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                              1897 Racine City Directory; PARTIAL; ABER to AUGUSTINE


      In my attempt to gather as much information on the city directories for

Racine county while in Racine, I was only able to get a very little

portion of the city directory for 1897.  If someone wishes to add to it,

or xerox it and snail-mail to me as a joint effort, I'll be more than

glad to type it up and upload it for the benefit of all.  You would naturally

get full credit with name posted as submitter.  Please check

with me first, however, as I still have directories in my possession to

transcribe, including other parts of the 1897 directory. Thank you.




Alshuler Block; 424-426 Main

Armory Hall; 413-417 Main

A.O.U.W. Hall; 443 Main

Baker Block; 517-523 Main

Belle City Opera House; 211-215 Main

Bohemian Turner Hall; e.s. Lincoln n. Hubbard

Buffham Block; 403-405 Main

Casino; College ave. opp. 5th

Castle Hall; Baker Block; 517-519 Main

City Council Chamber; Main, cor. 3d

City Hall; Main, cor. 3d

Court House; w.s. Monument Square

Dania Hall; s.s. State, e. of Superior

East Park; e.s. Main, bet. 10th and 11th

Elkins Hall; 437 Main

Father Mathew Hall; e.s. St. Clair, s. of Hamilton

Gorton Block; Main, n.e. cor. 5th

Hall Block; n.w. cor. Main and 4th

Hotel Racine; n.e. cor. Main and Sixth

K. of P. Hall; 517-523 Main

Lathrop Block; 507-511 Main

Masonic Hall, Baker Block, 515-517 Main

North Park; Barker, bet. N. Main and N. Wisconsin

Odd Fellows Hall; 439 Main

Odd Fellows Hall; e.s. Wisconsin, bet. 4th and 5th

Post Office; 441 Main

Racine County Jail; s.e. cor. 5th and College ave.

Secor Block; cor. Main and 3d

Turner Hall; 520 College ave.

Utley Hall; Monument Square, cor. 6th

West Park; w.s. College ave., bet. 9th and 10th

Wolff Block; 436-438 Main

Y.M.C.A.; n.e. cor. 6th and College ave.




A.E. & Co..........A. Elflinger & Co.

A. & H...........Ansted & Higgens



B.C. Mfg. Co........Belle City Mfg. Co.

B.C. St. R.R. Co........Belle City St. R'y Co.


B.D.E. & Co......B.D. Elsendrath & Co.

B.El.L. Co......Badger Electric Light Co.





C.A. Mfg.Co........Chas. Alshuler Mfg. Co.



C.R.C.Co........Chicago Rubber Clothing Co.

C.S.Tr.Co..........Common Sense Trunk Co.



c.trim..........carriage trimmer

E.B.W.Mfg.Co.......E.B. Winship Mfg. Co.


E.H.P.Mfg.Co.......E.H. Pease Mfg. Co.


F.B.W.Co......Fish Bros. Wagon Co.

F.L. & S.Co........Fox Lime and Stone Co.

F & W.......Foster & Williams

H.Fd.Co.......Horlick Food Co.

H.Mfg.Co.......Hurlbut Mfg. Co.

H.L.& S.Co.......Horlick Lime and Stone Co.

H.T.Co........Hartman Trunk Co. agent

J.&F................Johnson & Field

J.M.Co........The J. Miller Co.

J.I.C.T.M.Co......J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co.

J.I.C.P.W.......J.I. Case Plow Works

K.W.& Co.......Kelley, Weeks & Co.


L.W.P. & Co........L.W. Philbrook & Co.







M.& L.Co......Mitchell & Lewis Co.

N.W.R.R.........C. & N.W. Ry. Co.


P.Mfg.Co.......Pierce Mfg.Co.



R.B.Co.....Racine Boat Co.

R.B.Mfg.Co......Racine Basket Mfg. Co.

R.C. & P.Co.......Racine Cement & Pipe Co.

R.Hdw.Co......Racine Hardware Co.

R.I.Co.......Racine Iron Co.

R.K.Co........Racine Knitting Co.

R.M.&W.I.Co....Racine Malleable and Wrought Iron Co.

R.R.Co......Racine Refrigerator Co.

R.S.Co........Racine Shoe Co.

R.T.Co........Racine Trunk Co.

R.W.&C.Co........Racine Wagon and Carriage Co.

R.W.M.........Racine Woolen Mills



Dr.S.F.M.Co.....Dr. Shoop's Family Medicine Co.

S.F.& Sons' Mfg.Co......S. Freeman & Sons' Mfg. Co.

St.P.R.R.......C.M. & St. P. Railway Co.

S.Tr.Co.....M.M. Secor Trunk Co.

S.W. & H.Mfg.Co.......Stecher Weber & H. Mfg. Co.



T.D.& S.Mfg.Co....T. Driver & Sons Mfg. Co.

T.H.Furn.Co.........Thronson-Hansen Furniture Co.

W.A.P.Furn.Co.......W.A. Porter Furniture Co.


DEATHS.....The names of citizens dying within the past year is recorded

in the proper alphabetical order with date of death, and makes a

mortuary record of great value.


ABBREVIATIONS.....A list of abbreviations used in the following list,

as well as a list of the principal public buildings, blocks, parks, etc.,

is shown above.




ABER, Frank T., moulder, J.I.C.T.M.Co., res. 1323 Washington ave

ABESSER, Daniel S., chief Racine F. Dept., res. 1604 Maple

ABRAHAMSON, Andrew, wagonmkr, res. 615 Lafayette ave.

     Cora M., res. 615 Lafayette ave.

     Edward, printer, res 615 Lafayette ave.

     George, moulder, R.M.&W.I.Co., res, 1118 Blake ave

     Minnie, stenographer, res 519 Lafayette ave

     Theodore E., emp R.W.& C.Co., res 1507 Wisconsin

ABRAMS, Delbert, painter, R.W.& C.Co., res 1424 Main

ABRANSON, Andrew, painter, res. 1409 Liberty

ACKLAM, William W., carp., res 1637 Hamilton ave.

ADAMS, Amon H., contractor, res 815 Marquette

     Boyd R., clk, E.B. Adams & Son, res Asylum ave

     Clarence E., (E.B. Adams & Son) res, Asylum ave

     Charles H., sec & treas E.H.P. Mfg Co, res 1708 College ave

     E.B. & Son, Mfrs of bolster springs

     Edward B. (Adams & Son) res W.S. Asylum ave

     Everett F., salesman, res 814 Superior

     George, aprgmkr, res 1518 Ann

     James, lab, res 1234 N. Michigan

     Katherine E, res 740 Main

     Roy F, res 815 Marquette

     Walter G., pres E.H.P. Mfg. Co., res 927 Main

ADOLFIE, Herman, painter, R.W. & C. Co., res 1419 Grand ave

ADRIANSON, John C., lab, res 1712 Maple

AFRICAN M.E. Church, Rev J.P. Joplin, pastor, res 1232 Villa

AGER, John, saloon, 823 Washington ave, res same

AGNE, Julius, Chicago & Racine Tea & Coffee store, 608 College ave, res

  939 College ave

AHRENS, Matthias, saloon, 622 State, res 915 St. Clair

     Otto E., clerk the circuit court, res 1034 Villa

AINSWORTH, Wm H, bkkrp M. & L. Co., bds Hotel Racine

ALBANO, Lena, c.trim, res 1113 Washington ave, 2d floor

     Libbie, waitress Merchants Hotel, res same

ALBERS, Joseph M, Rev, pastor St. Mary R.C. Church, res 800 Wisconsin

ALBERT, Charles D, saloon, 1627 Douglas ave, res 1640 Douglas ave

     Charles H, (C. Albert & Co.) res 805 Jackson

ALBERTSON, James H, mmkt, 1510 State, res 1701 Maple

ALBRECHT, Fred, lab, J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 1111 High

     Henry C, grocer, 1726 Palica ave, res same    

     William, teamster, res River st., s.s. W. Sixth near Kinzie ave

ALBRECHTSEN, Albrecht, emp. R.Hdw.Co., res 1616 Murray ave

ALBRIGHT, Ernst, blksm, J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 1200 Geneva

     Eva, chambermaid, Metropolitan Hotel

     Martin, woodwkr, J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 1925 N. Main

     William, emp F.L.& S.Co., res Northwestern ave E. side, Mt Pleasant

ALDERS, John, section foreman, res 1400 Liberty

ALF, Francis (widow L.Lorenz) res 1310 N. Erie

     Mary, res 1310 N. Erie

ALGER, Fred T, artist, res 1601 W. Sixth

ALGRIM, John, woodwkr, M.& L.Co., res 1208 Hagerer

ALLEN, Adelbert H, livery, 423 Main, res 1206 N Wisconsin

     Charles A, res 1206 N. Wisconsin

     Cyrus, domestic baker, res 1121 N. Erie

     Edgar E, contractor and builder, res 1224 Shiller

     Frank L, clk, J.I.C.P.W., res 1206 N. Wisconsin

     James T, physician, res 719 Lake ave

     John, mason, res 1033 Ninth

ALLISON, Frederick, barber (Byer & Sieb) bds Hotel Richmond

ALLIUS, Weiser, baker, O.B. Schulz, res 232 Main

ALSHULER, Albert, vice pres, C.A.Mfg.Co., res 1428 Wisconsin

     Charles, pres, C.A.Mfg.Co., res 1730 College ave

     Dan D (D.D. Alshuler & Co) clothiers, res 704 Park ave

     Frank, sec and treas, C.A.Mfg.Co, res 1730 College ave

     Frank, mgr, Dan & Sol, res 704 Park ave

ALSHULER, Charles Mfg Co. (The) clothing mfrs, C. Alshuler pres, A.

       Alshuler v. pres, F Alshuler secy & treas, cor. Fifteenth & Clark

ALSHULER & SOLDIN, (Dan & Sol) clothiers, hatters and furnishing goods,

       424-426 Main

ALTRINGER, Augusta, housekpr, res 1218 Park ave

     Christopher, mfr of fanning mills, cor Villa and Fourteenth, res

       1334 Villa

     Lena, emp R.K.Co, res 1218 Villa

     Mathias, emp J.M.Co., res 1628 Villa

     Nicholas, res 1218 Villa

AMEND, Carrie (widow William), res 819 Twelfth

     John W, shipping clk, R.K.Co., res 819 Twelfth

AMERICAN EXPRESS CO., Jason W. Hall, agt, 201 Sixth

AMMANN, Charles, butcher, res 1109 Villa

     John P, painter, res 1217 Grand ave

     Lillie, res 1217 Grand ave

     Philip, mach.,J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 1217 Grand ave

AMUNDSEN, Andrew, sailor, res 410 English

     Christian, carp, res 1037 Centre

AMUNDSON, Adolph, blksm, res 1012 LaSalle

ANCLAM, Albert (Anclam & Son) res 1516 Lincoln    

     Helen, domestic, res 1516 Lincoln

     Hugo (Anclam 7 Son) res 1645 N. St. Clair

ANCLAM & SON, meat market, 632 High

ANDERSEN, Andrew S., J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 1015 Milwaukee ave (r)

     Andrew, moulder, bds 1430 State

     Anne, emp C.A.Mfg.Co., res 1617 Hamilton ave

     Annie, domestic, res 921 College ave

     August P, roofer, res 835 Washington ave

     Hans, emp M.& L.Co., res 1617 Hamilton ave

     Lars, roofer, res 835 Washington ave

     Mary, domestic, res 1308 Park ave

     Metta, emp C.A.Mfg.Co., res 1617 Hamilton ave

ANDERSON, Adolph, grocer, 409 Sixth, bds 709 Wisconsin

     Albert, clerk, res 300 Jones

     Albert, mach, res 1501 Racine

     Albert L., bkkpr Knight & Peck, bds 820 Union

     Albert M., engr, res 710 Ninth

     Albert W., lab, res 1119 Irving pl

     Alvena J., dressmkr, res 1738 Hill

     Alvira Mrs, laundress, res 1230 Villa

     Amanda, domestic, res 803 Lake ave

     Andrea, domestic, res 1749 College ave

     Andrew, died June 18, 1896

     Andrew, painter, res 715 Bank

     Andrew, moulder, res 1004 Center

     Andrew, sailor, res 1128 Chestnut

     Andrew, emp Jorgensen Bros, res 506 College ave

     Andrew, mach, res 903 Elm

     Andrew, emp R.W. & C. Co., res 1300 Franklin

     Andrew, tanner, 1618 Franklin

     Andrew, lab, res 1118 LaSalle (2d floor)

     Andrew, lab, res 725 Madsen Ct

     Andrew, res 714 Mead

     Andrew, milk dealer, res 1751 Spring

     Andrew, lab, 1029 Twelfth

     Andrew C., emp R.W. & C. Co., res 1419 Villa

     Andrew D, mach, res 300 Jones

     Andrew P, emp R.w. & C.Co., res 1245 Herrick ave

     Andrew S, emp J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 929 Peck ave

     Annie E Miss, dressmkr, res 1219 Wisconsin

     Anna (widow Peter) res 810 Jackson

     Anna (widow Andrew) res 1301 Milwaukee ave

     Anna, domestic, res 1401 Milwaukee ave

     Anna (widow Peter) res 1219 Superior

     Annie, res 709 Wisconsin

     Anthony, clerk C.A.Mfg.Co., res 1445 Clark (2d floor)

     Anton, painter, R.W.& W.C.Co., res 1620 Hamilton ave

     Anton S., fireman, S.F. Sons Mfg. Co., bds 1755 Hill

     Anton, emp. R.W.&C.Co., res 608 Sixth

     Axel, clk 1710 Winslow

     Band Cutter & Self Feeder Co., 1526 Junction ave

     Benj., head waiter Hotel Racine

     C. Mrs., forelady, Jorgenson Bros., res 506 College ave

     C.H., lab S.F.Co., res 942 Huron

     Carl, bartender, P.C. Myrup, res 1106 State

     Carol, student, res Harriet st., n.side

     Caroline, stitcher, C.R.C.Co., res 912 LaSalle

     Carolina Mrs, (widow Peter) res 903 Elm

     Charles, emp R.W. & C.Co., res 1033 Fifteenth

     Charles, fireman M.L. & Co., res 609 Lafayette ave

     Charles, sailor, res 952 Marquette

     Charles, painter, res 906 State

     Charles Mrs., dressmkr, res 906 State

     Charles, blksm, res 1710 Winslow

     Charles, J, mach., J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 1508 N. Wisconsin

     Christ, contr., res 1029 Center

     Christ, lab, res 1440 Clark

     Christ, lab., res 1623 Franklin

     Christ, springmkr, res 1310 Franklin

     Christ, carp., res 1633 Hamilton

     Christ, policeman, res 825 Superior

     Christena, emp C.A.Mfg.Co., res 1518 Racine

     Christine, domestic, res 1100 Twelfth

     Claus O., woodwkr, M.L. & Co., res 1919 Harriet

     Cornelius, sailor, res 1836 N. Main

     Eddie H., emp C.R.C.Co., res 1110 Marquette

     Edith, res 938 St. Clair

     Edward, carp R.W.&C.Co., res 1573 Packard ave (2d floor)

     Elena (widow Justin) res 1434 Franklin

     Elizabeth, domestic, res 1508 Wisconsin

     Ellen (widow Jens) res 1229 Highland ave

     Elmer, lab, res 228 Howland ave

     Emil, woodwkr, J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 1712 W. Prospect (2d floor)

     Emily, emp. C.R.C.Co., res 709 Wisconsin

     Emma Mrs, died Jan 7, 1896

     Emma C., seamstress, res 1119 Irving pl

     Eva, res cor. Rowe ave & River

     Florence D, seamstress, res 1119 Irving pl

     Fred, blksm, res 1846 Douglas ave

     George C, mach, res 1119 Irving pl

     Gertrude, domestic, res 932 Park ave

     Hans, woodwkr, M.L.&Co., res 1738 Hill

     Hans, blksm, bds 1227 Liberty

     Hans, lab, res 835 Pearl

     Hans, carp, res 1176 Reiley ct

     Hans, (Rasmussen & Anderson) contrs, res 820 State

     Hans, bds 816 Superior

     Hans A., mach, res 411 Randolph

     Hans C., carp, cor Rowe ave and River

     Hans C., painter, res 1120 Mound ave

     Hans P., blksm, res 1154 Mound ave

     Harry B., woodwkr M.L.&Co., res 1738 Hill

     Henry, emp A.&H., res 1618 Holm ave

     Henry, emp R.W.&C.Co., 1563 Packard ave

     Hilda C., student, res 919 Wilson

     Ida A., teacher Lincoln School, res 919 Wilson

     J.C., saloon, 1210 State, res same

     J.G., carp, res 1631 Hamilton (2d floor)

     Jacob, emp B.C.Mfg.Co., res 1533 Phillips ave

     Jacob, ins agt, res 919 Wilson

     James, lab, res 1632 Center

     James, emp F.B.W.Co., res 1115 Chestnut

     James, farmer, 15th house e.s. Asylum ave, S.Washington ave

     James A., motorman, res 823 College ave

     James R., livery and boarding stable, 457 College ave, res same

     Jennie, bkkpr R.T.Co., res 1219 Superior

     John, res 1118 LaSalle (2d floor)

     John, painter, res 903 Ninth

     John, foreman R.W.&C.Co., res 1526 Twelfth

     John E, wagonmkr, res 1229 Liberty

     Julia, domestic, 1610 College ave

     Julius, woodwkr, res 403 Lafayette ave

     Justus, woodwkr, J.I.C.T.M.Co., bds 1631 Hamilton (2d floor)

     Lars, roofing, res 835 Washington

     L.C., lab., res 935 Milwaukee ave

     Louis, emp R.W.&C.Co., res 1703 Mead

     Louis, (Belle City Basket Mfg. Co.) res 938 St. Clair

     Louis W., woodwkr, res 1716 Winslow

     Maggie, domestic, res 1113 Sixth

     Maggie, seamstress C.A.Mfg.Co., res 1413 Twelfth

     Mamie, res 938 St. Clair

     Marius, emp B.C.Mfg.Co., res 1322 Herrick ave

     Mary, domestic, 1438 Ann

     Mary, domestic, res 1700 Franklin

     Mary, (widow Thomas), res 912 LaSalle

     Mary, (widow Thomas), res 913 LaSalle

     Mary, dressmkr, 1553 Phillips ave.

     Mary Mrs., res 1102 West

     Mary Mrs., res 1712 W. Prospect (2d floor)

     Martin, carp., res Harriet, n.side

     Martin, lab, res 228 Howland ave

     Martin, sailor, 947 Huron

     Maud, res 1114 Grand ave

     Minnie, domestic, 1504 College ave

     Minnie, (widow Martin) 1309 Grand ave

     Michael, woodwkr, res 1025 LaSalle

     Minnie, (widow C.A.), res 950 Milwaukee ave

     Minnie, emp C.R.C.Co., bds 1210 State (2d fl)

     Nellie, seamstress C.A.Mfg.Co., res 1413 Twelfth

     Nels, lab, res 1618 Franklin

     Nels, painter, res 1232 LaSalle

     Nels, res 910 State

     Nels F., bartender, res 1126 Racine

     Nicolas P, boat mfr, res 713 Racine

     N.P., saloon kpr, 924 St. Clair, res same

     Ole, bridge tender State st., res 1413 Twelfth

     Ole, emp H.Mfg.Co., res 1310 Franklin

     Ole C., mach., res 809 State

     Oscar, lab, 1413 Twelfth

     Oscar H., emp Beebe Mfg.Co., res 1246 Schiller

     Otto, blksm., res 1535 Winslow

     Paul, blksm H.Fd.Co., res 1920 Northwestern ave

     Peter, res 1115 Chestnut

     Peter, engr Hagman's Laundry, res 1025 Geneva

     Peter, emp H.Fd.Co., res 1749 Hill

     Peter, watchman, res 1325 Liberty

     Peter, carp, res 1219 Superior

     Peter, painter, res 613 Twelfth

     Peter, clerk, res 709 Wisconsin

     Robert, lab. J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 1508 N. Wisconsin

     Sarah, domestic, res 472 Water

     Sarah, seamstress C.A.Mfg.Co., res 1413 Twelfth

     Sena, emp. C.R.C.Co., res 709 Wisconsin

     Simon, lab, res 820 Cross

     Simon, lab, res 1610 Liberty (rear)

     Sophus, lab, res 1038 Herrick ave

     Soren, student, res 817 Forest

     Stephen E (Anderson & Fritz), 1000 State, res same

     Sven, emp C.R.C.Co., res 1110 Marquette

     Thomas, teamster, res 1640 N. Chatham

     Thomas, moulder B.C.Mfg.Co., res 1012 State

     Thomas T. Mrs., photographer, res 1012 State

     U.P., emp F.B.W.Co., res 1115 Chestnut

     William, contr., res 1025 Geneva

ANDERSON & FRITZ (S.E. Anderson & Rudolph Fritz) hardware, 1000 State

ANDRASEN, Thomas, mason, bds 800 Sixth

ANDREASON, Hans, woodwkr, bds 1205 Liberty

ANDREASEN, Hans, wagonmkr, res 1117 Liberty

ANDREASON, Hans, grinder, res 715 Mead

ANDREASEN, Willis, gearmkr, res 1117 Liberty

ANDRUS, G.S., Mfr of "Cyco", mgr of C.R.C.Co., 230 Wisconsin, bds

  Merchants Hotel

ANHEUSER, Ernst, mach. J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 1309 Summit ave

ANSBERG, James, boilermkr S.F.Sons Mfg.Co., bds 339 Wisconsin

ANSTED-HIGGINS SPRING CO., mfrs. of carriages and wagon springs, M.

  Higgins, Sr. pres., M. Higgins, Jr. secy and treas., 1520 Clark

ANTON, Augusta (widow Casper), res 1205 Geneva

     Charles, emp R.Hdw.Co., res 1642 Howe

     Peter, saloon, res 1100 Villa

APGAR, Charles, coachman, res 1127 Lake ave

APPLEYARD, Joseph, carp., res 726 Park ave

ARC PRINTING CO., E.A. Bishop prop., res 1128 College ave

ARCHAMBAULT, Edward, shoemkr R.S.Co., rms 408 Sixth

     Joseph, shoemkr. R.S.Co., rms 408 Sixth

ARMTAGE, J.E., dentist, 209 Sixth, res 1012 College ave

ARMOUR & CO., wholesale meats, 4 Main

ARMSTRONG, Charles A., cashier J.I.C.P.W., res Merchants Hotel

     Elsie, res 841 Grand ave

     Fannie J., died Aug 8, 1895

     James, clk R.W.&C.Co., res 1400 Center

     James, emp R.Hdw.Co, 1646 Mead

     John, tinsmith, res 512 Twelfth

     John A., Jr., mfr, res 939 Grand ave

     John E., mach. R.H. dw.Co., res 1400 Center

     Samuel R., foreman paint shop M.L.&Co., res 841 Grand ave

     William H., clk., res 841 Grand ave

ARNDT, Charles, tanner, emp W.Platz tannery, res 1431 Geneva

     Christina Miss, res 1418 Geneva

     Fredericka, (widow Christian), res 709 Lafayette ave

     William, tailor, emp C.A.Mfg.Co., res 1314 Geneva

ARNESON, Ernie, mach., J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 1237 Villa

     Ole, moulder, emp H.Mfg.Co., res 1528 Villa

     Ole, A., roofer, res 1237 Villa

     Hans, stone cutter, res 914 Eighth

     Hilda, housekeeper, res 1313 Howe

ARNDI, Jacob, res 1180 Reiley Ct

ASBY, Alma, res Asby House

     Carrie, res Asby House

     George C., res 1118 Eighth

     John T., prop. Asby House, 521-523 College ave, res 513 College ave

     William, res 510 Park ave

     William Jr., blksm., res 1118 Eighth

ASDELL, Herbert, lab, res 1703 Winslow (2d floor)

ASHLEY, Thomas D, mach., J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 506 Water

ASHTON, John, capt American Volunteers, res 1206 Park ave    

ASMAK, Frank, blksm., J.I.C.T.M.Co., res 315 Wisconsin

ASMUS, Fred, blacksm., F.B.W.Co., res 1424 Marquette

ASPINALL, George, motorman, B.C.St.R.R.Co., res 925 Peck ave

AUGUSTINE, Albert B., principal Third ward school, res 1108 Park ave