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HALL OF HONOR, Northpark Mall, Joplin Mo.

Dedicated on Nov.10, 2001 to "Those Who Served" - area

military from the 4-states (Mo., Ok., Ks. & Ar.)

Unfortunately, there’s probably been "Many" added since, but I

very seldom ever get to the mall. I do hope this initial list will

help someone. If at all possible, I hope to be able to update

this at some point.

Eleanora Abers-Thompson – Cpl. USMC 1944-45

Floyd Harold Abram – USMC 5th Marine Div. Iwo Jima. Wounded

in action. Decorated: Purple Heart; honorable svc button

Garry N Abram – USAF Airman 1st Class, 1965-69 Vietnam,

Also Air Plice 3rd Combat Support Grp

David Achey – Sgt 1 Co 75th Inf. Rangers, Vietnam. Decorated:

3 Bronze Stars w/V Device, 4 Air Medals, 4 Army Commen-

dations Nat’l Defense, Vietnam Svc Medal & Presidential

Unit Citation

Dan Allen – 1st Lt, Civil Air Patrol; Army Medevac unit; Air Force

Honor Guard

James R Allen – Sea Bees, Guam/Vietnam

Robert S Allen – Motor Machinist’s Mate 1944-45

Bruce M Anderson – Sgt Sv. Battery 404th FA BN Foreign Svc.

Decorated: Good Conduct Medal

Donald J Anderson – US Navy, Motor Machinist Mate 3rd Class

1944-46. Decorated: Asiatic Pacific Area Campaign Medal;

American Area Campaign Medal; Victory Medal

John W Anderson – M/Sgt US Army WWII/Korea 1941-61.

Decorated: Good Conduct, American Defense, American

Theater, Victory Medal WWII, Army Occupation WWII,

Nat’l Def. Svc, Korean Svc & UN Defense Medals

Charles A Arnce – US Navy 1962-66, Machinery repair. Vietnam.

Dιcorated: Good Conduct Medal; Nat’l Def. Medal; Vietnam

Svc Medal

Jim B Atteberry – 1st Lt US Army 1941-46, 279th Engineer

Combat Bn

Robert J Baker – 1st Lt US Army B Btry 310th Field Artillary Bn

79th Inf. Div. Decorated: Presidential Unit Citation; Bronze

Star w/Oak Leaf Cluster; French Croix de Guerre w/Palm

William M Baker – PFC US Army 1943-46. Decorated: EAME

Theater Ribbon; WWII Victory Medal; Good Conduct Medal

Robert L Barker – NSG E-8, served 21y, KSM. Decorated: 2

Stars, 3 GC-M, UN Medal, NDSM, UNSM, ROK, Press Unit

Citation, 1st OLC.

Don Barrett – Pvt 1st Class, 715 Railway Op.Btln. WWII. b.

7/2/1920 d. 5/1978

Glenn D Bauder – Tech 5 US Army 35th Inf. 25th Div. 1943-45.

Decorated: Asiatic Pacific Svc Medal, Philippine Liberation

Ribbon w/Bronze Star, WWII Victory Medal, Infantry

Combat Badge w/Rifle & Machine Gun Bars, Good Conduct


Cecil H "Jim" Bentley – Radio Mate 3C US Navy, WWII/Korea

    1. Decorated: WWII Medal; Navy Unit Commenda-

Tion Ribbon; China Svc Medal; American Campaign Medal;

the Commendation Medal; Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal

Joseph Berger – 1st Lt US Army WWII. Decorated: 4 Battle

Stars European Theatre

Melvin A Berry – S/Sgt US Army 1943-45, 8th Army Div

Earl Wilson Bivens Sr – USAF

Earl William Bivens Jr – USMC

William Eugene Bivens – US Army

Bettie Edwards Blair – Sgt Women’s Army Corps 1949-53

Les Bond – Aviation Radioman 3rd Class US Navy, 1948-52,


Julian W Blount – 1st Lt 1942-45, 9th Air Corps 585th Bomb

Sqd 394th Bomb Grp WWII. Decorated: Air Medal &

Distinguished Flying Cross for Heroism

Edward J Bonitt – 2nd Lt US Army, 324th Inf. – wounded in

action, 12/1944, awarded Battlefield Commission.

Decorated: 3 Battle Stars, Bronze Star, Purple Heart,

Combat Inf. Badge

Ivan Thomas Boone – Seamon 1C US Navy 1943-45

Frederick Alex Bourne – Tech 5 US Army 1574th Hvy Shop

Co. Decorated: Good Conduct Medal, American Theater

Svc Medal, European African Middleastern Svc Medal,

Asiatic Pacific Theatre Svc Medal

Richard John Bourne – Sgt USAF 31st Combat Support Grp,

6100 LSSS & 67 CSG/Dpm, Jet Engine Mechanic. Also

Nat’l Guard-15 years. Decorated: Good Conduct Medal,

Nat’l Defense Ribbon, AFLSA, AFOUA, & AFR Ribbons

James J Bowman – E6 1948-69, Korea, Vietnam

Granvil F. Boyd – Tech Sgt US Army 1941-45. Decorated:

Purple Heart & others

Jon Barry Brazelton – PFC US Army, 1957-58; Ohio Nat’l

Guard, 1957-59; YN2 US Navy, 1959-64. Decorated:

Good Conduct Medal; Court Reporter

Jon Barry Brazelton II – ABE3 US Navy, 1988-91. Decorated:

SW Asia Svc Medal w/Bronze Star; Good Conduct Medal;

Nat’l Def. Svc Medal; C-Svc Deployment Ribbon

Herman R Brinkman – Tech 3rd Grade US Army 1942-45.

Decorated: 4 Battle Stars, Bronze Star EAMET Ribbon,

Good Conduct Medal

Jimmy R Brock – SSgt USAF 48th Combat Support Group &

20th Tactical Fighter Wing KB-50 Segment; Decorated:

Good Conduct Medal, 20th Tactical Fighter Wing Plaque

Award for Meritorious svc, Vietnam

Don E Brown – Tech 4 US Army 1943-46. Decorated: Bronze

Star; Good Conduct Medal

Edmund O Brown II – PFC US Army 1972-1973. Decorated:

Nat’l Def. Ribbon; Good Conduct Medal; Qualifications:

M-16 Rifle – Marksman M-60 Machine Gun – Expert; Hand

Grenade Expert; Light Anti-Tank Weapon – Expert;

Grenade Launcher - Expert

Charles Bull "Bill" – US Navy 1944-1947, Radio Mate 3rd Class –

Decorated: 2 Bronze Battle Stars, WWII, Philippine

Liberation Ribbon, Commendation Medal & Asiatic Pacific

Campaign Medal

Justin Earl Bull – ABE4 US Navy, Persian Gulf

Harlan Bunn Jr – 91st Bomb GP & 324th Sqd WWII, Airplane

Mechanic Gunner. Decorated: EAME Medal w/1 Bronze Star;

Air Medal w/3 Oak Leaf Clusters; Good Conduct Medal; DFC

Medal; Purple Heart. Was POW, 14mths in Krems Austria

Orville R Burkhart – PFC US Army 1944-45. Decorated: Combat

Infantry Badge; Good Conduct Medal; EAME Svc Medal

Paul T Butler, Th.D. –YN1 US Navy 1946-56. Decorated: WWII

Victory Medal; 3 Good Conduct Medals; Nat’l Defense

Medal, US Navy Occupation, China Svc, UN Svc, Korean

Svc Medal; So. Korean Presidential Unit Citation; Combat

Action Ribbon; Korean War Svc Medal

Bradley Ray Byler – Lt Col. US Army. From Webb City Mo. Son

of M/Sgt Buddy Byler. Married Kim Grizzle of Joplin Mo.

Decorated: Bronze Star Medal of Valor

Buddy Ray Byler – M/Sgt USAF 1951-71, Flight Engineer.

Decorated: Korean Svc Medal; Air Medal; Distinguished

Flying Cross

Don E Campbell – Sgt US Army 2nd Inf Div 23rd Regt HQ Co,

8/22/40 - 9/10/45. Battle of the Bulge/Battle of Metz.

Decorated: Good Conduct Medal, European Theatre Oper.

Foreign Medal, Expert Rifle Medal

Galen L Camfield – 1942-54 WWII. Decorated: Good Conduct

Medal; WWII Svc Medal; 6 Battle Stars; WWII POW

Medal; 2 Purple Hearts; WWII Carbine Expert; WWII

B.A.R. Expert

Harold Card – 5th Air Force, 12/1941 – 1950, medical discharge.

Decorated: Presidential Citation, Asiatic Pacific w/2 Stars,

Occupation, Victory, Berlin Air-Lift, Good Conduct Medal,


Robert H Carnes – Sgt Army Air Corps, 1942-46

Tommy S Carpenter – E4 US Army, Desert Shield/Desert

Storm. B Troop 2-6 Cav, Germany, D Troop 2-4 Cav 24th

Inf. Div. Decorated: SW Asia Svc Medal w/2 Bronze Stars,

Nat’l Defense Svc Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Good

Conduct Medal, Aircraft Crewchief Badge, Overseas Svc.


Frank E Carrico – Tec Sgt US Army 1945-47. Decorated: Good

Conduct Medal; Victory Medal; Army of Occupation Medal.

Qualification MM w/rifle M-1

August "Jack" Castor – S/Sgt US Army, 1941-45 Co. C 603 TD

Bn. Decorated: Campaign letters, American Defense Ribbon,

European, African, Mid-Eastern Theatre Camp. Ribbons, 2

Overseas Bars, 3 Bronze Stars, Rifle MKM, Machine Gun

EX., Pistol MKM & Good Conduct Medal

Raimonde B Chrisman – SSgt US Army 1943-45. Decorated: 5

Bronze Stars, Svc Commendation Medal & Good Conduct


Charles Clark – Sgt US Army 1943-45 Squad Leader WWII

Co. E 2nd Inf. Bn. 5th Inf Div. Decorated: Combat Infantry

Badge; 3 Bronze Stars; Good Conduct Medal; 2 Purple

Hearts; Army of Occupation Ribbon

Roger L Clark – Gunners Mate GMG US Navy 1968-70.

Decorated: Nat’l Def. Svc Medal; Vietnam Svc Medal w/1

Bronze Star; Vietnam Campaign Medal w/Device 60; Armed

Forces Expeditionary Medal (Korea)

Arthur Clemens – US Army WWII. Decorated: 5 Battle Stars

Robert D Close – Cpl US Army 69th Armored Field Arty BN

WWII. Decorated: European Theater Ribbon, Victory

Medal, 7 Battle Stars, 2 Bronze Arrowheads & Purple


Charles Clyburn – S/Sgt US Army 1941-63 Korea/WWII, MP.

Decorated: Army Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign,

Asiatic Campaign, WWII Victory Medal, Nat’l Defense , UN

Svc., Korean Svc & Philippine Liberation Medals

Glenn E Collins – PFC US Army 1943-45 117 Cav. Rec Southern

France. Air Force Fire Fighter. Decorated: Purple Heart,

Good Conduct Medal, European Ribbon, 3 Combat Stars

Jess W Collins – S/Sgt US Army WWII. Awarded a Testimonial

For honest & faithful svc to our Country

Jerry Conner – Commissanaryman 3rd Class US Navy 1949-53.

Decorated: Korean Svc Ribbon w/2 Stars; UN Svc Medal

John W Cook – 1st Lt US Army Infantry 1969-71. Decorated:

Bronze Star w/V Device; Bronze Star w/Oak Cluster;

Nat’l Def. Svc Medal; Vietnam Campaign w/60 Device;

Combat Infantryman Badge; Purple Heart; Vietnamese

Cross of Gallantry; Expert Rifle Badge; Vietnam Svc Medal

John J Cookerly – Airman 1, WWII 1944-47 / Korean War

1950-54 Strategic Air Command

Frank Cooper – T/5 Corp US Army 6 yrs. Also Nat’l Guard

Luke Cooperrider – Pvt 1C US Army. KIA 7/31/1918 WWI;

buried in France

Ray Cooperrider –Seabees US Navy Carpenters Mate 2C WWII

Willard W Couch – OMI-retired US Navy 1958-77 Vietnam

Bill R Cox – PFC US Army Korea 1954-56. Army Reserves 1956-

62. Decorated: Good Conduct Medal

Douglas Crane – Sgt USAF 1967-71 Crew Chief Mechanic.

Decorated: Vietnam Svc Medal; Outstanding Support Group


Clayton Crosby – E5, 203rd Nat’l Guard 1959-63

William H Crosby M.D. – Col. US Army Medical Corps, WWII/


Albert J Crosthwait – Cpl. USMC 41st Replacement Bn. Fleet

Marine Force 1943-45. Decorated: 9 Battle Stars

John Crow – US Army Vietnam. Decorated: Screaming Eagle

Combat Patch, Vietnam Svc Medal w/2 Bronze Stars,

Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Palm Unit Citation Badge,

Vietnam Campaign Medal w/Device, Good Conduct Medal,

Nat’l Def. Svc Medal, Sharp Shooter Rifle Badge & Expert

Machine Gun Badge

James Albert Crumpton – USAF 1964-84 Vietnam. Decorated:

Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal w/Bronze Oak Leaf

Clusters, Distinguished Presidential Unit Citation, Air

Force Outstanding Unit Award w/1 Bronze Oak Leaf,

Vietnam Svc Medal & numerous other commendations.

Born 9/14/1945 d. 8/28/2000

Max Curtis – 3rd Class Petty Officer US Navy 1943-45

Bert M Daniels – 1944-1946, US Army, 10th Infantry Engineer

Combat Battalion. Survived the "Battle of the Bulge"

Roy R Deonier – Field Lineman 641 US Army 1942-45 WWII.

Decorated: Good Conduct Medal, American Svc Ribbon;

Fame Svc Ribbon; 4 Bronze Stars

Keith G DeWitt – Yeoman 3C, US Navy 1944-46. Decorated:

Asiatic Pacific Medal w/6 Stars; Philippine Liberation Medal

w/2 Stars; American Area, Victory Medal. 1951-52, Korea

Leon Dickey – Mo.M.M.1c, 9/7/1942 – 9/22/1945. Ratings

held; AS, S2C, 73C, 72C.FLC, MOMM3DC, MOMM2EI,

MOMMLE. Decorated: 3 Battle Stars

David Allan Didlot – US Army

Kenneth E Diehl – Tech Sgt US Army 1943-46. Decorated:

1 Battle Star, APT Ribbon, American Theater Ribbon,

Victory Ribbon, Commendation Medal.

Kenneth W Dininger – Cpl US Army, Battery B 1st Platoon 5th

AAA Bn. 1951-53

Cecil D Ditch – T/5 US Army 51st Engr Combat Battalion

WWII. Unit received Presidential Unit Citation & the

French Croix de Guerre w/Silver Star for "Battle of the


James H "Jake" Doran – S/Sgt US Army; Decorated: Asiatic

Pacific Theater Ribbon; Good Conduct Medal; Victory Medal

Lavaughn Jess Duff – Pvt US Army, Demolition Spec. 347th Eng.

Bn. 1943-46. Born 11/27/1917. Died 1/6/2000

Gail H DuShane – S/Sgt 1st Cav. 8th Cav. Regiment. 1950-52

Decorated: Combat Inf. Badge; Purple Heart; Bronze Star;

Korean Svc Medal w/4 Bronze Stars; Good Conduct Medal;

Nat’l Def. Svc Medal; Occupation of Japan Medal; UN


James A Edwards – Seaman 1st Class US Navy. Born in St

Joseph Mo., died 1980. Decorated: American Theater,

Asiatic Pacific w/2 Stars, Philippine Liberation & Occupa-

Tion of Japan Medals

Nicholas James Edwards – Lance Cpl. USMC 2nd Marine Air

Wing. Born Joplin Mo., son of Roger & Marlen. Decorated:

Rifle Expert; Pistol Expert

Roger Edwards – Specialist 5th Class 1969-71. Decorated: Good

Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Svc & Air Medals

Gerald A Eggeman – PFC US Army 1941-45. Expert Rifleman

Harvey W Ellis – US Navy 1952-55, USAF Ret. SSgt 1957-

1973, Vietnam, Korea, Japan & Germany. Decorated: Nat’l

Defense Medal, Korean Svc Medal, United Nations Medal,

Presidential Unit Serv. Citation, Good Conduct Medal,

Vietnam Svc Medal

Victor Lee Emery – 2nd Class Engineer US Navy 1977-83

Served in 781st Squadron of 465th Bomb Group (H) of 15th

Air Force as tail gunner on B-24 Liberators. Decorated:

Unit was awarded 2 Presidential Citations; he received 5

Battle Stars, 2 Air Medals, Victory WWII & Commendation


William Erwin – PFC US Army, 90th Inf. 3rd Army. KIA

10/10/44, France. Decorated: Sharp Shooter Medal; Combat

Infantryman Award; Bronze Star; Purple Heart

Guy Franklin Etter – Quartermaster 3rd Class US Navy 1943 –

1946. USS Pamenset (A085). Decorated: Victory Medal,

American Area, Asiatic-Pacific Area 3 Stars, Philippine

Liberation 2 Stars

Harold E Evans – PFC, US Army, 94th Infantry Div. WWII from

6/1943 – 1/1946. Wounded in "Battle of the Bulge" on

1/20/1945. Decorated: Purple Heart & Bronze Star. Died

7/8/1987 in Joplin Mo.

Mike Fanoele – S/Sgt 27th Signal Constr. Bn, Co. A, WWII,


Marion W Felkins – Sgt US Army WWII

Frank E Fitzjohn – US Navy 1943-47. Decorated: Invasion

Ribbon, Battle Ribbon, Purple Heart

Howard A Franklin – Aviation Tech. Chief, US Navy 9/1941 –


Catherine Louise French – 2nd Lt US Army Nurse 1944-45

Lloyd "Bud" French – 2nd Class Gunners Mate US Navy 1942-45

Max Edward French – PFC US Army Inf. 1951-53 Korea.

Decorated: Korean Svc Medal, 3 Bronze Svc Stars, UN

Svc Medal

Ralph Sylvester French – Pvt US Army WWI 1918-19, 2nd Co.

3rd Bn 164th D.B.

Richard Lee French – Tec Sgt 507th Parachute Inf., Cannon Co.

303rd Inf. Co A, 1942-46

Robert French "Bob" – Radioman 1st Class US Navy 1953-61.

Decorated: UN Svc Medal; Korean President Unit Citation;

UN Svc Medal; Nat’l Defense Medal, etc.

Lyle A Fritchey – Lance Cpl USMC 1966-68, Vietnam.

Decorated: Purple Heart

Lloyd "Mike" Gammon – Storekeeper 3rd Class US Navy;

Decorated w/Combat Action, Vietnam Svc 4 Campaigns,

RVN Unit Citation, RVN Civil Actions, Navy Unit Citation,

Vietnam Campaign Medal, Navy Reserve Meritorious Svc

Medal, Nat’l Defense Medal

Heather Gardner – PNS, US Navy

William Edward "Bill" Gillen – Radioman 1st Class & Chief

Radioman US Navy 1942-45, US Naval Reserve 1948-51.

Decorated: Good Conduct Medal, WWII Victory Medal,

6 Stars

Robert L Gillespie – Petty Officer 1st Class US Navy 1951 –

1971. Decorated: Korean Svc Medal, Vietnam Svc Medal,

5 Good Conduct Medals, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Nat’l

Defense Medal

Everett W Goade – Seaman US Navy 1957-61, Helicopter Sqd

Ted R Goff – Specialist 4th Class, Vietnam. Decorated: Good

Conduct Medal; Nat’l Def. Svc Medal; Vietnam Svc Medal;

Vietnam Campaign Medal; Expert Badge (rifle)

Leon Golubski – NCCS (E8) 1975-96 US Navy. Decorated: 3

Navy Commendation Medals; 3 Navy Achievement Medals;

Navy Unit Commendation; 3 Meritorious Unit Commenda-

Tions; 4 Good Conduct Medals; 2 Navy Expeditionary

Medals; Nat’l Def. Svc Medal; Sea Svc Ribbon; Recruiting

Svc Ribbon

Buddy Byron Goodwin – USAF Korea, era 1949

Leonard J Goss – SSgt US Army 89th A.A. BN 1942-46.

Decorated: Philippine Liberation Ribbon, Good Conduct

Medal, Meritorius Unit Award

Ronald L Green – Command Sgt Major, US Army. Decorated:

Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star & Air Medal

D. Clayton Greer – 2nd Class Petty Officer/Radioman 1951-55

US Navy, Korea. Son of Roy W & Lorah

Marvin E Greer Sr – Cpl. US Army 404th 86 Div. Field Arty.

1943-45. Decorated: EAME Campaign Medal; Good Conduct

Medal; American Campaign Medal WWII; Victory Medal


Robert "Bob" Greer – US Army, 1943-1945, served in "Battle

of the Bulge". A bazooka man, machine-gun wounded in

combat 12/10/44. Medical discharge, Oct, 1945. Decorated:

Purple Heart.

Woodrow W Greninger – Navy mail Clerk & Stenotypist, Lt Jg

1933-46. Died 6/15/1984

Alexander D Grigg – Chief Warrant Officer, W-2, US Navy,

1926-1946. USS Maryland, USS Chester, USS Barney, USS

Yorktown, USS Atr-37, etc. Decorated: 6 medals of

Commendation during WWII

James A Grindstaff – 1st Sgt US Infantry 1917-19

James A Grindstaff II – S/Sgt US Army & Army of Occupation

1940-49. Decorated: 3 Bronze Campaign Stars; 1 Bronze

Star for Valor; Purple Heart

James A Grindstaff III – Sgt.Major, E1 to/including E9 Airborn

Infantry. Extensive training, mountain/desert etc

James A Grindstaff IV – Illinois Air Nat’l Guard. Joined 1999

George Hagen – Pvt, Army of Occupation 1918-1919 Medical

Dept 21st Engineers 4th Bn. A.E.F. Born 1/13/1896, son of

Phillip & Mary

William Hagen – Pvt, Army of Occupation 1918-1919 Medical

Dept 21st Engineers 4th Bn A.E.F. Brother of George

Charles E Hailey – Pvt 1st Class US Army 1945-46, 904th Air

Engineer Sqd. Decorated: Army of Occupation & WWII

Victory medals

John D Hailey – T5 Cpl US Army WWII 533rd Army Fld Coast

Artillery Btry C, 1942-45

Ron Hailey – USMC H&S Co 3rd Marine Div. 1970-73 Vietnam.

Decorated: Good Conduct Medal, Rifle Marksman Badge,

Nat’l Defense Medal

William Jeffrey Hall – Interior Communications Electrician 3rd

Class US Navy 1981-92. Decorated: Navy Expeditionary

Medal; 2 Good Conduct Medals; USCG Spec. Operations

Svc Ribbon; Nat’l Def. Svc Award

Fred H Hammer Sr – Seaman 1st Class V6 USNR (SV) 1944-45.

Ratings held: AS; S2c; Slc.Sea Svc WWII

Giles J Hammons – SFC US Army 1952-54. Decorated: Korean

Svc Medal; UN Svc Medal; Nat’l Defense Medal; 1 Overseas


Tommie Harjo – SSgt US Army Gu66 Hq 102nd Inf. Div. 1944-

1946. Decorated: WWII Victory Ribbon, Good Conduct

Medal, EAME Theater Ribbon, 2 Bronze Stars, Bronze Star


George H Harnar – S/Sgt 137th Inf. Co. A 1942-45. Decorated:

Bronze Star Medal for meritorious svc.

Herman Harrington – Petty Officer 3rd Class US Navy 1944-47.

Decorated: Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic Pacific Medal,

Amereican Theatre Medal, WWII Victory Medal

Mearle J Harrison - Tech 4, 1264th Combat Engrs. 1944-46,

Battle of the Bulge, WWII, 439th Construction BN, Korean

War. Decorated: Award of the Meritorious Unit


Robert W Hartje – S/Sgt US Army 33rd Inf. Div. Co. D 85th Bn,

WWII 1943-46. Decorated; Good Conduct Medal; Combat

Infantry Badge; Philippine Liberation Ribbon w/1 Star;

Expert Infantry Badge

Earnest R Hayes – Cpl US Army 1942-46. Native of Joplin Mo.

Decorated: Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal; Good Conduct

Medal; Philippine Liberation Medal; WWII Victory Medal

Richard E Hayes – US Navy Hospital Corpsman. Decorated: Navy

Good Conduct Medal; American Theatre; Philippine Liberation

Ribbon; China Svc Medal; WWII Victory Medal, etc.

Robert F Hayes – Tec 5-728 Railroad Operation Bn. Decorated:

Good Conduct Medal; EAME Medals, 1942-45

Clark L Henson Jr – USMC 1963-68, 3rd & 9th Marine Div..

Decorations: Presidential Unit Citation (Khe Sanh), 2 Bronze

Stars, Silver Star, Combat "V", 2 Gold Gallantry, Nat’l

Defense Svc Medal. KIA 6/16/1968 Vietnam

Floyd W Herron – S/Major ret. US Army 1960-85. Decorated:

Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Svc; 2 Meritorious w/

Oak Leaf; 4 Army Commendations-3 Oak Clusters; Nat’l

Defense Svc Medal; 8 Good Conduct Medals w/7 Oak

Clusters; Overseas Svc Medal; Vietnam Svc Medals w/6

Stars; Vietnam Cross of Gallantry w/Palm; German Army

Gregory Jay Hildreth – AE1 US Navy, 1974-89, Helicopter

Combat Support. Decorated: Battle "E" Ribbon; Navy

Expeditionary Medal; Sea Svc Deployment Ribbon; 3 Good

Conduct Medals; Navy Pistol Marksmanship Ribbon; Expert

Pistol Shot Medal

Virgil J.D. Hildreth – Sgt 44th Engineers Bn, Korea, 1951-53

Edward L Hines – M/Sgt USMC 1953-73, Vietnam. Decorated:

5 Good Conduct MedalsNT Defense Svc Medal w/1 Star;

VNSM w/5/Stars; RUNCNM, PUC, CAR, Vietnam Cross &

GAL w/Palm

Thomas S Hoare Jr – PFC US Army 39th Div. 9th Inf. 1941-45.

Decorated: Purple Heart

Chester Hobbs – Tech 3 US Army/Gen. Patton’s 5th, 752nd

Tank Bn Armored Div, WWII, MP Medic. Decorated:

Presidential Citation-European Theater

J.R. Hobbs – US Army 167th Inf. 31st Rainbow Div. WWII.

Decorated: Good Conduct Medal; Sharp Shooter Medals

Kenneth R Hobson – E5 US Army 1966-69, Vietnam. Decorated:

Bronze Star Medal w/"V" Device for Valor; Purple Heart;

Vietnam Svc Ribbon; Nat’l Def. Svc Medal; Good Conduct


Kenneth R Hobson II – S/Sgt US Army 1989-98. A. Co 54th

Eng. Bn 130 BDE; HHC 326th Eng. Bn 101st Airborne Div.;

Persian Gulf. KIA, terrorist attack, 8/7/1998 Nairobi,


Bruce Hofmann – Sgt 2BN 7th Cav 1st Air Cav Div, Vietnam,

1966-67. Decorated: Combat Inf. Badge, Air Assault Badge,

2 Campaign Stars, V.N. Svc Ribbon, V.N. Nat’l Ribbon, Nat’l


Russell Hooten – Medical Corpsman US Navy

Col. Travis Hoover – CA Nat’l Guard, 1938. Army Air Corp, 1939.

Decorated: many medals including Distinguished Flying

Cross & Silver Star

Charles Brent Horton – Lance Cpl USMC 1966-67, 3rd BN 4th

Marines. Born 7/4/1946 – KIA 9/4/1967, Vietnam

Charles I "Bud" Horton – Tech Sgt, US Army 3rd Inf. Div.

B. 5/24/1917 D. 7/20/1986

David Daniel Houdyshell – Specialty – Cook,Tech 4, US Army,

35th Div. 137th Infantry Co. F, 12/23/1940 – 10/11/1945.

Decorated: Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal, American

Defense Svc Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-

African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, WWII Victory

Medal, Army of Occupation Medal, Combat Infantryman

Badge & Honorable Svc Lapel Button WWII.

George Washington Houdyshell – US Navy Fireman 1st Class,

8/11/43 – 11/12/45, USS McCalla Destroyer. Decorated:

American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal

(1 Silver, 1 Bronze Star), WWII Victory Medal, Philippine

Liberation Ribbon (1 Bronze Star), Philippine Presidential

Unit Citation, Honorable Svc Lapel Button.

Harvey Henry Houdyshell – Pvt 1st Class, US Army, 35th Division

137th Infantry Co. F, 12/23/1940 - 11/6/1943. Born

6/19/1920, Marion Ks. – died 11/6/1943, Eufaula Al. in the

service of his country.

Walter William Houdyshell – US Army Tech 5, 35th Division

137th Infantry Co. F, 12/23/1940 – 10/11/1945. Decorated:

Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal, American Defense Svc

Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle

Eastern Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Army of

Occupation Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Honorable

Svc Lapel Button WWII.

Clyde Don Howard – Sgt US Army 80th Div. Co F-319th Infantry.

Decorated: 2 Purple Hearts; Oak Leaf Cluster; Good

Conduct Medal; 2 Battle Stars; EAME Theater Ribbon; 1

Overseas Bar; Combat Infantryman Badge

Larry Don Howard – Sgt US Army 1959-67

Raymond "Bill" Howard Jr – M/Sgt US Army, WWII. Died,

Korean conflict 3/20/1951

Bob G Hudson – US Navy, 1/17/1951-9/14/1954, USS Essex

Aircraft Carrier

Vernon C Hudson Sr – Petty Officer 2nd Class Storekeeper

US Navy 1944-46

Harry E Hunter – Staff Sgt USAF 1952-56

Alfred Lee Hyso – HMC US Navy 1947-1978. Decorated: 8

Good Conduct Medals, 12 Medals including Purple Heart

& Commendation FMF 6yrs

Leo Robert Immekus – PFC Medic US Army 1940-45

Charles Harlow Isbell, MD – Physician/Surgeon, Major, 98th

Evacuation Hospital in Yokohama Japan, etc. overseas

Benjamin J Ives – ITSN US Navy, USS Cleveland LPD-7

Amphibious Ready Group, 3/2000 - ?

Dempsey Jackson Cpl US Army WWII 1943-45

George Jackson Sgt US Army 1st Armored Div. & 894th Tank

Destroyers. Decorated: Purple Heart

Lee Jackson – Pvt US Army Co C 151st BN IRTC. Military

Occupational Specialty Rifle M-1 Marksman.

Melvin E Jackson – SSgt US Army 1949-52 Korea, US Army

Reserves 1960-79 9th BN 40 Armor. Decorated: Korean

Svc Medal, UN Svc Medal, 5 Campaign Stars

Ray Gene Jackson – Sgt US Army 1943-45

Richard Jackson – Tech 4 US Army 1940-45. Decorated: Good

Conduct, American Def. Asiatic Pacific & WWII Medals

David Lee Johnson – Cpl USMC 1st Div. 1951-52 Korea. KIA

10/27/1952. Decorated: Purple Heart; Korean Svc Medal;

Nat’l Def. Medal; UN Def. Medal

Edward L Kaiser – US Navy 1943-46. Decorated: Asiatic

Pacific Theater Medal; European African Mid East

Theater Medal; 2 Bronze Stars; American Theater Medal;

Victory Medal

George Elwood Kellison – Sgt US Army 1979-96, Desert

Storm/Gulf War. Decorated: Good Conduct Medal &

Achievement Medal for Desert Storm

Ronald Elwood Kellison – Cpl US Army Korea

Edward H Kelly – Corp. US Army, 739th AAA Gun Bn, APO 77,

Korea. Letter of Appreciation & medals of recognition

received in 2000, 50 yrs later

Wesley R Killian – MM2 US Navy 1943-46/Korean Police Action

1951-52. Decorated: Victory Medal, American Area,

Philippine Liberation; 1 star; 6 stars; Asiatic Pacific; Good

Conduct; Korean Svc.; UN; China Svc; Navy Occupation


William H Killian – Captain US Army 1942-46, promoted to

Major while in the Reserves

Howard L King – Captain, US Army 1963-68. Headquarter Co

3rd Btn 36th Inf, 51st Transportation Co & Commanding

Officer 412th Transportation Co. Received Expert Marks-

Man Badge.

J.W. Klor "Wes" – USMC Marine Aviation Logistic Sqd. 14

Wendell Knell – USAF 1951-73. Decorated: AF Commendation;

Nat’l Def. Svc. Medal; UN Svc Medal; Korean & Vietnam

Svc Medals; Republic Vietnam Campaign Medal; Air Force

Outstanding Unit Award-Thailand; Presidential Unit


Forrest C Knisley – Pvt 86th Inf. Div. WWII. Decorated:

European-African-Middle Eastern Svc Medal, American

Svc Medal, Asiatic Pacific Svc Medal, WWII Victory

Medal, Good Conduct Medal

Erie Kunze – US Army 1943-46 788th Amphibious Div.

Decorated: Philippines Liberation Medal, Asiatic Pacific

Medal, 4 Bronze Stars

Bob Kyger – SFC 1st Cavalry 8th Reg. 1951-54, machine guns

Hugh L Lacey – Cdr US Navy Vietnam. Decorated: 19 Air Medal

Commendations for Vietnam service

Chester Lacy – SSgt E6 US Army 1961-68 Vietnam, Army

Medical Svc Combat Medic, Operating Rm Tech,

Surgeons Asst

Billy E Ladd – PFC/A/1st Class US Army/USAF, 1946-53

Robert Lee Lane – Specialist E4 US Army 4th Div Inf., Army

Ranger/Communications Expert, 1965-67

Virgil Ledford – Machine Gunner US Army (1st Joplin Mo.

Man KIA Vietnam). Decorated: Combat Inf. Badge,

Silver Star, Military Merit Medal, Gallantry Cross w/

Palm & Purple Heart

Freddie W Legg – USAF Airman 2nd Class, Radar Tech, 1952-56

Gene F Legg – AM3 US Navy/Navy Air Force

Thomas N Legg Jr – Cptn US Army Signal Corps 1942-46.

Retired Active Reserves 1960

Ralph Leslie – US Navy, WWII, USS Thetis Bay, So. Pacific


Walter Gerald Lett – Metalsmith 3rd Class (T) V6 US Navy

1944-46. Decorated: Asiatic Pacific Medal; American Area

Medal; Victory Medal

Melvin H Licklyter – Rifleman, US Army 1944-45, KIA

Jeffrey James Lonie – USMC Motor Transport Vehicle Op.

Decorated: Sea Svc Ribbon & Good Conduct Medal

Richard Lowery Jr – b. Columbus KS. US Navy 1942-45

Charles "Slick" Loyd – US Army, 1952-1955, 2nd Battalion, 6th

Division-Unicorns-Tank Commander

Edward T Loyd – US Navy Store Keeper 3C 1952-56

Phillip R Loyd – E4 US Navy 1980-86

Gary L Mailes – Sgt US Army 1952-54

Clifford Allen Manes – Tec 5 US Army 1943-46. Decorated:

American Campaign Medal; Good Conduct Medal; Asiatic

Pacific Campaign Medal; WWII Victory Medal

Byron P Martin – 1st Sgt US Army 1939-45. Decorated: 3

Bronze Stars; Good Conduct Medal. Died 1982

Vincent Richard Martinez – S/Sgt USMC 1959-69, Vietnam.

Decorated: Bronze Star w/Combat V, Navy Commendation

w/Combat V, Purple Heart 3x

Michael G Matney – AR US Navy, Div. V-3 Flight Crew, USS

Geo. Washington

John P Matters – Sgt USMC 1st & 3rd Marine Div., Vietnam,

1965-68. Decorated: certificate of commendation for

Meritorious Achievement for svc. in Vietnam

Raymond Mayes – US Navy Gunners Mate. Joined 1941

Chad W McBee – USAF Desert Storm. Decorated: SW Asia

Svc Medal, Achievement Medal for Desert Storm

James H McBee – Pvt 1st Class US Army 712th Railroad BN

Army. Served "Battle of the Bulge". Decorated: European-

African-Middle Eastern Svc Medal, WWII Victory Medal,

Good Conduct Medal

Daniel A McBride – MOMMIC US Navy. Decorated: European

Medal, Victory Medal; Asiatic Pacific Medal, American


Gary Michael McBride – SSgt Marines 1967-71, Vietnam

1968-70, Mo. Nat’l Guard 1977-95, Decorated: Purple

Heart, Cross of Gallantry, Vietnam Svc Medal, RVN

Campaign Medal, 2 Nat’l Reference Svc Medals, Good

Conduct Medal, 3 NCD Professional Development Ribbons,

Army Commendation Medal, 2 MO. Commendation Medals,

Armed Forces Reserve Medal, MO. 15yr Medal, Army Svc.


John W McCall – Pvt 1st Class US Army 105th Inf, M-1 Marksman

13. Decorated: Good Conduct Medal; Honorable Lapel Button

WWII. Deceased 10/8/1989

Edward F McCormick – Pvt US Army Co. A 130th Machine Gun Bn.


Charles Ray McCoy – SSgt US Army 95th Infantry 1942-45.

Decorated: Purple Heart, ETO Ribbon, 2 Bronze Stars,

Good Conduct Medal, Victory Medal, Combat Infantry


James Dave McCoy – HM3 US Navy 1951-55, Korea

Doug McCreedy – C51-P1 US Navy 1944-1947, WWII Svc, UDT,

serving aboard; USS Enright APD66, USS Kline APD59,

USS Newman APD120, LSM 104, USS Marlboro, USS

Kittiwake, ASR13, NAAS Weeksville, NC NAS, Helicopter

Squadron 4. Decorated: various medals & awards.

Terry McDonald – Sgt US Army 7th Armored Squadron 1st

Air Cav., Vietnam

Donald L McGatha – E4 US Army 1960-63. Decorated: 2 Good

Conduct Medals; Expert Rifleman Medal; Heavy Equip.

Operator Medal

Norma J McWethy – Nurse, Lt Commander, US Navy, 1955 –


Edgar L McWethy Sr – Pvt 1st Class 1943-1946 US Army

WWII 89th Fighter Squadron. Decorated: Good Conduct

Medal, American Theater Ribbon, Asiatic Pacific Theater

Ribbon, WWII Victory Medal

Edgar L McWethy Jr – SP5 Co. B 1st BN 5th Cav. (Air mobile)

Vietnam. KIA June 21, 1967. Decorated: Congregational

Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, Nat’l Defense Medal, Expert

Rifle Medal, Vietnam Svc Medal, Combat Medical Badge,

Vietnam Campaign Medal

Larry B Meacham Sr – Radarman’s Mate 2nd Class, Pacific

Amphibious Fleet, US Navy 1951-59. Decorated: Korean

Svc Medal w/3 Bronze Stars; Good Conduct Medal w/Gold

Star; Nat’l Def. Medal; UN Medal & Korean War Svc Medal

By South Korean government

Vance A Meares – 289th Inf. US Army 1940-45. Decorated: 3

Battle Stars, Combat Infantryman Badge, Bronze Star &

Purple Heart

Auman L Medley – Sgt US Army. Decorated: Nat’l Def. Medal;

Army of Occupation Medal (Germany)

Robert W Medley – Specialist 4th Class US Army 238th Maint.

Co. Decorated: Army Commendation Medal; Good Conduct

Medal; Vietnam Svc Medal; Vietnam Campaign Medal; Nat’l

Def. Svc Medal; Sharpshooter Badge (rifle)

A.L. "Len" Michael – Lt. Col. USAF 1950-80. Decorated: Silver

Star; Defense Superior Svc Medal; 4 Distinguished Flying

Crosses; 11 Air Medals; numerous Campaign & Commendation


Anthony Miller – Yeoman 2nd Class Petty Officer US Navy

Arthur L Miller – Sgt US Army 1943-46, 487th AAA Bn, Anti-

aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Crew 601; Decorated:

Good Conduct Medal; Philippine Liberation Medal; 2 Battle

Stars; Asiatic Pacific Medal; American Campaign Medal,

Rifle Expert, Lapel Button issued ASR

Fred Lee Miller – 5/13/1970 – 12/22/1976, Medical Specialist

John Alfred Miller – Cpl US Army 1943-45. Decorated: Good

Conduct Medal; European Theater of Operation Ribbon w/

Battle Star; EAME Theater Ribbon

Keith M Miller – USN, Chief Boatswains Mate, Pearl Harbor

Rollie H Miller – 1st Cavalry Trp, US Army 1917-19. Decorated:

Victory Button; Victory Medal

Louis L Mishler – Sgt US Army WWII 1942-46. Reserves, 1950-

52, Korea. Decorated: American Svc Medal; Asiatic Pacific

Svc Medal; Philippine Liberation Ribbon; WWII Victory

Medal; Good Conduct Medal; Korean Svc Medal w/4 Bronze

Stars; UN Svc Medal

Merlin F Mitchell – Cpl. USMC 1945-51

Robert E Mitchell – Sgt US Army. Decorated: 4 Brone Stars;

Bronze Arrowhead; French Coy De Air Good Conduct Medal

Dudley R Moore – Tech 4 Sgt 27th Cavalry Reconnaissance

Troop 1942-45

Elliott Marlar Morse – Gunneer’s Mate 3rd Class USNR, 1943-

46. Decorated: 1 Star-American Area, WWII Victory


Donald R Mosbaugh – Master Chief Corpsman E9, Joplin Navel

Reserve 1962-1993, Desert Storm. Instructor w/Marines

At Counter Guerrilla Warfare School in Okinawa.

Ronald C Mosbaugh – Master Chief Corpsman E9, Joplin Naval

Reserve 1962-1993, Vietnam/Desert Storm. Decorated:

Silver Star, Bronze Star, 2 Purple Hearts, 12 other medals.

Ron & Don Mosbaugh were the only TWIN E9 Master Chief

Corpsmen in the US Navy

Wendel R Mullins – Tech 5C US Army 1942-45 Co. B 21st Eng.

Decorated: 3 Bronze Stars; EAME Theater Campaign Ribbon

& 4 Overseas Bars; Meritorious Svc Unit Plaque

Jack D Murphy – Pvt 1st Class 1944-46. MP. Decorated: WWII

Victory Medal; American Theatre Ribbon

Jeff Muskrat – Lt Col., 25 yrs service, Vietnam, Korea.

Decorated: Silver Star; Bronze Star w/2 Oak Leaves;

Army Commendation Medal; Combat Infantryman’s Badge

John C Newby Jr – Corpl. US Army 1951-53, Chief Mechanic

140th AAA AW BN SP. Decorated: Korean Svc Medal;

Bronze Svc Star; 1 Overseas Bar; US Svc Medal; Army

Occupation Medal

Ralph E Newby – 2nd Class Electronic Tech’s Mate

Kenneth A Nims – SSgt USAF 56th Combat Support Group,

Member of the Strategic Air Command Elite Guard Sac HQ.

Decorated: Good Conduct Medal, Presidential Unit Citation

w/5 Oak Leaf Cluster, AF Unit Citation w/5 Oak Leaf

Cluster, Vietnam Svc Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal,

Expert Marksman

William H Nims Jr – Cptn USMC 1942-58. Decorated: MC Good

Conduct Medal, Presidential Unit Citation w/2 Stars,

Korean War Svc Medal, American Theater Operations

Medal, American Svc Defense Medal, China Svc Medal,

Korean Theater Operation Medal 3 Stars, UN Medals,

Korean Presidential Unit Citation Medal

Otto Ernest Norman – Boatsmen Mate 1st Class US Navy 1917-


John Oleman – Petty Officer US Navy, 1943-45

Donald D O’Neal – S/Sgt E6 US Army 1950-70. Decorated:

Nat’l Def. Svc Medal w/OLC; Army Commendation Medal;

Combat Inf. Badge; Korean Svc Medal; UN Svc Medal;

Good Conduct Medal w/4 awards

Aaron Owens – PFC USMC. Graduated Advanced Aviation

Mechanics training/CH 46 Helicopter in 9/2001

Ted C Owens – PFC US Army Air Force 1943-46

Farrell J Patterson – Tech 5 WWII 1942-46

William T Patterson – US Army, PFC WWI, 1918-1921

Carroll E Pattison – Tech Sgt 8th AF 19442-45

Dewayne Patton – Sgt USAF 1967-71

Wendell Patton – Sgt US Army 1943-46. Died 3/23/1999

William W Patton Jr – 1st Lt Army Air Corps. MIA 1/15/1945

(remains found in northern France 2/22/2001, identified

by Military Badge). Decorated: Distinguished Flying Cross,

Air Medal, American Defense Svc Medal w/Bronze Star,

WWII Victory Ribbon, ETO Ribbon w/4 Bronze Stars,

Aviation Pilot Badge, Purple Heart

Ira Perkins – Combat Engineer, Commanding Officer of Co. B.

2 Citations from Winston Churchill & Dwight D Eisenhower

Harold L Peters – Pvt 1st Class US Army 1943-46 4th Inf. Div.

Decorated: 3 Overseas Bars; 1 Victory Ribbon

Jack Peters – PFC US Army 1943-46, rifleman w/163rd Inf.

Decorated: 3 Bronze Stars & Good Conduct Medal

Clyde A Pierce – S/Sgt 1973-76 & 1977-94. Decorated: Good

Conduct Medal 7th award; 2 M.S.M. Medals; 1 Chief

Instructor Badge; 5 Recommendation Medals

David Albert Pierce – SK2 US Navy. Decorated: Nat’l Defense

Medal, Korean Svc Medal, United Nations Medal, Good

Conduct Medal, Korean Presidential Citation

Cecil Eugene Pittman – USMC 1st Marine Div. 5th Regt. Co. B 1st

Medical Bn., 1st Class Petty Officer

Calvin L Pearman – Store Keeper 3rd Class US Navy, USS Grady

Destroyer Escort & USS Boxer Air Craft Carrier

John Harold Poole – US Army, 1943-1945, engineer & infantry-

Man in the 78th Lightening Division. Lost leg in the "Battle

of the Bulge". Decorated: 2 Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Stars,

Presidential Citation & Combat Infantry Badge for WWII.

John D Pottorff – Airman 1st Class 1951-55 3640th MTR Vehicle

Sqd. Decorated: Good Conduct Medal; Nat’l Defense Medal

Robert Prestley – US Army 1948-51

Walter P Regehr – PFC US Army 1944-46, 383rd Inf. 96th Div.

Billy Everett Rentfrow – Pharmacist’s Mate 1st Class –4/30/1940

-5/1/1946, USNTC in Great Lakes IL, USS Baltimore,

USNH, San Diego CA, RecSta in Shoemaker CA. Decorated:

American Defense, Asiatic Pacific w/13 Stars, American

Area, Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation w/1 Star & Good

Conduct Medal w/1 Star

James H Rentfrow Jr – US Navy 1967-69 Vietnam

Bernard Lee Riggs – Cpl USMC 1942-45 Combat Intelligence.

Decorated: awards & medals w/4 Stars for action against

the enemy, Presidential Unit Citation, Asiatic Pacific

Ribbon & medal for Saipan, Occupation Ribbon & medal for


Jesse C Roberts – T4 US Army 1945-46. Decorated: Victory

Medal, Army of Occupation, Germany

Leonard P Rose – 1st Class Specialist US Coast Guard, USS

Ingham Coast Guard Cutter. Decorated: American Defense

Medal, American Campaign Medal, European African Medal,

Middle East Campaign Medal & Good Condust Medal.

Robert Thurman Roughton – PFC US Army WWII 1147th Eng.

Combat Bn. Decorated: 4 Bronze Stars for heroism in

Battle – European; African; Mid Eastern Ribbons, 3

Overseas Bars, Victory Medals, Good Conduct Medal, Lapel

Button for no time lost under AW107, Sharpshooter Badge


John H Rountree – AM1/c, US Navy 1942-45. Decorated: Presi-

dential Unit Citation

Jack Ruhl – US Army 1st Inf. Div. 1942-45. Decorated: European

Theater, Victory Medal; Good Conduct Medal; 6 Bronze

Stars; French Qtr Quarterear; Silver Star & Gold Star

Jose E Sainz – Pvt US Army 1943-50, 53rd Med. Bn, Cook 060.

Decorated: Good Conduct Medal; South Pacific Medal

William "Bill" Saulbeamer – US Army 1941-45 Tech Sgt

Jeffery Lawrence Saunders – USMC 1981-85. E1 & E2 Time &

Grades; E3-E4-E5 Meritorious promotion

Harland D Schick – Spec 4 1954-1956 7th Transportation Co.,

49th Transportation Battalion. Sharp Shooter. Decorated:

Army of Occupation Medal, Good Conduct Medal

John H Schick – Wagoner, Supply Co 353rd Inf. 89th Div. A.E.F.

Born 1/21/1896, son of Mr & Mrs J.F. Schick. Discharged


Vern L Schick – Sgt 1st Class 1st Inf. Div. Korea/Vietnam, 1948-

68. Decorated: Nat’l Def. Svc Medal; Korean Svc Medal w/

Bronze Star

Learville N Schlessman – Tech Sgt US Army 128th Infantry

1942-45. Decorated: Distinguished Svc Cross, Silver Star,

Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, Pacific Theater Ribbon

w/3 Battle Stars & Philippine Liberation Ribbon

Daniel Sherman – Pvt 1st Class 1st Div. US Army Vietnam. Killed

by sniper fire 1/9/66

Johnny R Short – Tech Sgt USAF/Army Guard MP/AF Reserves.

Decorated: Meritorious Svc Medal. Deceased

John C Silvey – Sgt US Army 1940-45 701st MP Bn 106 Inf.

Decorated: 4 Battle Stars; Good Conduct Medal; Combat

Inf. Badge

Bobby D Smith – 1st Lt US Army 1966-68 410th Transportation

Co., Vietnam

Clarence C Smith – Seaman US Navy WWII

Harold A Smith – Gunners Mate 2nd Class US Navy WWII

Harold L Smith – PFC US Army Co. C 1st Div WWII, 1943-45.

Decorated: Purple Heart

Homer L Smith – S/Sgt 8th Army AF. Tail Gunner. WWII.

Decorated: Purple Heart; European Theater Svc Medals; 3

Bronze Stars

Max E Smith – Pvt 1st Class 5th Army 88th Div 349th Infantry

Btn Co A, 1944-45. Decorated: Crossed Rifle Inf. Badge,

Good Conduct Medal, Sharpshooter Badge & 2 Battle Stars

Henry W Sohosky – M/Sgt US Army, 2/5/43 – 11/6/45, tank

machine gunner. Decorated: 7 Bronze Stars, Purple Heart,

Good Conduct Medal

Tim L Sowersby – HN Hospitalman US Navy 1951-54

Anthony "Butch" Spruk – E3 USMC 1966-69, USS Constellation,

Vietnam. Died 4/22/1998

Boyce Stanton – Airman 1st Class USAF, Korea. Communications


Carlyle Ross Stanton – US Army 1954-55, honorably discharged

to care for family

Joseph David Stanton – US Army Reserves, 1998-2001?

Kenway Maurice Stanton – Corp. US Army, 1953-56

Nicholas Stanton – Lance Corp. A.C., USMC

Rex David Stanton Sr – Spec 4 US Army

Ronald John Stanton – E4 US Army, 1977-82

Ronald Stanton Jr – Rank 4 Sgt USAF, 1970-74

Ross James Stanton – SP4 US Army, 1977-80, Administration

Scottie Stanton - Rank Ed Specialist, US Army

Clifford Lee Starchman Jr – 3rd Class Petty Officer US Navy

Jet Mechanic 1967-71 VA-174 Sqd, VA-82 Attack Sqd.

Born 2/20/1947

Billy H Starmer – Capt. US Army Air Corps. Decorated: EAME

Theater Svc Medal; Air Medal w/4 OLC; Distinguished

Flying Cross; Distinguished Unit Citation w/1 Cluster; Lapel

Button Issued ASR Score 107; the D.F.C. Air Medal w/4

OLC & E.T.O. Ribbon w/7 Battle Stars

Clifford J Steele – Pvt US Army 1950-52 Korea, 25th Div. 27

Rader Platoon. Decorated: Combat Inf. Badge; Korean Svc

Medal w/1 Bronze Star; UN Svc Medal

Clovis E "Gene" Steele – SFC US Army 1942-46 Pacific Theater

of Operations 785th AAA Bn; 14th AA Command 1950-53,

Korea; 2nd Armored Bn., Germany; 1959-73, Korea, 8th Army;

142nd Quartermaster Bn Vietnam; AAFES, Pacex, Alaska;

Quartermaster, US Army Recruiting Command. 29 ½ yrs svc.

Donald D Stephens – US Army 1966-67 Vietnam. Decorated:

Army Commendation Medal Purple Heart, Vietnamese

Campaign Ribbon w/Star. Combat Inf. Badge

Ronald W Stinnett – Sgt USMC 1952-62

Ellis M Stoner – M/Sgt US Army 1942-46 WWII

Gina Marie Stoops – Specialist 4 US Army 1996-98. Qualifica-

Tions, M-16 Rifle Expert

Leland Stoops – Sgt US Army 1950-52, Co. A 27th Inf. Regt.

25th Inf. Div. Korea. Decorated: Purple Heart & Combat Inf.


Clarence Delmar Swaim – Cpl Army Air Force, 6 EMERG, RSQ,


Raymond Eugene Swaim – Motor Machinist 3rd Class US Navy

1944-46, Philippines

Richard Dean Swaim Sr – Boatsmen Mate 1st Class US Navy

Victor Earl Swaim – Yeoman 3rd Class 1945-46, Asiatic Pacific


James H Sweet – Sgt US Army 1942-44. Decorated: Good

Conduct Medal; Asiatic Pacific Medal; 5 Bronze Stars;

WWII Medal; Nat’l Def. Medal; Philippine Liberation Medal

Donald Tanner – US Army, 1970

Loman Eugene Tanner Sr – ARK Basic, 1941-67 WWII

Loman Eugene Tanner Jr – US Army 1975-79. Decorated:

Nat’l Defense Ribbon & others

Ralph Tarter – T5 Third Army 1942-1945. Decorated: Good

Conduct Medal, European Campaign Medal w/3 Stars,

American Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal. Born

9/7/1922 – died 7/6/1999

James Vernon Tatom – US Army; Merchant Marines. Received

Appreciation Medal from Korean government

Paul Logan Taylor – PFC 756th Tank Bn. 1943-45. Decorated: 4

Bronze Stars & other medals never received

Gary L Terry – USMC 1965-67, 0311 Infantry

Lester H Terry – US Army, 4y 8m, Machine Gunner/Motorcycle

Rider. 36th Inf. Div. & 36th Calvary Recon Troop 3rd Platoon.

Phillip Warren Terry – BMGI US Navy WWII/Korea; Decorated:

Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon; American Defense, Amer-

ican Area Campaign, Asiatic Pacific, UN, Korean Svc, & Good

Conduct Medals. Died November 1999

Paul E Thompson – Gunnery Sgt USMC 1944-47, A Co. 1st Bn.

1st Marines. Served 1951-52, Korea in Weapons Co. 3rd Bn

5th Marines

Donald Paul Tierney – Chief Warrant Officer US Army 2nd

Cavalry Brigade, 3/20/1945 – 9/30/1969. Numerous

citations including WWII Victory Medal, Good Conduct

Medal, Nat’l Defense Svc Medals & Army Commendation


Ira Toland Jr – Spec 4 E 4 1966-72 USAF. Served w/82nd

Airborne Div, 101st Airborne & 173rd Airborne. Decorated:

Purple Heart, Vietnam Svc Medal, Good Conduct Medal,

Bronze Star, C.I.B., Air Medal, Air Assault Medal

Coxswain Donald Paul Trim – US Navy 1929-43. Taken prisoner

during Battle of the Java Sea & died a Japanese prisoner

in Burma, Dec. 1943. Decorated: Presidential Unit Citation

for heroism

Kenneth Tucker – Sgt 1st Class US Army 1943-46 WWII, 1950-

51 Korea. Decorated: Presidential Citation, 4 Battle Stars,

Korean Presidential Citation

Fred E Turner – Tech 4 US Army 59th Ordinance Ammunition

Co. 1944-46

Jean Maxwell Tweed – US Navy 1943-46. Korean Police Action.

Reba C Tyler – Cpt 1968-78 US Army. Became the first woman

in America’s military to command an all male unit.

Decorated: Meritorious Svc Medal; 4 Commendation Medals;

Other medals & awards. Died in 1992 at Audey Murphy VA

Hospital, Texas

Teresa Reed Valdivieso – SSgt USAF Aerospace Maintenance

Specialist 1985-98, Desert Shield/Operation Deny Flight.

Decorated: SW Asia, Kuwait Liberation, Nat’l Defense,

Commendation & Good Conduct Medals w/2 devices, Over-

Seas Long & Short Tours, Longevity, Marksmanship & AF

Training Ribbons & Outstanding Unit Award w/4 devices.

Col.James L Vannaman – US Army/Missouri Nat’l Guard. Vietnam.

Decorated: 2 Bronze Stars; Vietnam Svc Medal; Vietnam

Campaign Medal; Nat’l Def. Svc Medal; Ranger Tab.

Audie R VanSlyke – PFC US Army Co. L 135th Reg. 34th Div.

WWII 1943-45

Howard Doyle Van Slyke – S/Sgt Co C 1879th Eng. Aviation Bn


Jimmy R Vanslyke – Spec 4 1969-70 Co. A 48th Medical Bn 2nd

Armored Div., Vietnam

Melvin Earl Wade – Fireman 2nd Class US Navy 1943-46.

Decorated: American Area; Victory; EAME; Asiatic Pacific

& Point System medals

Charles Walker – PFC, 15th Inf.Regt. & 8th Cav. Regt. Decorated:

Purple Heart, Combat Inf.Badge, Korean Svc Medal w/2

Battle Stars & 1 Bronze Star

Jerry Ray Walker – Specialist 4th Class US Army, 2/1 Cav

Regiment 4th Inf. Div. & Missouri Nat’l Guard. Decorated:

Purple Heart; Good Conduct Medal; Vietnam Campaign Medal;

Nat’l Defense Ribbon

Ernest H Wallace – Colonel, US Army WWII/Korea. Decorated:

Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-

Middle Eastern-African Campaign Medal, Army Occupation

Medal, WWII Victory Medal, National Defense Svc Medal,

Army Commendation Ribbon w/medal Pendant.

Hazel White Walz – MSgt Women’s Army Corp WWII

James Mitchel Watson Sr – Field Artillery Cannoneer, US

Army. Decorated: Nat’l Def. Svc Medal; Army Svc Ribbon

2nd Award; Army Commendation Medal 2nd Award; Army

Achievement Medal 7th Award; Good Conduct Medal 6th

Award; Overseas Svc Ribbon 2nd Award; Meritorious Svc


James Mitchel Watson Jr – USAF, 1994

David Wayman – US Army

Charles F West – PFC US Army 974th Signal Svc Co. Decorated:

Good Conduct Medal; Asiatic Pacific Theater Svc Medal w/

2 Bronze Stars; Victory Medal; Philippines Liberation

Ribbon w/1 Bronze Star

Jack T Wheatley – S1/c GM US Navy 1944-46

Belva White – Tech 5 Women’s Army Corp WWII. Decorated:

Many commendations, 25yrs

Jay White – Sgt US Army 1966-69. Communications at NATO


K. Lynn White – Tech Sgt 385th Bombardment Grp H, WWII.

Was POW at Stalagluft 1944-45. Decorated: Good Conduct

Medal, Air Medal, 2 Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters

Maurice "Tag" White – Sgt US Army 90th Combat Infantry,

WWII. Decorated: Silver Star, Purple Heart, Combat Inf.

Badge, 5 Bronze Stars, Presidential Unit Citation

Howard Whiteley – Captain Medic Corp US Army, Korea 1948-


Doris White Williams – SSgt Women’s Army Corp WWII

Joseph F Williams – M/Sgt US Army WWII 1st Armored Cav.

1945-47. Missouri Nat’l Guard 1949-68

Orville L Willis – 1st Lt USAF WWII 1941-45, Korean War,

1953. Decorated: 2 Air Medals; 2 Distinguished Flying

Crosses; Presidential Unit Citation; Asiatic Pacific Ribbon

w/2 Battle Stars; China’s Memorial Medal

James Thomas Wilson – US Navy 1942-45. Decorated: Asiatic-

Pacific Campaign Medal w/1 Silver & 2 Bronze Stars, Navy

Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-

African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal w/2 Bronze Stars,

WWII Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon-Foreign

w/2 Bronze Stars & Philippine Presidential Unit Citation-


Jerry Wininger – Cpl-SFC USMC, Vietnam 1962-66/1984-2000

Nat’l Guard, Joplin Mo.

Willard U Wooldridge – S/Sgt US Army 1968-69, Vietnam.

Decorated: Vietnam Svc Medal, Presidential Unit Citation,

Combat Action Ribbon, Nat’l Defense Medal, Good Conduct

Medal, Rifle Expert Badge, WWII Star Svc

Billy A Woolever – Parachute Rigger 1st Class US Navy 1941-45.

Decorated: American Theatre Campaign Ribbon, Asian

Pacific Theatre w/6 Stars

Floyd W Woolever – Quartermaster 2nd Class US Navy 1981-85.

Decorated: Sea Svc Deployment Ribbon, Battle "E"

Efficiency; Navy & Marine Achievement Medal; Marksman-

Ship, Armed Focus Expeditionary

James H Wooten – Cpl USAF 82nd Maintenance Sqd-Pacific

WWII 1946-49. US Navy 1950-53 Seaman Sub Grp 1 –

Lant Rescue Fleet. Decorated: WWII Victory Medal; 17

Foreign Svc Credits

Glen H Wren – Cpl. US Army 1944-46, 42nd Inf. Div. 222nd Bn.

Co. B 2nd Platoon. Decorated: Purple Heart

Thomas L Yokley – 1st Lt US Army Air Force 1st Provisional

Pathfinder Squadron. Decorated: Distinguished Flying

Cross w/9 Silver & Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters

Lloyd M York – US Navy Storekeeper, July 1944-July 1966,

USS Spica AK-16

Williard Youngblood – Cpl. US Army 3rd Armored Tank Div.,






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