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1862 - Miscellaneous Racine City Directories



Racine High School – south side Seventh between Wisconsin & Pearl

First Ward School – east side Wisconsin between Fourth & Fifth

Third Ward School – west side Pearl between Thirteenth & Fourteenth

Fourth Ward School – south side Kewaunee between Main & Wisconsin

St Mary’s Church School (Catholic) – east side of Pearl south of Eighth

St Patrick’s Church School (Catholic) – east side of St Clair,

North of State, in charge of Dominican Nuns

Racine College – west side of Main south of Sixteenth. Rev.

Roswell Park, Chancellor; Rev. Jas. DeKoven, Rector.




Baptist Church – services held in the Church of the Good

Shepherd – east side Main north of Sixth. Rev. Howard M

Jones, Pastor

Church of the Good Shepherd – east side Main north of sixth.

Rev. ____ _____, Pastor

Congregational Church – north east corner State & Superior.

Rev. Lewis M Matson, Pastor

Free Will Baptist Church – east side Wisconsin, between Fourth

& Fifth. Rev. ____ _____, Pastor

German Baptist Church – west side Villa, between Eighth &

Ninth. Rev. Ernst Church, Pastor

German Evangelical Church – east side Chippewa, between

Seventh & Eighth. Rev. August Huelster, Pastor

German Lutheran Church – west side Villa, between Seventh &

Eighth. Rev. Jacob Conrad, Pastor

Methodist Episcopal Church – west side Pearl north of Sixth.

Rev A C Manwell, Pastor

Norwegian Lutheran Church – west side of Marquette, south of

State. Rev. ____ _____, Pastor

Presbyterian Church – southwest corner of Pearl & Seventh.

Rev. Chas J Hutchins, Pastor

Scandinavian M E Church – south side of Bridge, west of St

Clair. Rev. Ola Helland, Pastor

St Luke’s (P.E.) Church – east side of Main, south of Fifth.

Rev. Roswell Park, Rector.

St Mary’s German Catholic Church – southeast corner Pearl &

Eighth. Rev Francix X Sailer, Priest

St Patrick’s Catholic Church – east side St Clair, north of

State. Rev M W Gibson, Priest

Welch Calvinistic Methodist church – east side Villa, between

Seventh & Eighth. Rev. Wm Hughes, Pastor

Welch Congregational Church – west side of Pearl, between

Eighth & Ninth. Rev Wm J Hopkins, Pastor




Belle City Lodge – meets every Tuesday evening. Hall 154 Main

Racine Lodge No. 18 – meets every Monday evening – Hall,

141 ½ Main

Orient Chapter – meets first & third Fridays of each month.

Hall, 141 ½ Main


I.O. of O.F.


Hall, northwest corner Main & Fifth

Germania Lodge No. 70 – meets every Wednesday evening

Racine Lodge No. 8 – meets every Tuesday evening

Star Encampment, No. 4 – meets 1st & 2nd Thursdays of each month




Wisconsin Temple of Honor No. 1 – meets every Wednesday

Evening. Hall, northeast corner Main & Fourth. Social

Meetings every Friday evening




Blacksmiths & Machinists Union – meets every Monday evening.

Hall, northeast corner Main & Fourth




Chief Engineer – Francis Ritz

Assistant Engineers – E J Prichard

R Bauman

Racine, No. 1 – southwest corner Wisconsin & Fourth. H.

Harding, Foreman

Fire King, No. 2 – east side Main between Second & Third.

Louis Deisroth, Foreman

Star of the West, No. 3 – north side Seventh between Main

& Wisconsin. Jno. R Davis, Foreman

Germania Hook & Ladder Co – foot of Chippewa. Geo. Veth,





Court House – west side Main between Fifth & Sixth

Jail – east side Wisconsin between Fifth & Sixth

Titus Hall – northwest corner Main & Fifth

Masonic Hall – 141 ½ Main

Turners’ Hall – 131 ½ Main

Union Hall – west side Main between Second & Third

Temperance Hall – northeast corner Main & Fourth




Bank of Racine – southeast corner Main & Fourth. H. J.

Ullman, President, Daniel Ullman, Cashier. Capital, $25,000

Racine Co Bank – northeast corner Main & Fourth. Nicholas

D Fratt, President, Darwin Andrews, Cashier. Capital, $100,000

Bank of B B Northrop & Co – 153 Main




143 Main – open from 7 am to 8 pm, Sundays from 12 m to

1 pm – John Tapley, Postmaster




Court House Square – west side Main between Fifth & Sixth

East Park – between Main & Chatham & Tenth & Eleventh

West Park – between Pearl & Chippewa & Ninth & Tenth




Office, 74 ½ Main. Works, south side Water, between Villa &

Campbell. Chas. Herrick, President, Jas. Blow, Supt.




Racine & Mississippi Railroad Telegraph Company – Office,

northeast corner Main & Third, 162 Main & Wisconsin,

north Second. A.R. Mapes, Supt.

Western Union Telegraph Company – Office 162 Main




Milwaukee & Chicago R R Depot – above State, S B Scott,

President, Jno. T Moody, Master of Transportation

Racine & Mississippi R R Depot – Wisconsin, north of Second.

Geo. A Thompson, General Manager, Matt Taylor, Supt.

Goodrich’s Line of Lake Shore Steamers – Landing, mouth Root

River. A P Dutton, Freight Agt., W B Dutton, Ticket Agt.




Harry Griswold




Circuit Judge – David Noggle

State’s Attorney – Chas. W Bennett

Circuit Clerk – Jacob S Crane

Deputy – Calvin H Upham

County Judge – J B Adams

Sheriff – Horatio T Taylor

Deputy – Jesse L Berch

County Clerk – D P Wooster

County Treasurer – John P Jones

Register of Deeds – Andrew Cooper

Deputy – F W Bruce

Surveyor – Edson Burchard

Coroner – Abner Rouse