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Carl Jct., Mo. – list of local veterans who received Civil War Pensions

Info taken From “List of

Pensioners on the Roll”, published in 1883, pages 536-539 on

Jasper Co. pension records.

CHARLES F SMITH – Carl Jct.Mo.; pension granted

in June 1881; gunshot wound, right forearm; $2 per month

WILLIAM M RHODES – Carl Jct. Mo.; April 1882;

injury to right hip; $14 per month

ELIJAH WISE – Carl Jct. Mo.; December 1879; gunshot

right elbow; $4 per month

HUGH L THOMAS – Carl Jct Mo.; no date; gunshot

wound, right lung & disease of lungs; $12 per month

BENJAMIN KELLER – Smithfield Mo.; August 1878;

gunshot wound, right thigh; $4 per month

JAMES HUFFMIRE – Smithfield Mo.; August 1882;

chronic diarrhea contracted during war; $2 per month

GEORGE E DILLINGHAM – Smithfield Mo.; May 1882;

heart disease; $12 per month

GEORGE F RANIER – Smithfield Mo.; no date; gunshot

wound, right thigh; $4 per month


November 1868; wound to right thigh; $6 per month

JOSEPH COX – Smithfield Mo.; no date; gunshot

wound to leg and arm; $8 per month

BENJAMIN F DEVERICK – Smithfield Mo.; no date;

wounded, right hand; $6 per month

CHRISTOPHER CREBS – Waco Mo.; approved July,

1874; assistance for raising minor child; $10 per month

ROBERT J A WALLACE – Waco Mo.; January 1882;

chronic bronchitis; $4 per month

MORRIS J YOUNG – Oronogo Mo.; March 1882;

asthma & bronchitis; $12.50 per month

WILBER F HAUGHAWONT – Oronogo Mo.; September

1866; gunshot wound, left hand; $4 per month

THOMAS B HIXON – Oronogo Mo.; September 1882;

gunshot wound, left thigh; $2 per month

JOHN W STULTS – Oronogo Mo.; no date; gunshot

wound right chest & lungs; $8 per month

JOHN L JONES – Oronogo Mo.; April 1882; heart

Disease & rheumatism; $14 per month

ELIAS T COLEMAN – Oronogo Mo.; no date; right

shoulder wound; $8 per month

ALEXANDER DECKER – Oronogo Mo.; no date;

Abdominal injury; $12 per month

MYRON W WILCOX – Oronogo Mo.; February 1881;

gunshot wound, right knee; $2 per month

THAMER WIDMER – Oronogo Mo.; March 1879;

needed assistance to care for his mother; $8 per month

GEORGE S FERRIS – Georgia City Mo.(east of present-

day Asbury); May 1882; gunshot wound, left hand; $4 per month

WILLIAM W WHITE – Galesburg Mo.(near Georgia City);

no date – abdominal viscera disease; $8 per month

WILLIAM E BIGGS – Medoc community (12 miles north-

east of Carl Jct Mo.); no date; wounds, right shoulder

& arm; $6 per month

JACOB A LOOP – not listed; resident of Smithfield Mo.;

15th Ohio Infantry





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