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Partial Civil War roster of Carl Jct veterans


Carl Jct., Mo.- partial roster of local Civil War vets

that lived in the Carl Jct. area after the war. Taken

from the 1890 Special Census of Jasper Co., Mo. A

more complete list appeared in the genealogical records

of "Ozarkin" published in Springfield Mo.



ELIJAH ALLEN 15th IL Infantry

SAMUEL ALLEN 11th Kansas Cavalry, Twin Grove area


Caroline Baker widow of FRANCIS M KELLEY, 7th

IL Infantry (married to John Baker)

JAMES L BLIZZARD 77th IL Infantry. Twin Grove area

JOHN BISHOP Missouri LA, Carl Jct resident

LAWYER BROWER 2nd Mo. State Militia, living near Webb


ROBERT C CHARLES 2nd Nebraska Cavalry. Carl Jct.

BENJAMIN F CORNELL 13th Ohio Infantry. Carl Jct. area

ERWIN COX 80th Indiana Infantry. Twin Grove Twp

JOHN D BAILEY 6th Cavalry, living at Lehigh (area of

Schoolview Addition in Carl Jct. today)

JOHN W BAILEY enlisted at 62 Oak Hall, St Louis MO;

Regiment not recorded. Carl Jct.

JOHN BARKLEY 29th Iowa Infantry. Twin Grove Twp

BENJAMIN F DEVERICK 123rd IL Infantry. Twin Grove


JOHN T DEVERELL 107th IL Infantry. Twin Grove Twp

WILLIAM D ELMORE 5th MO. State Militia. Carl Jct.

Margaret Good widow of MICHAEL SHAW? SHAY? or

or SHAH?, Sargeant 7th MO. Infantry. Resident at


CHARLES A FERRAR 7th Kansas Cavalry. Carl Jct resident

OLIVER P FERRAR 5th Kansas Cavalry. Carl Jct resident

_________ GIST widow of ?; no legible record

SAMUEL C HAUCHMAN Artificer in 1st Mo. Engineers.

Carl Jct. resident

CHRISTOPHER HAYS Musician in 46th IA Infantry. Twin

Grove Twp

Sophie Hays widow of JAMES M HAYS, 8th IA Cavalry.

Twin Grove Twp

WILLIAM M HEPLER Corporal, 9th MO Cavalry. Carl Jct.


THOMAS B HIXON 25th IL Infantry. Carl Jct.

WILLIAM J HIXON 60th IN Infantry. Carl Jct.

GEORGE HOWARD 6th KS Cavalry. Carl Jct.

Hannah Johnson widow of JOHN A JOHNSON, 9th

TN Cavalry (CS). Carl Jct.

Nancy A Johnson widow of JAMES K JOHNSON,

15th Mo. Cavalry. Carl Jct.

JAMES B JOHNSTON Corporal, 27th OH Infantry. Carl

Jct. resident

Abigale J Kebby (Kibby) widow of MARTIN KIBBY

50th IL Infantry, discharged after being badly burned.

Carl Jct.

WILLIAM A LATHROP alias William Lapher 54th IL,

completely disabled physically as of 1890. Carl Jct.


Maria Lawrence, widow of JAMES L LAWRENCE, 118th

OH ___. Carl Jct.

CALVIN C LEAMING 4th MO State Militia Cavalry. Twin

Grove Twp

CLARK C LEAMING 4th MO State Militia Cavalry (possibly

A misprint from above) Twin Grove Twp

WILLIAM H LEWIS 44th MO Infantry. Twin Grove Twp

JAMES LILLIE Sgt 31st NJ Infantry

JOHN C LOOP Corporal, 43rd MO Infantry. Twin Grove


THOMAS L MCFEE 11th TN Infantry (CS). Twin Grove


Sarah A McGinty, widow of ROBERT M MCGINTY 3rd AR

Cavalry (CS); discharged due to being badly burned.

Twin Grove Twp

THOMAS R MAY Sgt 14th KS Cavalry

OLIVER NAILOR 5th KS Cavalry. Carl Jct.


JOHN W OSBORN 10th IN Infantry. Twin Grove Twp

WILLIAM RANKIN 10th IA Infantry. Carl Jct.

DAVID T READING 1st IL Cavalry. Carl Jct resident

CHARLES RHODES 13th TN Cavalry (CS). Carl Jct.


MICHAEL SECREST 11th KS Cavalry. Twin Grove Twp

MICHEL SHUPERT 24th OH Infantry. Carl Jct.

SAMUEL SIGLER 79th IL Infantry. Carl Jct.

CHARLES T SMITH 17th IN Infantry. Carl Jct.

WILLIAM E SMITH no recorded information

SCOTT STEIRS 6th KS Cavalry. Carl Jct area

ALEXANDER SNYDER 35th IA Infantry. Lehigh, Twin

Grove Twp

WILLIAM H TEMPLE 18th MO Infantry. Discharged,

disability. Carl Jct

Julia A Thomas, widow of JOHN A THOMAS, 9th TN

Cavalry (CS), resident of Lehigh

Lydia Welch, widow of WILLIAM W WELCH, recruited


DAVID S WALLACE Sgt 39th IA Infantry. Carl Jct


ENOCH WELKER Musician in 16th IL Infantry. Carl Jct.


JOHN R WATERS Sgt 29th IL Infantry. Carl Jct.

THEODORE C WEAVER 13th KS Infantry & 113th CO.

Infantry. Carl Jct resident in 1890

JULIUS WHEELER 11th KS Cavalry. Carl Jct resident

Anne B Williams, widow of SILAS O WILLIAMS, 5th IA

Cavalry. Carl Jct resident





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