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US Military Personnel from MICHIGAN who died in the Vietnam War, 1957-1991 (including missing & captured declared dead)


Page 329 – source; Combat Area Casualties, Current File, as of October 1991 (electronic record), Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Record Group 330, National Archives Building, Chicago IL


*For persons who died while missing or captured, the date of casualty is the date died or declared dead, not the date declared missing or captured

*BNR indicates that the body has not been recovered



Listed alphabetically by home, state and thereunder by name as follows:


Name/ mil.grd./ military svc/ home city or town/ state/ date of death/ place of death/ date of birth/ type of casualty





GETTY Dennis Alan/ PFC/ Army/ Lapeer/ MI/ 9/6/67/ S.Vietnam/ 6/8/46/

    hostile killed

GIBBS Kitchell Snow/ PFC/ Army/ Charlotte/ MI/ 5/18/69/ S.Vietnam/   

   2/11/48/ non-hos., died-other

GIBSON Bruce Stewart/ Capt/ Army/ Allen Pk/ MI/ 9/11/69/ S.Vietnam/

   12/16/46/ hostile killed

GIBSON Keith Edward/ Cpl/ Army/ Grand Rapids/ MI/ 5/27/69/

   S.Vietnam/ 8/25/50/ hostile killed

GIBSON Raymond Albert/ PFC/ Army/ Pinconning/ MI/ 10/16/69/

   S.Vietnam/ 7/10/49/ hostile killed

GIDDENS LaVon/ Cpl/ Marines/ Detroit/ MI/ 5/6/68/ S.Vietnam/

   10/28/47/ hostile killed

GIDDINGS John Patrick/ SP4/ Army/ Cass City/ MI/ 3/26/68/

   S.Vietnam/ 7/19/48/ hostile killed

GILBERT Richard Lee/ Sgt/ Army/ Monroe/ MI/ 5/14/68/ S.Vietnam/

   8/21/47/ hostile killed

GILBREATH Grant Madison/ PSgt/ Army/ Monroe/ MI/ 4/11/67/

   S.Vietnam/ 9/1/31/ hostile killed

GILES Dennis Lee/ SP4/ Army/ Greenville/ MI/ 9/24/68/ S.Vietnam/

   9/7/47/ non-hos., died-other

GILIN Gary Joseph/ SP4/ Army/ Detroit/ MI/ 5/13/68/ S.Vietnam/

   1/19/47/ hostile killed

GILLESPIE James Roy/ PFC/ Army/ Battle Creek/ MI/ 1/12/68/

   S.Vietnam/ 10/30/47/ hostile killed

GINAL Richard/ LCPL Marines/ Detroit/ MI/ 3/7/68/ S.Vietnam/

   12/19/46/ hostile killed

GIPNER Gordon Phillip/ SP4/ Army/ Grand Rapids/ MI/ 2/26/69/

   S.Vietnam/ 11/15/48/ hostile killed

GIPSON Clarence Freddie/ SP4/ Army/ Decatur/ MI/ 4/3/67/

   S.Vietnam/ 1/16/46/ hostile, died-wounds

GIRARDOT Francis Michael/ Capt/ Army/ Royal Oak/ MI/ 12/16/69/

   S.Vietnam/ 10/21/45/ non-hos., died-other

GIUSTA Joseph Michael/ Cpl/ Army/ Westland/ MI/ 6/2/70/

   S.Vietnam/ 11/6/51/ hostile killed

GIVENS David Jerry/ PFC/ Army/ Warren/ MI/ 8/31/69/ S.Vietnam/

   12/20/48/ hostile killed

GLADNEY Harold Samuel/ Pvt/ Army/ Lansing/ MI/ 3/5/69/

   S.Vietnam/ 8/31/49/ non-hos., died-other

GLASCO David Max/ PFC/ Army/ Flint/ MI/ 7/27/69/ S.Vietnam/

   10/27/45/ hostile killed

GLEASON Daniel Ward/ PFC/ Army/ Bay City/ MI/ 2/23/69/

   S.Vietnam/ 10/22/43/ hostile killed

GLESENKAMP John Carr/ PFC/ Army/ Flint/ MI/ 2/9/68/ S.Vietnam/

   5/4/49/ hostile killed

GLIME Donald Eugene/ Sgt/ Army/ Berkley/ MI/ 9/16/68/ S.Vietnam/

   4/20/44/ hostile killed

GLOWE Stephen/ LCPL Marines/ Detroit/ MI/ 8/10/69/ S.Vietnam/

   10/11/48/ hostile killed

GNIEWEK Kenneth Stanley/ Cpl/ Army/ East Detroit/ MI/ 9/5/70/

   S.Vietnam/ 10/16/47/ non-hos., died-other

GOFF Larry Allen/ PFC/ Army/ Grand Haven/ MI/ 12/21/68/

   S.Vietnam/ 10/13/49/ hostile killed

GOLEMBIEWSKI Walter Edward/ PFC/ Army/ Detroit/ MI/ 10/12/68/

   S.Vietnam/ 9/28/48/ hostile killed

GOLOMBESKI Walter Billy/ Sgt/ Army/ Flint/ MI/ 7/29/70/ S.Vietnam/

   2/11/49/ non-hos., died-other

GOMEZ Evelio Alfred/ PFC/ Army/ Kalamazoo/ MI/ 8/19/70/ S.Vietnam/

   10/25/47/ hostile killed

GONZALES Nicholas Valeria/ PFC/ Marines/ Pontiac/ MI/ 12/8/68/

   S.Vietnam/ 9/20/48/ hostile killed

GOOCH Jerry Dale/ SP4/ Army/ Detroit/ MI/ 7/25/67/ S.Vietnam/

   12/15/46/ hostile killed

GOOD Larry Dean/ PFC/ Army/ Chesaning/ MI/ 6/5/67/ S.Vietnam/

   1/15/47/ hostile, died-missing

GOODALL Earl Wayne/ PFC/ Army/ Detroit/ MI/ 6/9/66/ S.Vietnam/

   12/7/45/ hostile, died-missing

GOODCHILD Raymond Lee/ SP4/ Army/ Fenton/ MI/ 10/31/72/

   S.Vietnam/ 10/22/51/ hostile killed

GOODMAN Norman Elan/ SP4/ Army/ Portland/ MI/ 1/14/69/ S.Vietnam/

   5/23/48/ hostile, died-wounds

GOOSEN Robert Henry/ SP4/ Army/ Muskegon/ MI/ 3/13/70/ S.Vietnam/

   2/13/50/ Hostile, died-wounds

GORAL Gerald Eugene/ Cpl/ Army/ Roseville/ MI/ 4/30/69/ S.Vietnam/

   8/19/49/ hostile killed

GORBE Vaun Arlen/ 1Lt/ Army/ Center Line/ MI/ 10/5/70/ S.Vietnam

   1/7/47/ non-hos., died-other

GORDON James Lewis/ Cpl/ Army/ Detroit/ MI/ 8/21/69/ S.Vietnam/

   9/6/44/ hostile killed

GORDON Roger Stuart/ Cpl. Army/ Middleville/ MI/ 6/24/69/

   S.Vietnam/ hostile killed

GORDON Wayne Victor/ Sgt/ Army/ Detroit/ MI/ 6/25/67/ S.Vietnam/

   8/22/46/ hostile killed

GOSCHKA Larry Herman/ Sgt/ Army/ St Charles/ MI/ 2/12/70/

   S.Vietnam/ 11/11/48/ non-hos., died-other

GOSS Hezekiah Jr/ SP5/ Army/ Saginaw/ MI/ 1/15/66/ S.Vietnam/

   6/20/30/ hostile killed

GOUGER William David Jr/ SP4/ Army/ Trenton/ MI/ 2/11/69/ S.Vietnam/

   5/3/49/ hostile killed

GOULD Carlyle Leroy/ SP4/ Climax/ MI/ 1/9/67/ S.Vietnam/ 8/16/45/

   hostile killed

GOULET Ronald David/ Sgt/ Army/ Garden City/ MI/ 1/3/68/ S.Vietnam/

   10/2/47/ hostile, died-missing

GRABOSKEY Edward Elliott/ PFC/ Marines/ Paris/ MI/ 10/28/65/

   S.Vietnam/ 6/16/43/ hostile killed

GRACHTRUP John Norbert/ HM3/ Navy/ Grand Rapids/ MI/ 12/10/66/

   S.Vietnam/ 6/6/46/ hostile killed

GRAHAM David Del/ Sgt/ Army/ Cass City/ MI/ 5/11/68/ S.Vietnam/

   8/18/46/ hostile killed

GRAHAM Gordon J/ PFC/ Army/ Yale/ MI/ 10/25/67/ S.Vietnam/

   9/21/43/ hostile killed

GRANDAHL Jack William/ SP4/ Army/ Ironwood/ MI/ 2/13/68/

   S.Vietnam/ 11/16/47/ hostile killed

GRANT Andrew Carl/ BMC Navy/ Flint/ MI/ 8/6/70/ S.Vietnam/

   4/28/31/ non-hos., died-other

GRAY Asa Parker Jr/ Col/ Army/ East Lansing/ MI/ 5/13/69/ S.Vietnam/

   6/19/18/ hostile, died-wounds

GRAY Larry Gene/ PFC/ Army/ Milan/ MI/ 1/17/67/ S.Vietnam/ 3/19/45/

   non-hos., died-other

GRAY Thomas Edward/ Cpl/ Army/ Temperance/ MI/ 5/11/69/ S.Vietnam/

   2/4/49/ hostile, died-wounds

GREEN Geoffrey Emmons/ 1Lt/ Marines/ East Lansing/ MI/ 9/8/65/

   S.Vietnam/ 7/10/40/ non-hos., died-other

GREEN, Kenneth Gerald/ SP4/ Army/ Warren/ MI/ 12/3/68/ S.Vietnam/

   8/15/47/ hostile killed

GREEN Larry Edward/ Cpl/ Marines/ Mt Morris/ MI/ 3/26/68/ S.Vietnam/

   2/10/47/ non-hos., died-other – BNR

GREEN Larry Vernard/ PFC/ Army/ Detroit/ MI/ 3/18/68/ S.Vietnam/

   1/7/49/ hostile killed

GREEN Ralph LaVerne/ SM1/ Navy/ Coldwater/ MI/ 9/18/68/ S.Vietnam/

   1/17/35/ hostile killed

GREENE Frederick David/ Sgt/ Army/ Detroit/ MI/ 7/21/70/ S.Vietnam/

   11/1/48/ hostile killed

GREENE Jessie Floyd Jr/ Cpl/ Army/ Highland Pk/ MI/ 10/28/67/

   S.Vietnam/ 9/11/47/ hostile killed

GREENHOUSE Ronald Raphael/ SP4/ Army/ Pontiac/ MI/ 11/29/70/

   S.Vietnam/ 2/11/48/ non-hos., died-missing

GREENWALD Dennis/ PFC/ Army/ Southfield/ MI/ 11/20/67/ S.Vietnam/

   11/23/48/ hostile, died-missing

GREER Frank Michael/ SP4/ Army/ Detroit/ MI/ 1/21/69/ S.Vietnam/

   11/19/47/ hostile killed

GREGORY Robert Arthur/ SFC/ Army/ Northville/ MI/ 9/19/68/

   S.Vietnam/ 9/30/36/ non-hos., died-other

GREGSON Thomas Robert/ SP4/ Army/ Attica/ MI/ 3/8/69/ S.Vietnam/

   11/27/47/ hostile killed

GREILING David Scott/ Cdr/ Navy/ Hillsdale/ MI/ 9/14/73/ N.Vietnam/

   3/25/35/ hostile, died-captured – BNR

GREKELA William Eino/ PFC/ Marines/ Flint/ MI/ 5/5/68/ S.Vietnam/

   2/14/49/ hostile, died-wounds

GRENNAY William Efren/ PFC/ Army/ Jackson/ MI/ 1/30/68/ S.Vietnam/

   3/14/46/ hostile killed

GRESSEL John Vincent/ 1LT/ Army/ Dowagiac/ MI/ 7/29/68/ S.Vietnam/

   5/21/46/ hostile killed

GRIEVE Michael A/ Sgt/ Army/ Hazel Park/ MI/ 1/31/68/ S.Vietnam/

   7/14/46/ hostile killed

GRIFFIN Charles Farrell/ Capt/ Air Force/ Grand Rapids/ MI/ 12/13/68/

   S.Vietnam/ 1/17/40/ hostile, died-missing

GRIFFIN William Donald II/ Sgt/ Army/ Pontiac/ MI/ 12/15/70/

   S.Vietnam/ 6/30/47/ hostile killed

GRIGGS Edward Louis III/ PFC/ Army/ Warren/ MI/ 2/23/69/ S.Vietnam/

   2/5/49/ hostile killed

GROAT Richard James/ PFC/ Army/ Port Huron/ MI/ 2/29/68/ S.Vietnam/

   12/11/46/ hostile killed

GROAT Wayne Douglas/ SP4/ Army/ Port Huron/ MI/ 2/2/69/ S.Vietnam/

   7/17/48/ hostile killed

GROF Robert Lester/ Maj/ Army/ Lansing/ MI/ 4/10/71/ S.Vietnam/

   7/27/38/ hostile, died-wounds

GRONAU David James/ PFC/ Marines/ Detroit/ MI/ 10/15/67/ S.Vietnam/

   2/6/48/ hostile killed

GRONOWSKI Theodore Jr/ PFC/ Marines/ Taylor/ MI/ 7/21/66/

   S.Vietnam/ 10/8/46/ hostile killed

GROOM Alan Davis/ Sgt/ Army/ Midland/ MI/ 10/11/69/ S.Vietnam/

   8/7/46/ hostile killed

GROOVER John William O/ Sgt/ Army/ Farmington/ MI/ 2/14/66/

   S.Vietnam/ 2/21/40/ hostile killed





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