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1941 San Diego HS - The Gray Castle Yearbook

San Diego CA

"In this time of strife & battle America's only hope

for her democratic principles & high standard of

living lies in the leaders of the nation.  From high

schools throughout the US, as from San Diego high,

are being graduated tomorrow's leaders & in them

only rests the future of a great country and people.

With this conviction before them, the staff of the

Gray Castle, February, 1941, has chosen for it's

theme, "Leadership".


Principal - John Aseltine

Girl's Vice Principal - Ruth Munsell

Boys Vice Principal - Edward Taylor


Miss Shirley M Charles - Art Dept. Head

Ralph Vernacchia - Art

Miss Margaret Redelings

D.J. Morrow - Boys Phys Ed

W.L. Peterson - Commercial

Mrs Ruth Weis - English

Miss Jacqueline Trenfel

Miss Miriam Paine - Girls Phys Ed

Percy Heron - Industrial Arts

Mrs Louise Cole - English

Miss Margaret Sullivan - Typing

John Brose

Werner Petersen - Basketball

Mrs Alice Rice - Volleyball

Miss Bertha Howe

Gordon Wiggins

Mrs Bessie Wenrich - Sewing

Letain Kittredge - Woodshop

Mrs Meave Sharman - Latin

Miss Viva Dickerson - Geometry

Mrs Olga Hamman

Miss Mary Phillippi - Music Appreciation

Lawrence Carr - Language Arts

Bernet Hale - Math

Charles Manning

W.F. Reyer - Music

Wilbur Hamman - Public Speaking

Miss Marjorie Judson

Gilbert Deere - Social Studies

Miss Edna Perry - Biology

Mrs Alga Hamman - World Affairs

Mrs Verl Smurthwaite - Homeroom

Miss Laura Lindley

Mrs Katherine Andrews - Homeroom

W.J. Lyons - Homeroom

J. Allen Hodges - Homeroom

Cleon Davies - Homeroom

Mrs Gladys Henderson

Miss Marjorie Annin

Miss Elizabeth Bell

Miss Dixie Nickell - Homeroom


A.S.B. Council:

Under the leadership of the 4th girl

president in the school's 58 year history,

the ASB council asked for & received the

support of 2500 students in the activity

pass drive.  Much appreciated were the

efforts of the Pep Squad, auxiliary group

originated by Charlotte Gatewood &

headed by Morrie Naiman.  An art

commissioner was also incorporated

into the council.


President - Adrienne Wueste

Vice President - Charlotte Gatewood

Secretary - Eloise Hanson

Treasurer - Elaine Bronstone

Activity Commissioner - Bill Coons

Adviser - W.J. Lyons

Adviser - Gordon Wiggins

Boys' Athletic Comm. - Jack Williams

Boys' Federation Pres. - Malcolm Robbins

CSF Rep - Elizabeth Loperena

Drama-Debate Comm. - Marion Jepsen

Girls' Athletic Comm. - Frances Mullaley

Girls' League Pres. - Nancy Julian

Historian - Dorothy Schlerf

Jr Rep - Perry Grant

Music Comm. - Gordon Leith - resigned,

succeeded by Willa Snell

ROTC Rep & Parliamentarian - Louis Lepore

Publicity Comm. - Bill Gillis

Russ Editor - Gilman Ostrander

Sr A Rep - Lester Monson

Sr B Rep - Katherine Congdon

Soph. Rep - Pat Thompson

Student Court Judge - Philip Flint

Ticket Auditor - Royal Parks


Girls' League:

A girl was elected president of the US at the

annual Hi Jinx, high lighting a varied

Girls' league program.  Sophomore girls will

remember the league for a welcoming fashion-

show assembly at which they became

acquainted with SDHS clubs & received a

lollypop apiece.  Some stars for the league's

record were introduction of pins for officers,

second prize in the Homecoming parade &

a Christmas drive, featured by a 12' tree in

the auditorium.


President - Nancy Julian

D. Bachelder

N. Julian

Vice President - R. Kimball

Secretary - M. Lyons

E. Lyons

B. Brant

F. O'Neill

A. Wells

S. Bailey

M. Sumiyoshi

Treasurer - D. Dingle


Boys' Federation:

The high school campus flowered with silk

& calico when the Boys' federation sponsored

it's annual Pajama Top day.  Increasing

friendliness among Hillers was the informal

"Hello & Smile" day for the benefit of bashful

Cavemen.  Turning to the serious side, the

federation lent its talents on Thanksgiving

to collecting donations of food for needy

families.  Students were encouraged to bring

their contributions to 3rd period classes where

they were collected federation reps.


President - Malcolm Robbins

A. Pohl

N. Cordova

Treasurer - G. LaPointe

M. Campbell

Vice President - F. Carter

Secretary - G. Ross

B. VanValin

B. Coons

E. Fulkerson

J. Williams


Russ Staff:

"Change & progress" was the keynote of The

Russ as the staff moved to a larger bungalow

office.  "Hairless Joe" & other denizens of

Dogpatch were created from Hilltop's faculty

at the semi-annual Russ party honoring quota

subscribed homerooms.  In addition to

scheduled Armistice day, Homecoming &

Senior A special editions, a half-size "Flu

Extra" made its appearance during an

epidemic that sent most of the staff to bed.


Miss Constance Bowman

Miss Mary Walker

Sports Editor - M. Payne

G. LaPointe

E. Luce

Feature Editor - M. Campbell

Feature Editor - B. Gillis

G. Hutchens

V. Hind

Club Editor - D. Bachelder

News Editor - B. Bade

P. Little

R. Clark

Circulation Mgr - B. VanValin

J. Aseltine

B. Heilman

M. Robbins

J. Schoneborne

E. Robertson

G. Hadreas

J. Conklin

V. Shreve

R. Ward

G. Diederichsen

B. Lansky

W. Duthie

M. Maynard

C. Kurt

N. Julian

V. Spencer

F. Rubenstein

Advertising Mgr - N. Rosenberg

H. Short

G. Keith

E. Riedy

M. Parker

G. Philipson

E. Mesick

A. Richardson

J. Squyres

E. Strohauer

M. Womble

M. Crouter

C. Frith

Photography Editor - H. Johnson

Editor - G. Ostrander

Copy Editor - D.J. Smith

Personnel Director - G. Leith

Literary Editor - C. Gatewood

Business Mgr - T. White



Knowledge glowed freely when the CSF took

over Hilltop's weekly radio program &

presented "Information Please."  Surprise

reigned when some questions stumped the

"experts".  The other big event for the scholars

was the traditional ditch day, jinxed with rain

& financed with after-school ice cream sales.

At this event, usually held at the beach, the

school's "better half" sheds its dignity & turns

to such pastimes as pie-eating contests & sack

races.  The group rewards its 2 year members

with gold pins & seals upon the diplomas of

graduating seniors.


Sponsor - Mrs Olga Hamman

L. Noel

G. Yale

W. Glorious

R. Freeland

B. Woollet

F. Shepard

V. Parchen

G. LaPointe

M. Featheringill

Secretary - N. Parker

M. Zumwalt

Treasurer - R. Knox

E. Cromer

C. Mason

S. Hartwell

H. Jones

N. Julian

M. Lyons

B. Brant

C. Frith

J. Deem

P. Thompson

C. Freeman

E. Noble

K. Johnson

O. Perrone

D. Root

I. Dorval

B. Strong

E. Fiddle

E. Millsberg

R. Holm

J. Sai

E. Mintzer

L. Stallings

G. Gordon

V. Goetschel

M. Browning

K. Nakamura

R. Takahashi

I. Tanaka

A. Sanuy

A. Beasley

B. Hyde

M. Allen

G. Yelton

H. Sheng

P. McCoy

M. Fluck

M. Crouter

B. Arakawa

S. Hawley

L. Kestler

R. Stephens

B. Manwaring

K. Kawamoto

H. Kawamoto

K. Motooka

E. Effron

B. Bird

F. Stanley

F. Rubenstein

J. Schoenborn

E. Springer

P. Bird

J. McKinley

L. Fischbein

E. Fitzpatrick

E. Balaban

J. Aseltine

E. Luce

H. Crabtree

A. Rogers

A. Krooskos

B. Krooskos

E. Fulkerson

A. Crocker

M. Parker

J. Curry

A. Pinnock

M. Cooke

M. Parlapiano

E. Smith

F. Barrows

B. Bade

R. Benitz

A. DeRiemer

B. Schwenkmeyer

R. Warner

G. Ross

R. Adams

W. Schultheis

E. Pecka

F. Neumeister

T. Arata

E. McQuoid

P. Sogo

J. Botte

N. Schulman

B. Gillis

E. Tom

P. Quon

J. Coleman

W. Hom

G. Keith

W. Heath

C. Willman

B. VanValin

J. Courtney

L. Lepore

D. Stout

T. Asakawa

J. Kaupp

D. Brewer

S. Siegel

W. Woodson

P. Flint

R. Callo

B. Smythe

Vice President - E. Loperena


Senior A Class Officers:

President - Patsy Ryno

Vice President - Lester Monson

Secretary - Jean DeRiemer

Treasurer - Joe Botte


Senior Cabinet:

Miss Mary K Phillippi

Gordon Wiggins

Everett Mesick

Anita Laird

Fred Neumeister

Renee Julian

Austa Wells

Dick Brewer

John Bishop

Violet Cooper

Roy Hall

Harold Dill

Shirley Hawley

Charlotte Mason

Marjorie Lyons

Arnold Watanabe

Barbara Webb

Edith Bower

Phil George

Betty Jane June

Harren Schueller

Emmy Lou Cromer

Harry Krumm

Rose Strugo

Laura Jean Thompson


"Annual Staff" (yearbook):

Editor - Everett Mesick

Asst. Editor - Edith Bower

Business Mgr - Fred Neumeister

Art Editor - Rita Freeland

Editorial Adviser - Constance Bowman

Business Adviser - Gordon Wiggins

Art Adviser - Ralph Vernacchia

Organizations Editor - Laura Thompson

Seniors Editor - Shirley Hawley

Classes Editor - Betty June

Sports Editor - Jack Williams

Faculty Editor - Dorothy Down

Typist - Lovella Duggins


Senior Activities:


Senior Play:

Barbara Markle

Renee Julian

Rae Joy Frieze

Edith Bower

Alice Holmes

Laurens Mathews

Bill Maydole

Dick Brewer

Lester Monson

Walter Schneider

Charles Barkus

Lovella Duggins

Alfred Alexander

Dorothy Down


Senior Choir:

O. Burnett

G. Quon

A. Oosbree

S. Yoshida

L. Martiniz

R. Chastain

M. Baisley

Mrs W.F. Reyer

M. Lyons

N. Julian

W. Glorious

L. Curry

F. Shepard

P. Ryno

A. Wells

W.F. Reyer

J. Williams

H. Krumm

B. Capps

R. Bourdette

J. Wood

C. Austin


Senior A's:

The Scholarship Honor Roll of the Class of

2/7/1941, has been compiled in the office of

the high school. This record is based on the

work of the five senior high school semesters.

All students whose semester grades of "A"

(superior) number eleven or more are placed

on the honor roll. A perfect record for the five

semesters would be twenty "A's", as the

average student carries four subjects each

semester.  A few honor students are able to

carry five subjects and thus accumulate

more than twenty "A's" during their high

school course.


Philip Sheridan Flint - 20

Takeo Asakawa - 19

Helen Joy Jones - 17

Fred Wilhelm Neumeister - 17

Laurens Bradham Mathews - 16

Lester Art Monson - 16

Louise Rhoda Noel - 16

Ruth Umeko Takahashi - 16

Barbara Woollet - 16

Nancy Reese Julian - 15

Violet Marjorie Parchen - 15

Albert T Marrs - 14

Rita Adelle Freeland - 13

Emanuel Montalvo - 12

Barbara Webb - 12

Anita May Laird - 11

Louis Raymond Lepore - 11

Mary Frances Shepard - 11

Mary Sumiyoshi - 11

Laura Jean Thompson - 11

Adrienne Wueste - 11

Librada Theresa Acosta

Olive Almeda Allison

Isabel Amador

Rebecca Rae Askenaizer

Charles Henry Austin

Mary Margaret Baisly

Tom Anthony Balestreri

Betty Verne Barlett

Harry N Barnet

Ross Bates

Juanita M Baxter

Patricia Beaumont

Ernest Lynn Beck

John I Beck

Marjorie Pearl Billings

John Bishop

Virginia M Boehmke

Albert Earl Bolam

Eleanor Bolivar

Joseph M Botte

Bob Edwin Bottini

Robert Neil Bourdette

Edith Bower

Barbara Prom Brant

Richard F Brewer

Mathew William Bryant

Rose Pearl Burk

Betty Lou Burke

Gertrude Nona Burke

Donald Vincent Burnett

Olive Elizabeth Burnett

Rosella Bussey

Frank Oren Butler

Isabel Canales

Catherine M Capach

William Etcel Capps Jr

Earl Ray Carman

Phyllis Ann Carnevale

Joseph C Carroll

Jose C Casillas

John Albert Chandler

Karl Poser Chase

Rose-Marie Chastain

Bruce E Clapp

Norma A Clifft

William M Conn

Violet Lorraine Cooper

Ernestine Coppinger

Nora Mildred Cox

Emmy Lou Cromer

Malcolm J Culver

Paul D Culy

Lora Jo Curry

Mary Elizabeth Dahuff

Dorothy Marie Daniel

Virginia E Dawson

Jean DeRiemer

Harold W Dill Jr

Frank L Dolan

Dorothy Anna Down

Mildred Rose Dudacek

Lovella Mary Duggins

Harry Durgin

Thomas Perry Dyer Jr

Theodore Gene Eberwien

Duane Eckols

Robert Estavillo

Mae Elizabeth Estep

Robert W Felthaus

Manuel  Henry Fierro

Shirley Mary Flemmer

Bryan Flisher

Russell F Foster

Socorro Franco

Wendel Friedlund

Rae Joy Frieze

Chizuko Fujimato

Jack Earl Gainder

Ysidro Vejar Garcia

Mary K Gardner

Bernice Agnes Gates

Etta Louise Gatewood

Phil B George

Angie Mary Giacalone

Mary Ann Giacalon

Louie Fred Giolzetti

Treva M Glasson

Leila Winona Glorious

Elida Ofelia Gonzales

Beatriz Alva Gonzalez

Shirley Gordon

Carmen Mary Graciano

J Roy Hall

Leona Kristina Hansen

Shirley R Hartwell

Leona Kristina Hansen

Shirley Mae Hawley

Norman C Hatch

James Hayward

James B Heck

Edwin R Henneberg

Robert Jack Hogan

Mable Mary Hoglund

Alice May Holmes

Margaret Hom

William Richard Hom

Helen Howarth

Herbert G Hoxel

Donald Eugene Hurst

William Anthony Inch

Jean Geneva Ito

Marie Eleanor Jacks

Howard Hughey James

Jack Warren Jenkins

Albert S Jett

Ann Rose Jewett

Thomas D Johnston

Duane M Jordan

Renee Cholie Julian

Betty Jane June

Stella Theresa Kelly

LaVon Augusta Kelsey

Marylss E Kennaugh

Ruth Meryl Kimball

Juanita Ruth Knowles

William Kraft

Alexander S Krooskos

Harry Oliver Krumm

Anita May Laird

Leon Paul LaLanne

Elmer A Lash Jr

Mike Leo Luizzi

Beatrice Anne Lumpkin

Lazaro Miranda Lupian

Marjorie L Lyons

Charles Arthur Maas

Virginia L Madison

Laurence George Mahr

Antoinette E Maio

Ethel Manheim

Paul Richard Maracin

Barbara D Markle

Gloria Wilma Marks

Ida Rachael Marquez

Ralph Marquez

Bernice Lillian Marsh

Lupe Gloria Martinez

Charlotte G Mason

W. LaVette Maydole

Jesus Medina

Everett Frank Mesick

Ina LaVon Metz

Carlos H Millan

Katsuko Miyashita

Juanita Moralez

Frances J Mulalley

Richard Henry Murphy

Kikuye Nakamura

William H Neild

Glendell W Newton

Harland T Nickell

Robert Nordberg

Takenori O'Hara

Takeyoshi O'Hara

Satoshi Okamoto

Francesjane O'Neill

George Akira Ono

John A Orcutt

Behm LeRoy Ortlieb

Joseph Lewis Ottoman

Helen Louise Patterson

Belva Ilene Peterson

Frances Agnes Piraino

Doris Mae Porciuncula

Laurel May Prince

June Prioleau

Margaret Quaglia

Grace Quon

Marion Radin

Charles B Raney

Miguel Reyna

John Solis Romero

Jeanne Camren Ross

Ruben R Rountree

Richard E Roxburgh

Shirley Jeanne Rubin

Patricia Margaret Ryno

Nellie S Santellanes

Angelita R Santos

Ralph Santos

Donald Jobe Schock

Walter Henry Schneider

Harren Schueller

Alyce Emily Schutzky

Richard K Schwarz

Dolores M Sebastian

Kenneth E Sedgwick

Betty Jane Selwyn

Marion Sheinberg

Robert Charles Shelley

Morris Slayen

Willa Snell

Lillian Sakae Sogo

Jack M Stadille

Earl William Stanley

Jack Wesley Stephens

Granville Thomas Stone

Rose Strugo

Lorna Phillis Suckow

Evelyn A Thompson

Yukio H Tsumagari

Carmen Anita Turley

Paul John Tuttle

Robert C Upchurch

Angeline F VanOosbree

Thomas Bernard Veatch

Joseph Henry Vinole

Willard Russell Virden

Marion Edna Walt

Edward Kenneth Ward

Arnold K Watanabe

Austa Elizabeth Wells


Wildia Louise Whitman

Kathryn J Whittier

Jack Wyatt Williams

Richard M Williford

Leon Wilson Jr

Marion Louise Wincote

Flora Lucille Wood

Grace Emily Yale

Susaye K Yoshida

William Harold Young


Senior "B's":


President - Katherine Congdon

Vice President - Kay McVeigh

Secretary - Norman Parker

Treasurer - Elva Robertson



President - Perry Grant

Vice Prresident - Frances Andrews

Secretary - Alyne Schlanze

Treasurer - Margaret Meek



President - Pat Thompson

Vice President - Barbara Gibbs

Secretary - Marjorie Law




Mgr. - P. Blair

Mgr. - B. Casey

Coach - Joe Beerkle

J. Feres

D. Hurst

J. Jenkins

M. Luizzi

W. Fields

A. Rogers

T. Balestreri

O. Fletcher

J. Hodge

R. Gorton

R. Raphael

J. O'Connor

L. Holder

M. Ditamoso

R. Noble

G. Novotony

G. Capatanos

J. Mason

M. McCree

B. Kenyon

R. Guy

M. Dillon

R. Parks

T. Himaka

B. Smythe

E. Young

N. Manuel

B. Rustvold

G. Schutte

R. Vindbladh

R. Woods

T. Arata

A. McGrath


Drill Team:


Captain - Elizabeth Loperena

A. Bailey

M. Pitts

Q. Hirsch

Lt. F. O'Neill

Lt. T. Ryan

Lt. J. Mitchell

G. Becker

M. Snodgrass

E. Jones

V. Reimdy

L. Turner

I. Dorval

P. Quint

F. Mulalley

G. Yale

L. Morris

C. Lyle

J. Bay

D. Dahuff

E. Coppinger

T. White

D. Vines

B. Levy

M. Roberts

E. Haigh

J. Gafford

R. Phillips

L. Cash

E. Jepsen

E. Barnhill

N. Falls

M. Doyle

D. Markham

L. Johnston

V. Levy

M. Stallings

R. Dennis

A. Darrow

E. Vandenburg

M. Hawman

L. O'Neill

M. Arledge

J. Schwarz

M. Hber

B. Lake

P. Fisher

E. Scodes

R. Durgin

G. Magill

S. Keller

B. Sabel

M. Kennaugh

B. Leeper

D. Hewson

S. Gray

V. Montalvo

I. Taylor





B. Sline

O. Crawford

P. Rogers

B. Gates


J. Scranton

G. Brucker

M. Wilson

R. Williams

N. Mull

B. Berneker

R. Byrne

C. Goldsmith

C. Mason

A. Wallace

F. Camp

D. Pabst

J. Balestreri

M. Fluck

R. Callo

H. Luevano

E. Akers

G. Murphy

B. Babbs

K. Hoffland

M. Hansen

R. Turner

V. Lovejoy

B. Wells

D. Garrison

F. McCleary

L. Schlerf

R. Lyon

K. Crow

B. VanValin

W. Kimball

R. Walker

O. Radlmbuk

B. Johnson

R. Finch

M. Estep

W. Kennedy

F. William

P. Little

J. Kaupp

C. Nelsen

Capt. J. Geistweit

H. Clarke

D. Brewer



Whitfield Giddens

Morrie Naimon

Howard Williams


Song Leaders:

Meryl Cook

Alice Holmes

Muriel Tenney



Coach - Merrill Douglas

Y. Tsumagari

D. Waldon

B. Felthaus

R. Maley

R. Rodriguez

S. Rosenthal

M. Bryant

L. Ortiz

J. Warner

L. Ernst

Mgr - R. Brittain

E. Robinson

G. Patrick

J. Glasson


Glacier Gliders:

(skaters are transported by bus to Glacier

Gardens to learn fundamentals of plain

& figure skating)


M. Crouter

V. Goetschl

D. Nagle

B. Williams

F. Baughman

J. Smith

Treasurer - P. Flint

E. Thompson

B. Lumpkin

Frances Mulalley

Vice President - J. MacDonald

Secretary - E. Wiedmann

A. Santos

A. Lee

V. Carpenter

D. Fickeisen

C. Simmons

L. Suckow

L. Noel

M. Estep

J. Prioleau

G. Burke

B. Strong

M. Schulte

L. Duggins

F. Shepard

B. Markle

M. Fluck

M. Hansen

D. Perry

R. Marquez

A. Prihoda

A. Barney

R. Robson

S. Hutton

R. Perimutter

J. Straney

P. Bird

P. Menke

D. Gurney

R. Sarager

E. Meinhardt

L. Mehlhoff

L. Pratt

M. Winchester

W. Schneider

L. Ciriza

E. Mintzer

B. Gamble

J. McKinley

B. Arntson

M. Boyd

L. Kelsey

B. Dahuff

P. Ashby

F. Barrows

H. Sheng

C. Delagrave

H. James

B. Valenta

L. Pitts

M. Shephens

D. Kinnel

P. Roberts

J. Nigro

P. Quint

L. Turner

E. Vetter

M. Pitts

P. Arriola

B. Cabanillas

F. Camp

R. Nordberg

A. Reed

R. Neal

E. Schoneborn

J. Hiatt

A. Wilson

W. Capps

O. Woolery



Miss Miriam Paine

Francesjane O'Neill

J. Thing

L. Estrada

L. Miraflor

G. Quon

E. Manheim

Secretary - L. Noel

Treasurer - N. Cox

Vice President - A. Maio

F. Mulalley

K. Nakamura

I. Vesely

B. Rice

A. Fierro

Y. Hirasaki

V. Moreno

M. Tanaka

K. Motooka

D. Quincey

A. Frankson

N. Nance

F. Thompson

D. House

M. Law

C. Capach

J. Nigro

B. Jones

P. Menke

D. Gurney

H. Irwin

A. Meier

J. Puentes

D. Wineteer

G. Clara

D. Valverde

P. Davis

B. Manwaring

G. Ruiz

P. Jouglet

V. Montalvo

E. Balaban

H. Hanna

G. Gordon

C. Miner

D. Summers

S. Rosar

B. Camren

M. Pitts

D. York

B. Cabanillas

M. Gomez

E. Mohand

H. Schueller




Adviser - Sgt Ivan Huffman

Capt. Herbert Hoxel

F. Herzog

H. James

P. Flint

Major  R. Schwarz

L. Lepore

Treasurer - D. Echols

R. Foster

A. Mason

G. Leith

D. Danforth

F. Butler

J. Strahn

C. Barkus

B. Inch

Vice President - L. Mathews


Girl Reserves:

Cavebelles' problems, from vocations to

boy-girl relationships, were discussed at

Girl Reserve meetings in keeping with the

semester's theme, "Girls' Affairs - Size 16".

At council retreat members revised the

constitution and planned a 'bigger & better'



Treasurer -  K. Congdon

Jane Carroll

J. Brown

N. Julian

H. Cook

M. Cook

B. Dye

J. Deem

R. Robson

K. McVeigh

Secretary - V. Roberson

J. Carroll

Vice President - E. Hanson

E. Bronstone

R. Strugo



"Maintaining & extending high standards

of Christian character" is the creed of the

San Diego Hi-Y.  Meeting at the friendly

YMCA, the group concluded another

semester of healthful physical and social

activities.  Turning from the social to the

serious, they maintained a taxi service for

Homecoming grads & played host to the

annual Older Boys' conference of Southern



Lester Monson

H. Barnett

Secretary - J. Williams

Vice President - D. Brewer

Treasurer - A. Krooskos

B. Clapp

B. Bolam

Ralph Vernacchia

N. Parker

H. Young

P. George

B. Van Valin

J. Orcutt

O. Fletcher

D. Eckols

J. Botte

E. Fulkerson

A. Pohl

J. Jenkins

M. Robbins

A. Rogers

L. Pina

D. Root


Quill & Scroll:


Miss Constance Bowman

D. Bachelder

Betsy Bade

N. Julian

Historian - M. Payne

Vice President - E. Walker

G. Ostrander

M. Campbell

M. Robbins

Sec.-Treas. - B. Gillis

E. Mesick



Nino Marcelli, who this fall ended his

20th year of conducting Hilltop's symphony

orchestra, was honored by his proteges with

a banquet & dance.  Climbing the scale to

greater musical heights, the group presented

its annual Midwinter Concert & was invited

for the 2nd time to play over a coast-to-coast

radio hook-up.  Program feature was a piano

solo by Virginia Spencer.


L. Thompson

E. Watson

C. Morante

K. Madden

J. Deem

B. Dye

J. Merrill

V. Shreve

A. Jones

J. Alexander

D. Mitchell

A. Campbell

M. Crotzer

E. Fiddle

R. Bickley

Treasurer - S. Rosenthal

E. Stanley

B. Hoffmann

F. Santos

N. Narron

G. Morales

G. Roberts

J. Cobble

E. Johnson

S. Binder

Secretary - L. Fohey

Willa Snell

B. Sline

G. Yale

V. Roberson

C. Elliott

B. Wells

D. Eckols

B. Bolam

C. Capach

W. Glorious

M. Roberts

P. McGee

Betsy Bade

M. Moore

G. Mehner

A. Callo

M. Taher

Librarian - A. Mason

J. Cobb

J. Baldan

A. Wallace

Nino Marcelli

W. Wilsie

R. Guy

M. Estep

R. Bates

F. Officer



Mai-wa means American-Chinese.  To

promote friendly relations among this

group at the Hill is the aim of the Mai-Wa

club.  With this idea before them, members

conducted a Thanksgiving drive for a needy

Chinese family, held a skating party and

arranged a picnic during the semester.  A

scrapbook of comic strips & jokes for some

children's home kept members busy.


Miss Mary Walker

E. Woo

M. Lee

M. Yee

Elizabeth Yee

Vice President - M. Hom

G. Quon

A. Hom

Treasurer - J. Hom

S. Leong

Social Chairman - J. Hom

J. Leong

N. Wong



Membership in the Seinen Kai, Japanese

social group, helps Japanese students at

the Hill to become acquainted.  To publicize

club activities, members planned a display

on the main bulletin board.  A traditional

sophomore welcome party ushered in peagreens

while a graduation party bid farewell to senior

A's.  A skating party and a dance honored

alumni too.


Mrs Edna Gillespie

F. Tsumagari

M. Tanana

R. Takahashi

R. Yamauchi

R. Takeda

J. Ito

S. Yoshida

K. Nakamura

S. Suwa

E. Himaka

K. Kawamoto

H. Kawamoto

K. Motooka

M. Ishino

S. Kiya

C. Kusumoto

Secretary - L. Sogo

M. Sumiyoshi

Treasurer - N. Kawamoto

G. Ono

Vice President - T. Asakawa

J. Tsumagari

M. Kojima

H. Kawamoto

P. Sogo

G. Hosaka

J. Takahashi



Jane Delano Club:

The Jane Delano club is composed of those

who would relieve suffering in this world

rather than increase it, the aim of the

organization being to promote interest in

nursing as a profession.


Mrs Gladys Henderson

Mrs Louise Ross

C. Mason

Secretary - D. Parks

Shirley Hartwell

V. Moreno

Y. Vetter

M. Weiss

Vice President - M. Jensen

E. Haas

E. Pitts

J. Montez

E. Wieland

E. Bergstrom

I. Amador

Treasurer - S. Sullivan

Vice President - F. O'Guin

J. Wilson

(one VP listed is no doubt President)