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                               "K-L" surnames - Colorado Springs "Gazette",

                                Colorado Spgs CO


                                KAUFFMAN James

                                Services notice; ON 4/16/02

                                St Paul’s Lutheran Church

                                 Love FH


                                  KAWAMATA Clyde Kyyoshio


                                  b. July 9 1945

                                  d. April 4 2002

                                  survived by; stepson, Jerry Cordova; daughter,

                                   Tasha Kawamata

                                   Angelus FH, Colo. Spgs CO


                                    KELLEY Dwight "Sonny"

                                b. Dec 9 1935

                                 d. March 29 2002

                                survived by; wife, Shirley Josephine (McFeeley)

                                  Kelley; children, Debbie Lehuanani Moore,

                                Vicki Kalani Hermes, Gene William & Terri

                                Napua Kelley & Karen Haunani Schiller

                                Cappadona’s Alternative Fun.Svc, Colo.Spgs CO


                                  KENNEY Doris M

                                   Services notice; ON 5/30/02

                                First Presbyterian Church, Colo.Spgs CO

                                 burial; Memorial Gardens Cemetery


                                  KING Haley Dawn

                                  Services notice; ON 3/8/02

                                 Pikes Peak Fun.& Cremation Svcs, Colo.Spgs CO

                                 burial; Memorial Gardens Cemetery


                                KING Jean W

                               Services notice; 6/25/02

                                  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

                               Swan Law FH, Colorado Spgs CO

                                  burial; Evergreen Cemetery, Colo.Spgs CO


                                 KIRKBRIDE Viola Pearl

                                  Colorado Spgs CO

                                  age 92

                                b. June 29 1909

                                d. Feb 12 2002

                                 survived by; son, Otis

                                 Swan Law Cascade FH, Colorado Spgs CO

                                 burial; Fairview Cemetery, Colorado Spgs CO


                                  KIRKLEY Warren L

                              age 75

                              d. May 17 2006

                                  survived by; wife, Betty; children, Duane

                                 (Melanie), Dale, Diana (Randy) Wuerz;

                                grandchildren, Jacob, Nathan, Ryan, Jason & Terra

                                Falcon Baptist Church, Falcon CO

                                inurnment; Evergreen Mem.Pk, Evergreen CO


                                KLINKER Roberta Alice

                            age 79

                                b. April 13 1927 Chariton Co MO

                                 d. May 15 2006 Colorado Spgs CO

                                  preceded by; husband, Melvin John; parents,

                               Otis Jake & Lyna E (Scott) Doll

                                  survived by; son, Charles (Kathy); daughter,

                                  Mary (Jim) Bartelson; 4 grandchildren; sister,

                                 Cora Betty Eaton

                                 Holy Cross Luth. Church, Colorado Spgs CO

                                  Evergreen FH, Colorado Spgs CO

                                burial; Evergreen Cemetery, Colo. Spgs CO


                                 KNUDSEN Deloris (Jensen)

                            age 76

                               b. March 12 1925 Freeman SD

                               m. June 16 1946 Freeman SD

                               d. Feb 16 2002 Colorado Spgs CO

                                 preceded by; parents, Jens & Tillie (Jorstad) Jensen;

                                   husband, Orville O (1990); brother, Ruben; sister,

                                Juliet Brodland

                                Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Colorado Spgs CO

                                 entombment; Shrine of Remembrance Mausoleum,

                               Colorado Spgs CO


                               LACKNER Helen E

                                Services notice; ON 6/14/02

                                Swan Law FH, Colorado Spgs CO


                               LAMMERS Rudi

                               Larkspur CO

                               age 58

                                  d. May 6 2006 Larkspur CO

                               US Army 65-68

                                  survived by; parents, Martin & Josephine;

                                  sisters, Henny Parre & Mary Ann Gridelli;

                               brothers, Tony & Joe

                                  Corpus Christi Church, Colorado Spgs CO

                              no FH or cemetery listed


                                LAMONT Matthew L

                               memorial - 5/18/2006

                                b. May 18 1985

                                d. Jan 23 2004


                             LANG Mary M

                             b. Sept 15 1903

                             d. April 13 2002

                                 survived by; daughters, Sharon Devoy & Sister

                             Mary Lang

                             Mountain View Mortuary, Colo.Spgs CO


                                LARIMER Betty C (Condon)[Thompson]

                          age 81

                           b. Denver CO

                               m. Feb 22 1967 Colorado Spgs CO

                               d. April 5 2002 Colorado Spgs CO

                               preceded by; parents, Hope & Edward Condon;

                                  sister, Mary Lou Ryan; 1st husband, A Robert Thompson

                                survived by; husband, Dr Craig; sons, William &

                                 Craig Jr; daughter, Carol McBride; sister,

                                Sally Beals; grandchildren, Suzette Farrar,

                               Michael Thompson, Jenny Baker, Amy McBride,

                              Hazel, Robert, Wiles & Matthew Larimer; 3

                               gr-grandchildren; extended family

                              Chapel of Our Savior

                             Evergreen FH, Colo.Spgs CO

                               inurnment; Evergreen Cemetery, Colo.Spgs CO


                            LESH Evelyn Mae

                          age 65

                                 b. July 21 1936 Sumner Co OK

                               d. May 20 2002 (lung disease)

                               preceded by; parents, John & Velma Lesh

                                survived by; brother, Leo Lesh; son, Billy Steven

                              (Gayle) Burden; daughter, Debbie Burden

                               (Randy) Clay; grandchildren, Nathan & Melanie

                                Clay, Roziland, Kari & Katie Burden; gr-grand-

                                 children, Holly, Shelby & Mykayla

                                burial; Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Colo.Spgs CO


                             LESS Kristin

                             b. Feb 28 1922

                            d. June 8 2002

                                  survived by; Dick & Jane Less

                               United Methodist Church, Woodland Pk CO


                                LIMERICK Bianca (also known as Emeline Genet)

                             age 8m

                                 b. June 25 2005 Colorado Spgs CO

                                d. March 15 2006 Colorado Spgs CO

                              survived by; mother, Tracie; sister, Brianna;

                                mother & father, Jim & Cynthia; brother,

                                Alexander; grandparents, Carl & Alline &

                               Grandma Dale

                               no FH or cemetery listed


                               LINN Rose E Geis

                               Colorado Spgs CO

                           age 98

                               b. April 6 1904

                               d. May 17 2002

                                survived by; son, James L; daughters, Helen

                                   M Hitchcock & Maxine L Green

                                St Michael's Catholic Church, Canon City CO


                                 LOEWEN Adam Ray

                                  b. Sept 28 1976 Cedar Falls IA

                                   d. April 8 2002 Colorado Spgs CO

                                  preceded by; grandmother, Fern Vajgert;

                                  grandfathers, Frank Vajgert & Ray Loewen

                                  survived by; parents, Ronald & Karen (Vajgert);

                                 sister, Brandy Dieck; brothers, Troy, Vince

                                 & Rey; grandmother, Idella Loewen; extended family

                                  Angelus FH, Colorado Spgs CO



                                  LONG Gail Whitney

                                  b. Dec 17 1915

                                  d. April 9 2002

                                 survived by; wife, Addie (James); daughter,

                                Ramona Jerred; 4 stepsons; 2 stepdaughters

                                Trinity Church of the Nazarene

                               Mountain View Mortuary, Colo.Spgs CO


                              LUCERO Mary S

                                  services notice; 5/21/2002

                                   Faith Presbyterian Church

                                 Swan Law Cascade FH, Colorado Spgs CO

                                burial; Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Colorado Spgs CO