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THE NATIONAL GUARD - Racine county, WI

Transcribed from the Racine County Militant, An Illustrated Narrative of War

Times, and a Soldiers' Roster, written by Eugene Walter Leach. Undertaken in

the interest of Patriotic Americans in Racine County, Wisconsin. A Pioneer



Prior to 1836, what is now the state of Wisconsin was part of the territory of

Michigan, whose first militia law was adopted and published at Detroit August 30,

1805. The provisions of this law were patterned after those of the militia law of Ohio,

and were made to conform, in a general way, to the regulations prescribed in an act

of Congress of May 8, 1792, defining the rights and duties of the states and

territories in the matter of defense.

This comprehensive enactment, the Michigan law, required the enrollment in the

militia of every free, able-bodied male inhabitant of the territory, of the age of

fourteen years, and under the age of fifty years, and each person so enrolled was

required, "within four days after being notified of his enrollment, to provide himself

with a good musket, fusee, bayonet, knapsack, cartridge pouch, and two extra

flints." Minor changes were made in the law from time to time, and in 1820 the age

limits were raised to eighteen and forty-five years, which are the limits today.


(**Most of the data here given, concerning the militia previous to 1880, was

procured at the Wisconsin Historical Library at Madison; the records in the

Adjutant's office yielded very little covering that period in the city's history.)

On April 18, 1838, the first legislation outlining and defining the scope and the limits

of a territorial militia for Wisconsin, was approved by the governor. It was a

practical reenactment of the Michigan law. The territory was divided into

regimental districts, each district comprising one or more counties; the Fourth

regiment included the counties of Racine and Walworth, and was officered as


Michael Frank........Colonel

(Other regimental offices vacant.)

First Company, Town of Racine

Albert G. Knight.......Captain

Elias S. Capron..........First Lieutenant

.....................................Second Lieutenant

Second Company, Rochester and Burlington

Ira A. Rice.................Captain

Archibald Cooper........First Lieutenant

Otis L. Whitman..........Second Lieutenant

There were also at this time, three companies in that part of Racine county which is

now Kenosha county. In 1842, the Fourth regiment included the county of Racine

alone. It was the duty of the commanding officer of each company of infantry "to

from time to time enroll all persons within the limits of his company, who may be

subject to military duty," and to notify them of such enrollment; and such officer

was the judge of age and ability to bear arms; subject to appeal, of course. All

companies were supposed to rendezvous twice each year, for drill, on the first

Saturdays in June and September. The regiments and battalions were also to have

a three to eight days' meet in each year.



In the address of Mr. Charles E. Dyer to the Racine County Old Settlers' Society,

published in 1871, he gives some little account of an attempt at military training

in the village in the fall of 1840. It is probable that he got his information from

some of those who participated in or witnessed the occurrences narrated. This is

what Mr. Dyer says:

"The first training was had, or attempted to be had, in the fall of 1840. Albert G.

Knight was captain of the company. He had been ordered by his superior officer

to call out his company for parade, preliminary to a general muster. For some

reason, the new militia law contained no authority at all to call out companies of

militia. A few knowing ones were aware of his omission, and thought the captain

was not. But he was well advised of the fact and determined to act accordingly.

Having duly warned out the company, and as they were mustered in line in the

morning, Capt. Knight ordered the name of each man called and as he responded

said to him: "Sir, you are excused for the day." The captain's duty was done, and

he retired amidst the consternation of his company. But Tom O'Sprig rallied and

reorganized them. The ringing of a steamboat bell at the head of the column

filled up the ranks, and the Racine militia gallantly trained till noon, when they

adjourned to the Fulton house for dinner, where they all got so drunk they

couldn't muster at all in the afternoon."



In 1848, when Wisconsin became a state, it was organized in military divisions,

each division into two brigades, and each brigade into as many regiments as

there were counties in that brigade. Racine county was the Fourth regiment of

the Second brigade, of the First division, each ward in the city and each township

in the county having a company enrolled, and we are able to present the following

data concerning its officers:



Philo White, Racine, Brig. Gen.



Seth Johnson, Col.

Orson B. Sheldon, Lieut. Col.

Martin Clancy, Maj.



George Wustum, Maj.

Thomas Falvey, Adjut.

Thos. L. Page, Hosp. Surg.




Ferdinand Elmlinger, Capt.

Ernst Hueffner, 1st Lieut.

Charles Bliss, 2nd Lieut.

Peter Hettrich, 2nd 2nd Lieut.

Numerical strength, 67



Edward McKee, Capt.

Thomas Falvey, 1st Lieut.

John McGinnis, 2nd Lieut.

Dennis Smith, 2nd 2nd Lieut.

Numerical strength, 41



Jacob S. Crane, Capt.

J. Tait, 1st Lieut.

J. Near, 2nd Lieut.

G. Near, 2nd 2nd Lieut.

Numerical strength, 34



(*These companies were enrolled, but probably were unorganized.)



Clark W. Spafford, Capt.

Seneca Raymond, 1st Lieut.

Charles B. Knapp, 2nd Lieut.

Rank and File, 177

Total, 180



Henry J. Ullman, Capt.

Moses Armes, 1st Lieut.

William Beswick, 2nd Lieut.

Rank and File, 177

Total, 180



Wesley W. Carey, Capt.

Hugh D. Williams, 1st Lieut.

Samuel Bauman, 2nd Lieut.

Rank and File, 220

Total, 223



Matthew W. King, Capt.

Michael Gorman, 1st Lieut.

William Wall, 2nd Lieut.

Rank and File, 178

Total, 180



R.J. Mann, Capt.

John Bangs, 1st Lieut.

Samuel G. Knight, 2nd Lieut.

Rank and File, 97

Total, 100


Aggregate numerical strength of battalion, 1,055; 120 stand of muskets and

appendages, and 60 stand of rifles are on deposit with the three volunteer

companies attached to this battalion.




Roland Ives, Capt.

William H. Reed, 1st Lieut.

Daniel D. McEachron, 2nd Lieut.

Rank and File, 200



John C. Miller, Capt.

Morris White, 1st Lieut.

Mathias Lower, 2nd Lieut.

Rank and File, 165



Daniel F. Houghton, Capt.

Timothy Rogan, 1st Lieut.

James Mealey, 2nd Lieut.

Rank and File, 131



Nathaniel Dickinson, Capt.

Charles Jones, 1st Lieut.

Liberty Fisk, 2nd Lieut.



Nathaniel Moulton, Capt.

John Anthony, 1st Lieut.

Hezekiah Mason, 2nd Lieut.

Rank and File, 217



Homer W. Landon, Capt.

John Anthony, 1st Lieut.

Robert Walterman, 2nd Lieut.

Rank and File, 145

Numerical strength of 4th regiment, 1,564




The first militia companies in Racine of which we have been able to get any

detailed information, are those composing the "Volunteer Corps," organized

just after Wisconsin became a state; the Governor's Guards, the Emmett Guards,

and the Racine Guards, formerly the Racine Rifles, whose first commissioned

officers were named previously. The following information concerning these

companies was obtained in an early city directory, and from surviving members.




Geo. Wustum, Capt.

Ernst Hueffner, Sr., 1st Lieut.

Chas. Bliss, 2nd Lieut.

Peter Hettrich, 2nd Lieut.

Samuel Myers, Sec'y

Xafer, Haas, Treas

Christopher Wustum, 1st Sergt.

Geo. Britz, 2nd Sergt.

Adolph Fleischer, 3rd Sergt.

Jacob Kawelti, 4th Sergt.

Albert Miller, 1st Corp.

John Graitch, 2nd Corp.

Xafer Haas, 3rd Corp.

Frederick Ulrich, 4th Corp.



Geo. Wustum

Peter Hettrich

Ernst Hueffner, Sr.

Chas. Bliss



Frank Schneider

Nicholas Stoffel

Dr. Schneider

William Sweitzer

Theodore Schulte, Sr.

Ed. Fleischer

Wolf Rapps

Albert Rapps

Nicholas Hettrich

John Bohn

Joseph Bohn

Joseph Mink

J. Bilhorn

F. Bilhorn

Nich Schmitz

Michael Kaidel

Michael Schultz

Ferdinand Elmlinger

Hieronymus Ritter

Charles Bilhorn


Infantry arms and equipment on deposit with the company, sixty stand. The company,

in 1852, numbered about sixty-seven members.

The "Governor's Guards" had a hall of their own on the north side of Seventh, between

Main and Wisconsin streets, but it burned in 1851, and they then located at 408 Main

street, at Wustum's Hall. Later they hired Kawelti's Hall in the building now known as

417 Sixth street. In 1855 they turned out on Washington's birthday and were inspected

by Governor Wm. A. Barstow.

In addition to his captaincy of the "Governor's Guards," George Wustum was an

officer on the staffs of Governor's Dewey, Farwell and Barstow, and was a recruiting

officer in 1862, nder Governor Salomon.

An interesting fact in connection with the "Governor's Guards," is that out of the

organization came the first brass band in the city, of which Jacob Esser was leader, and

which numbered among its members the following well-known old citizens of Racine:


Jacob Esser

Hiram Ritter

William Horn

Christian Ritt

Theodore Ritt

John Ritt

Hubbard Brown

Thomas Evans

John Happ

____ Schmeiser

Fred Lersch

Frank Kammerer

Matt Happ


This band used to turn out with the company when it was on parade.




Edward McKee, Capt.

Thomas Falvey, 1st Lieut.

John McGinnis, 2nd Lieut.

Dennis Smith, 2nd Lieut.

Peter Jennings, Sec'y

John McGinnis, Treas.

Peter Lynch, 1st Sergt.

Thomas McKey, 2nd Sergt.

Michael Murphy, 3rd Sergt.

Thomas Hogan, 4th Sergt.

Andrew Shaw, 1st Corp.

Barney Lavin, 2nd Corp.

Gregory Flynn, 3rd Corp.

Peter Jennings, 4th Corp.



Edward McKee

Thomas Falvey

John McGinnis

Dennis Smith


Infantry arms and equipment on deposit with the company, sixty stand. The

company numbered fifty-two members.




Jacob S. Crane, Capt.

M. Wormer, 1st Lieut.

J. Tait, 2nd Lieut.

G. Near, 2nd Lieut.

J. Near, 1st Sergt.

H. Hankin, 2nd Sergt.

W. H. Taylor, 3rd Sergt.

J. Collier, 4th Sergt.

W. Pottinger, 1st Corp.

J. Stone, 2nd Corp.

J. A. Cary, 3rd Corp.

J. Bozwell, 4th Corp.



J.S. Crane

M. Wormer

John Tait

G. Near

As near as we have been able to learn, the three companies composing the

Volunteer Corps of the city battalion viz: the Governor's Guards, The Emmett

Guards, and the City Guards, were disbanded or mustered out about 1856 or

1857, and at the beginning of the Civil War there were no organized militia

companies in the city.




(*This company had just gotten well organized at the time of the big fire in

Chicago, and offered their services to the authorities there, but they were not


The people of Racine had had enough of military matters during the Civil War

to last them for a term of years, and it was not until the spring of 1871 that

any move was made to again organize a militia company. In April of that year,

Mr. Robert Bell, a veteran officer in the War of the Rebellion, got together a

large number of the young men of the city, and organized the "Belle City

Guard," which was mustered into the service on May 8, 1871, and equipped

with eighty muskets and accoutrements.




Bell, Robert......Captain

Roberts, John H.....1st Lieut.

Kaiser, George......2nd Lieut.

In the winter of 1871, Geo. Kaiser was accidentally killed, and Orrin

Richardson was made 2nd lieutenant.

Martin, Peter......1st Sergt

Mills, William A.....2nd Sergt

Levi, Peter.....3rd Sergt

Outson, Jacob....4th Sergt

Wischman, Louis....5th Sergt

Howe, Samuel....6th Sergt

Fieldburg, Aug. M.....1st Corp

Bull, Frank......2nd Corp

Voigt, Herman.....3rd Corp

Judge, Patrick.....4th Corp

Mills, E F......5th Corp

Smith, A......6th Corp



Crane, James H

Healy, Frank

Freeman, Cyrus

Dingman, William

McMurtry, D



Allen, A H

Anderson, G

Asby, Richard

Aubert, J

Beach, C

Bull, G E

Beffel, Peter

Brown, J

Burdick, O J

Britz, A

Bell, C

Berry, James

Bouska, A

Bouska, H

Boernke, H

Charlette, George P

Chellis, Ed

Chlopeck, C

Cheves, John

Courtney, T S

Cahoon, E

Carre, William

Carroll, Joseph

Drop, William

Driver, A W

Driver, John

Dross, W

Dingman, C

Engerud, C

Ellarson, W

Foertsch, C

Febsen, J

George, F B

Gunther, F W

Glass, Silas

Huggins, C E

Harkins, Z

Hollister, F

Harvey, F D

Harms, J H

Harms, Claus

Hand, J E

Howard, F

Horton, William

Harcus, Robert

Hughes, John

Jenks, D

Jacobson, Chr.

King, F L

Kissinger, C

Lawton, Allan

Link, F

Le_Poedevin, A L

Mann, George

Mann, A

McHale, J K

McHale, C

Martin, P

Mills, F

McMartrice, D

Morris, Charles

Marshall, J

Miller, E F

Outson, Jacob

Patterson, D

Phelps, C C

Roberts, Henry

Roberts, E

Rittman, A

Russell, J H

Rogan, J

Reukauf, F

Stang, A

Scholz, R T

Stuart, Wesley

Spry, John

Schneider, A

Schneider, L

Sooet, S

Smith, A

Seibert, C

Thomas, J

Terbin, W

Tyrrell, C

Watts, George

Wells, J R

Winslow, J


The company was in existence less than two years, disbanding in the winter

of 1872-73, and surrendering their arms and other equipment to the state

authorities. This action is accounted for by the lack of financial assistance

afforded by the state to volunteer companies at that time.

At the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, in April, 1898, Company F was

ordered to Camp Harvey, where all who would pass the physical examination, and

were willing to enlist, were mustered into the United States service on May 14.

Recruits to bring the roster from sixty-five to the government requirement (one

hundred) on the second call, were secured a few days later.




First Officers....

Frank M Reed, Capt

John T Vaughan, 1st Lieut

Frank M Roberts, 2nd Lieut

James W Greeley, 1st Sergt

George C Baker, 2nd Sergt

George Graves, 3rd Sergt

John Crewe, 4th Sergt

Homer Griffith, 5th Sergt

William C Hood, Q M Sergt

Christmas Evans, 1st Corp

Charles Madison, 2nd Corp

Henry J Rogers, 3rd Corp

Michael Quinn, 4th Corp

George Tait, 5th Corp

John Clancy, 6th Corp

A L Thomas, 7th Corp

Dan Castello, 8th Corp


Roster with dates of muster....


March 31, 1881.....

Bailey, George

Briggs, Oney

Carpenter, Charles

Clancy, Edwin P

Cooley, Harry

Crewe, John

Daggett, Slater

Denton, Walter

Dana, Elmer E

Clifford, John

Dickey, Charles J

Fixen, Adolph H

Fuller, Alvin R

Fuller, Frank A

Gebhardt, William H

Gorton, William H

Grant, U S

Hansen, S F

Hall, Samuel C

Johnson, Albert

Johnson, Ova

Marshall, J L

Mack, Arthur

Mohr, Charles

McClurg, Alex

McDougal, Charles S

Piggins, Harry S

Prevost, James

Ralph, William

Rowlands, John D

Reed, Albert

Rodgers, F L

Roberts, D Elmer

Rein, M C

Rodgers, Rollin A

Shute, W B Jr

Tourle, W

Smith, Charles B

Pugh, Arthur

Wadewitz, Herman O

Wishau, Francis J

Wilson, Irvin

Stevens, Frank

Brown, L C

Smith, Henry L

Wild, Al

Schnetz, Thomas N

Williams, John G

Doolittle, Henry


June 6, 1881....

Richards, Clarence J


September 1, 1881....

Clark, Edw.


October 3, 1881....

Cuzner, Frank

Forrest, Marshall C

Root, Edw


October 17, 1881....

Racine, George


October 22, 1881....

Monroe, Louis P


April, 1882....

Morgan, John D

Altringer, John C

Blandin, Fred

Cuzner, Fred

Johnson, John F

Roberts, C W

Smollen, John P

Tolfson, George


September 25, 1882....

Brotherton, Charles

Nourse, Charles

Stickle, W J

Torrey, Allan

Pratt, Andrew

Newman, Louis

Weins, M J


April 30, 1883....

Crilly, Cornelius

Kilmer, Edw

Peil, John

Van Arsdale, Edw.


September 24, 1883....

Crouch, Benjamin

Dooley, Daniel

Inman, Walter

Peil, George

Roberts, Edwin

Williams, William


April 28, 1884....

Johnson, Louis

Johnson, Edward J

Johnson, Charles J

Kister, William C

Laib, Albert

Mueller, John C

Parsons, John

Frank, Herman

Reigh, Matthew B


September 29, 1884....

Belden, E Burnett

Baumann, John

Bradley, William

Hatherel, Barney

Fisher, Floyd

Harding, Edw R

Sarles, Jesse

Tait, Gilbert

McClintock, (no first name listed)

Williams, Thomas J

Williams, Richard R

Yates, Charles


April 27, 1885....

Carpenter, Charles R

Deane, William C

Falvey, John

Mickelson, Charles

Meachem, Charles

Wood, Hubert A

Naylor, Frank


September 28, 1885....

Watterson, Carl W


April 26, 1886....

Paddock, Herbert

Murphy, Edw F


September 28, 1886....

Davis, David R

Fancher, Walter

Sieb, John

Thompson, W D

Stewart, Solomon H

Wilson, Elihu C


April 25, 1887....

Bowen, Benjamin F

Komes, William

Reynolds, Walter J

Smith, Charles S

Tecktonius, E C

Metcalf, J E


September 26, 1887....

Dunce, Charles

Foster, Fred H

Kate, Herman

White, Fred C


April 30, 1888....

Blake, Fred J

Hollister, George H

Lahr, Samuel H

Smith, Frank S


September 24, 1888....

Crawford, W B

Klema, John A

Long, Albert

Jones, Harry R

Paulson, Martin

Reed, Harry

Rose, Clifford


April 29, 1889....

Burnes, William D

Gross, Edgar L

McCullough, William G


September 30, 1889....

Christenson, Soren P

Haumerson, Fred A

Lensert, Frederick

Rittman, Louis E

Smith, John A


April 28, 1890....

Bonner, W A

Collar, Elmer

Hilker, Adolph H

Learned, John C

Kopitzke, Edward

Perkins, Robert S

Richardson, William H


September 29, 1890....

Aupke, Henry

Haebig, E W

Jones, John J

Kopplin, Paul T

Mohr, Fred

Mohr, Henry

Phelps, Frank A

Rodgers, George E

Rodgers, William


April 27, 1891....

Dickey, Glen D

Lowe, James P

Mickelson, Al C

Kooken, Newton E

Tecktonius, George C


September 28, 1891....

Bowen, John S

Barker, Fred A

Crouch, Walter

Drew, W J

Dombrowski, Michael

Doe, Ernest W

Fagan, Thomas A

Fellows, Frank E

Fielding, William A

Fostelle, Charles D

Helm, Joseph E

Lambert, Fred A

Marshall, Andrew

Matson, Paul M

Oleson, Ola

Roggenbau, Louis E

Tait, David


April 25, 1892....

Hood, John C

Held, Jacob J

Jones, Vaughan E

James, Charles M

Kitchingman, Claude B

Leslie, Thomas W

Luker, Thomas P

Meyers, Martin N

Nobles, Fred I

Rittman, William C

Skow, Clarence F

Wilson, Lawrence H


September 26, 1892....

Anderson, Anthony

Anderson, Elmer M

Dick, William H

Hansen, P W

Memhard, William F

Slaasted, Martin

Smith, William C


April 24, 1893....

Augustine, Jesse

Burdick, Fred H

Chupita, Frank

Christenson, Albert

Carlson, Walter C

Hanson, Albert H

Houghton, Fred P

Johnson, Edw M

Leonard, Gust

Leahy, George H

Lambert, Edwin H

Miller, John F

Olson, Charles

Phillips, Edward M

Rodgers, J William E

Smith, James


September 25, 1893....

Tremper, John G


April 30, 1894....

Clemons, Ward C

Gochey, Harvey F

Teucher, Conrad

Lachat, Matt G

Pritchard, George W


After April 30, '94, and before the company was mustered out on August 5,

the following names were added to the roll:


Rittman, John M

Brooker, F Moses

Driver, Paul W

Weaver, Guy C

On August 6, 1894, the company was re-organized under Capt. James W. Greeley.


August 6, 1894....

Barnes, Allan H

Buengers, J P

Carlson, Albert

Case, George N

Cleveland, Fernando

Driver, Paul W

Fielding, Frank J

Guest, George M

Heather, Richard B

Hay, Alfred E

Halloway, James F

Jones, Guilbert

Kradwell, Gus V

Lambert, E D

Larson, Albert S

Olson, Al F

Owens, John

Perrigo, George

Scott, Warren H

Stoffel, Alfred J

Sauer, F N

Stockmeyer, Benjamin E

Varel, Clarence D

Wheeler, Herbert F

Wright, Fred L

Dahlstrom, Andrew

Wendt, E G H

Bell, John


September 30, 1895....

Bishop, T F

Evans, Charles H

George, Millard F

Miller, William

Owens, John H

Yance, Harry L

Evenson, Charles F

Park, Edwin H


April 27, 1896....

Krough, Soren Olsen

Christenson, Fred A

Hermes, Edwin J

Mueller, Fred

Hanniford, Thomas A

Olson, John

Rapps, Frank E

Smale, William

Houghton, Eugene

Bryer, Ernst

George, Chilton B

Brown, Carl D

Olson, Olaf


September 28, 1896....

Brown, John S

Byard, Thomas D

Covert, Richard

Donald, Alfred F

Elliott, William C

Elliott, Grant E

Fuller, William

Huck, August J

Johnson, Henry

Myers, Edwin G

Nelson, Clemens

Patterson, Bismarck C

Thomas, Albert L

Wood, Frank L


April 26, 1897....

Clemons, Earl

Elderkin, Louis E

Houghton, Fred J

Lachat, Leonard

Smith, Jacob


September 26, 1897....

Jackson, Clint J

Kramer, Philip A

Mathews, Charles R

Pilon, George D

Strickland, William C

Schobert, Charles J

Harper, William M

Smith, Frank

On January 10, 1898, the company was again re-organized, under the leadership

of William M. Lewis, captain.




Muster-in roll of Company F, First Infantry, Wisconsin National Guard, as

re-organized January 10, 1898. The company was mustered in by Capt. S. H.



Armstrong, William H

Barnes, Allen H

Bauman, Albert R

Beeber, Kimball H

Bull, William C

Byard, Thomas D

Bishop, Thomas T

Carlson, Albert A

Casterton, Daniel H

Collier, William E

Collier, James

Clemons, Earl A

Clemons, Ward C, 1st Lieut

Cooper, John J

Craig, James

Cram, James M

Davidson, Samuel D

Davis, Walter C

Dickinson, Edwin M

Drew, William J

Dixon, Glenn M

Elderkin, Louis E

Elliott, Dr William C

Evenson, Charles F

Flegel, Chauncey R

Gates, Samuel H

George, Chilton B

George, Millard F

Hagman, William L

Harper, William M

Heck, Max W

Herzog, George H

Hinds, James B

Hochgurtel, Fred J

Hood, John C

Horlick, Milton W

Horlick, Clarence C

Ingalls, John P

Jones, Hugh O

Kradwell, Gustave V

Lewis, William M, Captain

Leahy, George H

Matson, Paul M

MacDougall, George, Jr

Myers, Edward G

Olson, John T

Oleson, Ola M

Owens, John H

Owen, Lemuel F

Palica, Anthony J

Phelps, Frank A

Rapps, John H

Rapps, Frank E

Reiman, Hugo R

Rickeman, George W, 2nd Lieut

Rittman, John M

Rodgers, William M

Scott, Warren W

Slauson, Willis J

Smale, William

Smeiding, Herman

Smeiding, William, Jr

Sugden, Fred J

Smith, Frank H

Schobert, John C

Thompson, William T

Wheeler, Herbert F

Wills, Anson B

During the history of the company, it has been officered as follows,

commissioned officers only:



1881 Frank Reed

1882 George A Graves

1883 George A Graves

1884 John T Vaughan

1886 John T Vaughan

1888 William C Hood

1890 John T Vaughan

1892 John T Vaughan

1893 Hubert A Wood

1894 James W Greeley* (*Reorganized under Capt. James W. Greeley)

1895 Paul Matson

1896 Paul Matson

1897 Clarence D Varel


First Lieutenant....

1881 John T Vaughan

1882 John T Vaughan

1883 John T Vaughan

1884 William C Hood

1886 William C Hood

1888 C E Evans

1890 Hubert A Wood

1892 Hubert A Wood

1893 M C Forest

1894 Paul Matson

1895 George Rodgers

Ola M Olson

1896 Clarence D Varel

1897 Ward C Clemons


Second Lieutenant....

1881 Frank M Roberts

1882 Frank M Roberts

1883 William C Hood

1884 John Crewe

1886 Christmas E Evans

1888 Hubert A Wood

1890 Herman Wadewitz

1892 Marshall C Forest

1893 Albert C Mickelson

1894 George Rodgers

1895 John Bowen

1896 Ward C Clemons

1897 Walter Carlson

Warren W Scott

Re-organized under Capt. William M Lewis, and mustered in January 10, '98.

Captain, 1898 William M Lewis

First Lieutenant, 1898 Ward C Clemons

Second Lieutenant, 1898 George W Rickeman




The Garfield Guards was organized August 30, 1881. It was at first proposed

to call the company the "Belle City Rifles", but strenous objection was made

by survivors of the Civil War organization of that name, and in proper

deference to their feeling in the matter, the agitation for its adoption was

dropped. George E. Smith was chiefly instrumental in the organization of

this company, whose first officers were:

George E Smith, Capt

Peter J Rice, 1st Lieut

Julius Zimmerman, 2nd Lieut

Fred A Schwartz, 1st Sergt

William Carre, 2nd Sergt

Austin W Irwin, 3rd Sergt

Thomas J Hart, 4th Sergt

T C Dewey, 5th Sergt

Ed. C Burgess, 1st Corp

Nic. C Berg, 2nd Corp

Charles Seaman, 3rd Corp

Frank A Weissert, 4th Corp

Lewis J Parks, 5th Corp

Fred Hopkins, 6th Corp

Henry G Meirhoff, 7th Corp

George P Olle, 8th Corp

During its entire history the company had but four captains. Capt. Smith

was commander less than three months, when he resigned, and James W. Greeley

was elected. William H. Brigham and Henry J. Jerstad were the only other

company commanders.

Their first armory was over Piel's grocery store, southeast corner of Sixth

street and College avenue. Later they moved to the Hall block, northwest

corner of Main and Fourth streets, and finally they located in the Lathrop

block, east side of Monument square.

The Garfield Guards were known as Company G, of the First regiment of the

Wisconsin National Guard, and it was composed of a sturdy lot of young men,

who attended faithfully to the serious business of drill, but paid little

attention to the fancy angles of military tactics that would be necessary in

a company expecting to engage in competitive drills, or that were bent on

making a fine show at dress parade. A specialty was made of target practice,

however, and the company achieved high standing in that important branch of

the work.

Company G, with Company F, was called out by the Governor in May, 1886, to

assist in quelling the riots in Milwaukee, and was on duty there night and

day for five days. The boys were placed in some very difficult positions,

where they came in contact with the rioters, and acquitted themselves with

credit. Neither of the Racine companies was called upon to fire on the mob,

but Company G, at one tense moment, was ordered to "load" and "ready", and

having previously been instructed in the hearing of the rioters, to pick out

some man and aim to kill him when the order to fire was given, the boys

admitted that they had a "queer" feeling that was an entirely new sensation.

But the mob took the hint and got out of range in time to avoid the necessity

of firing on them, to the relief of the soldiers.

W. E. Milstead had the distinction, at the time of the riots, of halting

Governor Rusk, who was attempting to pass through the lines, and whom he did

not know. An officer noticed the incident, and came running to explain

matters, but the Governor commended the guard for his action. It is safe to

say that Milstead needed no introduction to Governor Rusk after that meeting.

The National Guard held state camps every summer after 1882, and Companies

F and G participated in these gatherings. Previous to 1889, when the state

purchased the Camp Douglas grounds, the encampments were held at different

cities around the state. Twice they were located in Racine - in 1882, on

the grounds of Racine College; and in 1887, on the old fair grounds, west of

Asylum avenue, between Washington avenue and the C.M. & St. P. railway

tracks. These camps were always a matter of perennial interest to the young

men, and to the young women as well, of the cities where they were held. It

may be interesting to note that the first encampment of the First regiment

of the Wisconsin National Guard was that held at Racine in 1882.




Louis Sieger

Henry Jerstad

Sidney Leonard

Peter Zimmers

James H Spencer

Joseph Smollen

Thomas Orr

Anthony Anderson

Jerry Becker

Gustav Klenz

Louis Strang

Ed Smith

Fred Bloom

George Pottinger

John Harrington

______ Mause

W T G Roberts

Richard Griffith

Charles Gutman

George Olla

George Carey

W E Milstead

Alfred Hewitt

______ Leonard

August Anderson

Charles Harrington

Peter W Hanson

Jacob Henken

Charles Goodman

During its history, the Garfield Guards was officered as follows

(commissioned officers only):



Aug '81 George E Smith

Nov '81 James W Greeley

Oct '82 James W Greeley

Apr '83 James W Greeley

Sept '83 James W Greeley

Apr '84 James W Greeley

Sept '84 James W Greeley

Apr '85 James W Greeley

Sept '85 William H Brigham

Apr '86 William H Brigham

Sept '86 William H Brigham

Apr '87 William H Brigham

Sept '87 William H Brigham

Apr '88 William H Brigham

Sept '88 William H Brigham

Apr '89 Henry Jerstad

Sept 89 Henry Jerstad

Apr '90 Henry Jerstad

Sept '90 Henry Jerstad

Apr '91 Henry Jerstad

Sept '91 Henry Jerstad

Apr '92 Henry Jerstad


First Lieutenants....

Aug '81 Peter J Rice

Oct '82 Peter J Rice

Apr '83 Marcellus A Bowers

Apr '84 N L Murray

Sept '84 N L Murray

Apr '85 N L Murray

Sept '85 Austin W Irwin

Apr '86 Austin W Irwin

Sept '86 Austin W Irwin

Apr '87 Austin W Irwin

Sept '87 Austin W Irwin

Apr '88 Austin W Irwin

Sept '88 Austin W Irwin

Apr '89 Austin W Irwin

Sept '89 Austin W Irwin

Apr '90 Alfred B Carman

Sept '90 William E Milstead

Apr '91 William E Milstead

Sept '91 William E Milstead

Apr '92 William E Milstead


Second Lieutenants....

Aug '81 Julius Zimmerman

Oct '82 Fred A Schwartz

Apr '83 Nicholas L Murray

Sept '83 Nicholas L Murray

Apr '84 Wm H Brigham

Sept '84 Wm H Brigham

Apr '85 Wm H Brigham

Sept '85 Louis Hagios

Apr '86 Louis Hagios

Sept '86 Louis Hagios

Apr '87 Louis Hagios

Sept '87 Henry Jerstad

Apr '88 Henry Jerstad

Sept '88 Henry Jerstad

Apr '89 Chris. Milstead

Sept '89 Alfred B Carman

Apr '90 Charles Chaffee

Sept '90 Peter W Hanson

Apr '91 Peter W Hanson

Sept '91 Peter W Hanson

Apr '92 Peter W Hanson

Capt. Jerstad resigned July 8, 1892, and from that date until their muster out,

October 6, 1892, the company was without a captain, but was in command of its

first lieutenant, W. E. Milstead.




(*the duplication of a name in this roster, signifies a re-enlistment, or a

re-instatement of that man.)




August 23, 1881

Anderson, P

Baldwin, George

Broadgate, Charles

Bowers, A Marcello

Carls, William

Cumyns, John

Fahey, Michael W

Fish, George L

Freyer, W A

Goodwin, Frank P

Graves, Charles F

Graves, Clarence H

Graves, Herbert A

Green, George L

Hagios, Louis

Harrison, James K

Heilman, Charles G

Heist, John

Hewitt, Alfred G

Higgie, W J

Hopkins, _____

Howe, William H

Johnson, John A

Kawelti, John J

Ludwig, H F W

Lewis, A D

Lossel, Joseph P

Mack, Paul

Morgan, John D

Maguire, Thomas H

McMasters, John F

Neils, Peter

Nelson, Jacob

Noe, John

Piel, John

Piel, F C

Piel, George

Peters, Henry

Poulson, Charles

Pugh, Arthur

Pushee, Everett

Richards, John J

Root, Everett

Roberts, W G

Roy, Chester G

Singer, George E

Skow, Charles J

Suelflohn, Martin

Swan, H R

Tolfson, John

Tolfson, George

Weins, Theo.

Wendt, E G H

Williams, Edw.

Williams, William J


April, 1882

Nelson, Joseph

Finch, W J

Harrington, Charles

Curwin, John

Harlis, William

Dunham, Charles

Johnson, James P

Inman, W

Merton, Herman

Murray, Nicholas L

Nelson, P

Smollen, J A

Smith, Peter

Sullivan, J

Meyers, Joseph


October, 1882

Murphy, James A

Brigham, William H

Smollen, Michael

Smollen, Thomas

Zimmers, Matthew W


April, 1883

Bickett, George W


September, 1883

Baldwin, Harry

Bernhardt, Jacob A

Connelly, William

France, John J

Gere, Charles

Hanche, George

Kvicala, Emmett

Klema, Joseph

Mathias, William

O'Day, Charles

Pfeifer, John

Pahalon, Henry

Schoenleben, Fred

Swan, Herbert R


April, 1884

Fellows, Harry

Klenz, Gustav

Lyons, John

Milstead, William E

Milstead, Christopher

Wetherell, John


September, 1884

Chaffee, Woodbry

Jerstad, Henry


April, 1885

Bronoske, Gustav

Carman, Alfred

Chaffee, Charles

Koehler, John

Koehneman, Gustav

Osius, Charles L

Schriver, Christian

Sullivan, Thomas

Zeck, John


September, 1885

Meyers, Otto


April, 1886

Blish, William H

Hewitt, Alfred G

Heck, Jacob P

Huhn, Herman

Hanson, Peter

Heck, Frank

King, George

Larson, Charles

Roberts, William T G

Sorenson, Peter

Sorenson, Ole


September, 1886

Austin, John

Fielding, Frank

Lansing, Fred

Pahl, Arnold

Schenk, John


April, 1887

Bauman, Benjamin

Bishop, William


September, 1887

Anton, Peter

Baldwin, Harry

Clark, James H

Evans, Louis

Iselin, William

Bailey, Frank

Maus, Matthias

Olla, William

Olla, George P

Sieger, Louis

Coultes, Thomas


April, 1888

Anderson, James

Balser, Andrew

Hanken, John

Hagios, Louis

Johnson, George

Lockowitz, Joseph

Sisco, John M

Stopper, William


September, 1888

Jensen, Nels

McCue, John

Myers, Axel

Zimmers, Peter


April, 1889

Anderson, Henry

Cary, George

Hanche, George

Hewitt, Alfred G

Milstead, William E

Hanson, John

Klenz, Eustace

Roberts, William T G

Sorenson, Peter

Spencer, John H

Stopper, Louis

Griffith, Richard J

Harrington, Charles

Schoenleben, Frederick


September, 1889

Billings, Jacob

Brigham, William H

Chaffee, Woodbry

Christman, Peter

Gunston, Frank

Gutman, Charles J

Leonard, Sidney

Niberg, Victor H

Odell, Louis

Quigley, Charles G

Sorenson, Ole

Smollen, Joseph B


April, 1890

Backer, Jerry

Bloom, Fred

Ellis, Albert

Harrington, Charles

Hanson, Peter

Hulm, Herman

Milstead, William E

Moe, John

Orr, Thomas

Roberts, William T G

Schoenleben, Fred

Strang, William


September, 1890

Anderson, Anthony

De Garis, George

Edwards, Guy

Hatchwell, Frederick T

O'Malley, Anthony

Pottinger, George M

Smith, Edward

Vincent, William

Klenz, Gustav


April, 1891

Cooper, Samuel

Coling, Floyd E

Gatfield, Earl

Moline, Oscar

Voss, Edward E

Wolf, Charles


September, 1891

Sieger, Louis

Baldwin, Owen

Delpsch, Charles

Disher, Charles M

Dorr, Francis E

Frederickson, Paul

Gribbohm, William

Leickem, Henry

Leickem, Jacob

Luchason, Hugo W

Millstead, Ernest

Powell, Lewis C

Summerton, Harry

Williams, William J

Olson, Charles


April, 1892

Brinkman, William K

Cook, John H

Hepworth, Joseph

Smith, John



Not long after the close of the Spanish-American War, an attempt was made

by Capt. William M. Lewis and a few other veterans of that war, to organize

a military company in Racine, to become a part of the Wisconsin National

Guard. A meeting was called at the rink which was attended by a large

number of eligible young men, but only thirty of them volunteered for

membership, and although Col. B.H. Dally, of Milwaukee, was present for the

purpose of mustering in a new company, the project was abandoned, and since

the Spanish-American War, Racine has had no company in the National Guard.

As this book goes to press, in March, 1915, a movement is on foot to

organize a militia company in Racine, and to secure the assurance of the

state authorities that such a company, when organized, will be one of the

eight new companies to be added to the National Guard of Wisconsin in the

near future. Bancroft Camp, United Spanish War Veterans, have taken the

initiative in the matter, and a committee composed of John Hood, Paul

Matson and Richard Drake have the preliminaries in charge.





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