Freie Presse; Milwaukee Wi; see Abend Post

Milwaukee Gazette; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 1872-July 24 1880; Title

    Varies, Milwaukee Enterprise, 1872-July 1873, Cream City Courier, July 1873-Sept 1879

Milwaukee Germania Abend Post; Milwaukee Wi; Nov 8 1873-Aug 31

1878; Sept 15 1891-Dec 31 1912; Title varies, Germania, 1873-Apr

    1897, Germania Und Abend Post, May 1897-Nov 1901; published by

    Milwaukee America; in German; merged with Herold Und Seebote

Milwaukee-Herold; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 21 1861-Aug 1862; Oct 12

    1866 to date; Title varies, Herold, 1861-July 1899, Herold Und

    Seebote, Aug 1899-1912, Germania-Herold, 1913-May 1918;

    Published at Winona Mn, Oct 1932 to date; in German

Milwaukee Journal; Milwaukee Wi; 1850-1851 (?)

Milwaukee Journal; Milwaukee Wi; Jan-Mar 1856; in German; Followed by Atlas

Milwaukee Journal; Milwaukee Wi; 1881-1882; in German; merged with Milwaukee Freie Presse

Milwaukee Journal; Milwaukee Wi; Nov 16 1882 to date

Milwaukee Leader; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee Post

Milwaukee Mail; Milwaukee Wi; May 26-Aug 18 1894

Milwaukee News; Milwaukee Wi; Nov 25 1918-Jan 14 1939; title varies, Wisconsin News, 1918-Sept 1937

Milwaukee Post; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 7 1911-Apr 28 1942; title varies,

Milwaukee Leader, 1911-Apr 1938, Milwaukee New Leader, Apr.

    1938-Jan 1939; Milwaukee Evening Post, Jan 1939-Sept 1940

Milwaukee Reformer; Milwaukee Wi; 1890-1902 (?); in German

Milwaukee Times; Milwaukee Wi; 1888 to date

Milwaukee Times; Milwaukee Wi; Oct 10-Nov 14 1893

Milwaukee’r Arbeiter-Zeitung; Milwaukee Wi; May 1886-Dec 1889;

    in German; Followed by Milwaukee Volkszeitung

Reminder-Enterprise; Cudahy Wi; Aug 7 1930 to date; Title varies,

Reminder, 1930-Feb 1949, Reminder Press, Feb 1949-Dec 1950,

Reminder-Journal Press, Dec 1950-Mar 1951, Reminder-Regional

Press, Mar 1951-Feb 1952, Reminder-Enterprise Press, Feb 1952-1954

Milwaukee’r Socialist; Milwaukee Wi; Nov 15 1875-Sept 3 1878; Title varies, Socialist, 1875-1876; in German

Milwaukee Seebote; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 1851-Nov 29 1924; in

    German; published at Winona Mn, Sept 1922-1924

Milwaukee Seebote; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 27 1852-May 1 1898; in German; merged with Herold

Milwaukee Semi-Weekly Gazette; Milwaukee Wi; Oct 22 1845-Feb 17, 1846

Milwaukee Sentinel; Milwaukee Wi; June 27 1837-Dec 26 1901; title

    Varies, Milwaukie Sentinel and Wisconsin Farmer, Oct 1841-Jan

    1842, Sentinel and Farmer, Feb-June 1842, Milwaukie Sentinel, July

    1842-Feb 1846, Milwaukee Sentinel and Gazette, Mar 1846-Oct 1851; followed by Farmers’ Sentinel

Milwaukee Sentinel; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 4 1844 to date; title varies,

    Milwaukie daily Sentinel, 1844-Feb 1846, Daily Sentinel and Gazette,

    Feb 1846-Oct 1851, Daily Republican-Sentinel, May-Dec 1882

Milwaukee-Sonntagspost; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 19 1897-Oct 1932; in

    German; title varies, Germania Sonntagspost, 1897-1905; published

    by Milwaukee Germania Abend Post, 1897-1905, published by Milwaukee-Herold, 1906-1932;

Milwaukee State Journal; Milwaukee Wi; Feb 6 1879-1880

Milwaukee Sun; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 4 1924-July 1930

Milwaukee Telegraph; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 1 1878-Nov 25 1899

Milwaukee Volksblatt; Milwaukee Wi; 1882-1890; in German

Milwaukee Volkszeitung; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 1889-Dec 1892; in German; followed by Wisconsin Vorwaerts

Milwaukee Weekly News; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 1848-Jan 1 1881;

Title varies, Commercial Advertiser, 1848-May 1852

Milwaukee World; Milwaukee Wi; 1884-1896 (?)

Milwauker Wochenblat; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 6 1914 to date; in Yiddish

Milwaukie Journal; Milwaukee Wi; Aug 27 1841-Feb 16 1842; Followed by Workingman’s Advocate

Milwaukiean; Milwaukee Wi; Oct-Nov 1844; merged with Milwaukee Commercial Herald

National Advance; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 5 1890-1909; Title varies, Milwaukee Advance, 1890-June 1894

National Bureau; Milwaukee Wi; 1879-1880 (?)

National Reformer; Milwaukee Wi; 1879-1906 (?); in German

Nordwestliche Post; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 1891-May 1897; in German; Published by Abend Post

North Greenfield Mail; Milwaukee Wi; 1889-1890 (?)

North Milwaukee Gazette; Milwaukee Wi; 1893-1894 (?)

North Milwaukee News; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 14 1898-1908

North Milwaukee Post; Milwaukee Wi; 1927-1928 (?)

North Milwaukee Press; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 16 1928-1929

North Milwaukee Record; Milwaukee Wi; 1904-1908 (?)

North Milwaukee Review; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 9 1917-Feb 22 1918

North Milwaukee Times; Milwaukee Wi; Aug 8 1918-1931

Northwestern; Wauwatosa Wi; 1895-1896 (?)

Northwestern Recorder; Milwaukee Wi; April 1892-Mar 1893; title

    Varies, Wisconsin Afro-American, Apr-Nov 1892

Northwest Reporter; Milwaukee Wi; 1955 to date

Nowiny Polskie; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 19 1906-Feb 14 1949; in Polish

Peck’s Sun and Saturday Star; Milwaukee Wi; May 1874-1900; title

    Varies, Peck’s Sun, 1874-Dec 1894; published at LaCrosse, 1874-Mar 1878

Phoenix; Milwaukee Wi; 1854-1863; in German; published at West Bend, 1854-1860

Rovnost; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 7-Dec 21 1892; in Bohemian

Rovnost; Milwaukee Wi; 1896-1919 (?); in Bohemian

Rundschau; Milwaukee Wi; 1880-Apr 9 1929; in German; published at

    Chicago, 1880-1903, published at Winona Mn, Dec 1924-1929

Saturday Graphic; West Allis Wi; Mar 19-Aug 6 1955

Saturday Star; Milwaukee Wi; May 18 1889-Dec 22 1894; merged with Peck’s Sun

Semi-Weekly Milwaukee News; Milwaukee Wi; May 1852-Jan 1 1881

Semi-Weekly Wisconsin; Milwaukee Wi; Nov 4 1862-Aug 9 1882

Shorewood Herald; Shorewood Wi; June 28 1929 to date; title varies, Suburban Herald, 1929-June 1933

Shorewood Radio; Shorewood Wi; Oct 19 1923-June 14 1929; followed by Surburban Herald

Slovenija; Milwaukee Wi; see Vestnik

Social Democratic Herald; Milwaukee Wi; July 9 1898-Sept 20 1913

Social Mirror; Milwaukee Wi; May-Nov 1895

Sonntagsbote; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 11 1906-Sept 3 1922; in German; Published by Milwaukee Seebote

South Milwaukee Journal; South Milwaukee Wi; see Voice-Journal

South Milwaukee News; South Milwaukee Wi; 1896-1900 (?)

South Milwaukee Star; South Milwaukee Wi; Nov 26 1892-Dec 1894

South Milwaukee Times-News; South Milwaukee Wi; 1900-1907

South Side Herald; Milwaukee Wi; 1890-1891 (?)

Suburban News; Milwaukee Wi; 1893-1902 (?); title varies, Suburbanite, 1893-(?)

Sunday Gossip; Milwaukee Wi; 1873-1874 (?)

Sunday Truth; Milwaukee Wi; 1895-1900 (?)

Telephon; Milwaukee Wi; Feb 1886-May 1 1898; in German; published by Milwaukee Seebote

Tribuna Italiana; Milwaukee Wi; 1933 to date; in Italian

Tri-Town Times; Hales Corners Wi; May 5 1927 to date

Union Signal; Milwaukee Wi; Aug 1892-1907

Unionist; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 27 1846-1847 (?)

Vestnik; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 21 1913-Jan 3 1929; title varies, in

    Slovenian; title varies, Bodocnost, 1913-Oct 1915, Slovenija, Nov

    1915-Dec 1921; Delavaska Slovenija, Dec 1921-Dec 1926

Vlastmil; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 7 1896-1897 (?); in Bohemian

    Voice; South Milwaukee Wi; Mar 16 1933-June 21; 1951; merged with Journal Press

Voice-Journal; South Milwaukee Wi; Jan 28 1893 to date; title

varies, South Milwaukee Journal, 1893-Nov 1950, Journal Press, Nov 1950-June 1951

Volksblatt; Milwaukee Wi; 1859-1860; in German

Volksfreund; Milwaukee Wi; Feb 1847-Apr 11 1855; in German

Volksfreund; Milwaukee Wi; Feb 11 1850-Apr 9 1855; in German; merged with Banner

Vorwaerts; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 1878-Jan 1879; in German; followed by Wisconsin Vorwaerts

Vorwaerts; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 1 1893-Dec 31 1932; in German

Wahrheit; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 7 1893-June 25 1910; published by Vorwaerts; in German

Wauwatosa Independent; Wauwatosa Wi; 1895-1908 (?)

Wauwatosa News; Wauwatosa Wi; 1885-1890 (?)

Wauwatosa News-Times; Wauwatosa Wi; Mar 1899 to date; title varies, Wauwatosa News, 1899-Apr 1948

Wauwatosa Times; Wauwatosa Wi; 1890-1894 (?)

Wauwatosa Times; Wauwatosa Wi; Jan 5 1939-Apr 1 1948; merged with Wauwatosa News

Weekly Wisconsin; Milwaukee Wi; June 2 1847-Dec 29 1900

West Allis Enterprise; West Allis Wi; Sept 21 1901-1902 (?)

West Allis Independent; West Allis Wi; 1908-1913 (?)

West Allis News; West Allis Wi; 1920-1921 (?)

West Allis Press; West Allis Wi; 1912-1919

West Allis Star; West Allis Wi; Dec 14 1916 to date

Whitefish Bay Herald; Whitefish Bay Wi; June 12 1930 to date; published by Shorewood Herald

Whitefish Bay Pioneer; Whitefish Bay Wi; Jan 1892-1893 (?)

Wisconsin Afro-American; Milwaukee Wi; see Northwestern Recorder

Wisconsin Banner; Milwaukee Wi; see Banner Und Volksfreund

Wisconsin Banner Und Volksfreund; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 7 1844-

    Sept 13 1922; title varies, Wiskonsin-Banner, 1844-Apr 1845,

Wisconsin-Banner, April 1845-apr 1855; in German

Wisconsin Barnburner; Milwaukee Wi; Aug-Sept 1848; published by Wisconsin Free Democrat

Wisconsin Bulletin; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 1 1912-Dec 1916

Wisconsin Enterprise-Blade; Milwaukee Wi; June 8 1916 to date;

    Published at Madison; 1916-Jan 1925; title varies, Wisconsin Weekly Blade, 1916-Jan 1925

Wisconsin Free Democrat; Milwaukee Wi; Mar 6 1844-Feb 1862;

    Published at Waukesha, 1844-May 1848; title varies, American

    Freeman, 1844-Aug 1848; Wisconsin Freeman, Aug 1848-Feb 1849

Wisconsin Greenback; Milwaukee Wi; see under Sparta

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle; Milwaukee Wi; Dec 16 1921 to date

Wisconsin Leader; Milwaukee Wi; May 12 1934-May 15 1936

Wisconsin Legal News; Milwaukee Wi; Oct 11 1878-July 3 1884

Wisconsin News; Milwaukee Wi; see Milwaukee News (1918-1939)

Wisconsin Patriot; Milwaukee Wi; May 1893-June 1898

Wisconsin Standard; Milwaukee Wi; Feb 16 1878-1882; published at

Oshkosh, 1878-Sept 1881; title varies, Greenback Standard, Feb-Oct

    1878, Oshkosh Standard, Oct 1878-July 1880

Wisconsin Statesman; Milwaukee Wi; 1926-Feb 1952; published at Port Washington, 1926-1928

Wisconsin Vorwaerts; Milwaukee Wi; Jan 3 1893-Aug 17 1898; in German; published by Vorwaerts

Wisconsin Weekly Advocate; Milwaukee Wi; May 7 1898-1915

Wisconsini Magyarsag; Milwaukee Wi; Feb 14 1924 to date; in Hungarian

Wisconsinsky Slovak; Milwaukee Wi; Sept 1929-1940 (?); in Bohemian

Wiskonsin Banner; Milwaukee Wi; see Wisconsin Banner Und Volksfreund

Workingman’s Advocate; Milwaukee Wi; Apr 1842-1843 (?)

Yenowine’s News; Milwaukee Wi; see Events

Zgoda; Milwaukee Wi; 1882-1888 (?); in Polish


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