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1852 Racine City Business/Residential Directory



If you’re looking for a certain surname under a letter (ie, M), be

sure to check all the names under that letter. They were

definitely not consistant at keeping things in alphabetical order.

Also, there are a lot of spelling differences throughout this

directory such as Center/Centre, waggon, etc. Old or New Mil/Mil.

is Milwaukee; do naturally stands for ditto. Upon occasion,

you’ll see an underscore; either it was unreadable or omitted.

AEGER, John, wheat buyer, r 4 Chippewa Street

ALESIA, Michael, laborer, r Old Milwaukee Road

ALBRETCH, Henry, butcher, r 82 Chippewa

ALTRINGER, Nicholas, carpenter, r 228 Villa

ALLEN, Thomas, laborer, r Wisconsin

ALSTIDDEN, E., carpenter, r 98 Sixth

ARTNET, William, laborer, r N. Wisconsin

ANDRUMB, Fredrick, laborer, r 13 N. Wisconsin

ATTWOOD, George, farmer, r Old Mil Road

APPLEBY, John, farmer, r 65 Main

ALBERT, William, fireman city mills, r 77 Main

AUGUSTINE, Samuel, chair maker, 65 Main, r 77 Main

ABBOT, Henry, clerk, 156 Main, r 172 Michigan

ANDERSON, Newton, carpenter, 32 Chatham, r 46 Michigan

ANTHES, Henry, tailor, 144 Main, r 299 Main

ANDERSON, Newton, carpenter, 32 Chatham, r 51 Michigan

ARDIEL, Leonard, farmer, r 65 Chatham

ARN, Appleton, clerk, 12 Public Square, r 172 Michigan

AYERS, Robert, shingle maker, r 36 Chatham

ARMS, Moses, clerk, 108 Main, r Racine Exchange

AIKEN, E.N., clerk, 128 Main, r 93 Chatham

ARMOUR, M.G., r 106 Chatham



BAPTIST CHURCH, corner of Main and Sixth Streets

BAILEY, Justice, ship carpenter, 50 Erie, r 45 Erie

BARNES, Orville, r 9 N. Barnstable

BALDWIN, Elias, saloon keeper, north bridge pier

BARTHOLF, Stephen, carpenter, cor Erie and Bridge

BARRONBALINE, John, tailor, shop and res 154 State

BAUMAN, S., lock smith, 46 Western Road, r 274 Main

BAUMBACH, Wm., physician and notary, office and r 8 Villa

BAKER, H.E., cabinet maker, 167 Main r 95 Wisconsin

BAKER, Addison, livery stable keeper, 151 Main r 124 Chatham

BAKER, T.S., merchant, 154 Main, r 181 Wisconsin

BAKER, Robert, school teacher, 182 Wisconsin r 296 Wisconsin

BARLMIRE, H., confectioner, 15 Public Square, r 15 Public Square

BARRY, A.C., Universalist Clergyman, r 76 Chatham

BARROW, R.G., saloon keeper, on south bridge pier, r 110 Wisconsin

BARROW, R.G., carpenter, 105 Sixth

BARTLETT, James, O., r 48 cor of Barnstable and Seventh

BAKER, Gifford D., clerk, 154 Main, r 229 Wisconsin

BANGS, John, carpenter, 45 Bridge, r 43 Bridge

BANGS, L., ship carpenter, r 9 Liberty

BANGS, M., carpenter, 43 Bridge, r 9 Liberty

BARNES, E.F., r S. Barnstable

BARDELL, Joshua, mason, r 35 Campbell

BARRETT, Wm., shoemaker, 111 Main, r 34 N. Main

BARRY, J., laborer, r N. Main

BARKER, Joseph, grocer, 122 Barnstable

In the next column of the directory, none of the last names are

readable. If, at a later date, I’m able to find another 1852

directory where they’re readable, I’ll add the last names.

_______ETT, Joseph, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 53 Western Road

_______ARD, Edward, clerk, 76 Main, r 124 Wisconsin

__________, William, boot and shoe dealer, 124 Main, r 131 Center

______CIUS, G., saloon keeper, 16 Public Square

_________N and Griswold, painters, 25 Fifth

_________N, Alva, painter, 25 Fifth, r 186 Chatham

_________N, M., laborer, r Old M. Road

_________S, John, mariner, r 28 Sinclair

_________Y, Lucas, carpenter, 115 Sixth, r 98 Sixth

__________, Alfred, farmer, r New Mil Road

__________, William, laborer, r 78 Chippewa

__________, Robert, cooper, 34 Erie, r 32 Sinclair

__________, Robert, cooper, 34 Erie, r 27 N. Barnstable

__________, Elias, mason, r 52 Water

__________, Patrick, mason, r 63 Barnstable

__________, Valentine, laborer, r 84 Villa

____WAITE, Philip, carpenter, 22 Erie

_____KUNT, J., engineer, r 3 Erie

_________Y, Thomas, machinist, 8 Western Road 64 N. Main

__________, Joshua, mason, r 35 Campbell

__________, Joseph, waggon maker, 21 Bridge, r 2 Huron

______ELD & CHASE, Attornies at Law, office 127 Commercial

_____dings Main

______ELD, Moses, lawyer, 127 Main, r 91 Barnstable

______ELD, Jonas, mariner, r 75 Campbell

_________, E.W., merchant tailor, 154 Main, r 194 Main

_________, Isaac, r 126 Sixth

_________, John, carpenter, r 26 Sixth

______A_I, Edward, baker, 86 Main, r 4 Chippewa

_________, Alexander O., confectioner, 109 Main, r 109 ½ Main

_________, Alexander, carpenter, 24 Chatham, r 109½ Main

_________, Chester, attorney, 143 up stairs, r 111 Chatham

BURFORD, George, barber, 7 Public Square, r 9 Fifth

BUEL, J., mason, r 51 Main

BULL, George, r 24 Twelfth

BURBECK, G., chair maker, 126 Wisconsin, r 43 Fifth

BUNCE, Charles, fanning mill maker, 156 Wisconsin, r 71 Barnstable

BURNS, Christopher, brickmaker, r 4 Water

BUTTERFIELD, Jonas, mariner, r 75 Dodge

BUCKINGHAM, John, shoemaker, r 1 Chippewa

BUCKINGHAM, William, shoemaker, r 1 Chippewa

BURGESS, Gilbert, machinist, 27 Bridge, r 50 Superior

BURCHMAN, T.J., shoemaker, 120 Main, r 9 Sinclair

BULLEN, P., ship carpenter, 50 Erie, r 37 Erie

BURGESS, J., caulker, r 1 N. Barnstable

BURBECK, H.W., cooper, 48 N. Barnstable, r 46 Barnstable

BUTLER, Dennis, carpenter, r 169 Barnstable

BURT, William, painter, 34 Fifth, r 78 Villa

BUNDAY, Chauncy, clerk, south bridge pier, r 64 N. Barnstable

BULENDIC, H.W., laborer, r 100 N. Wisconsin

BULENDIC, Henry, laborer, r 100 N. Wisconsin

BYRNA, Christopher, carpenter, r corner Sinclair and Bridge



CITY COUNCIL ROOMS, 60 ½ Union Hall Buildings Main St.

CASE, Robert, ship-smith, 52 Wisconsin, r 208 Wisconsin

CARPENTER, George, r 95 Wisconsin

CARPENTER, Richard, clerk, 20 Chatham, r 210 Wisconsin

CARY, Wm. D., school teacher, r 229 Wisconsin

CATHER, Robert, forwarder, 3 Chatham, r 17 Chippewa

CARY, Dr. B.B., physician, office 95 Main, r Plank road

CARNELL, Charles, confectioner and baker, 160 Main

CASE, J.I. threshing machine maker, 27 Bridge, r 36 Barnstable

CARTWRIGHT, J., blacksmith, 108 Sixth, r 104 Sixth

CARROLL, M.W., teacher District School, 55 Barnstable, r 117 cor

of Centre and Twelfth

CARY, Henry S., druggist, 150 Main, r 63 Barnstable

CARY, Lucius, printer, 137 ½ Main, r 77 Chatham

CARTER, George, painter, r 87 Chippewa

CARSWELL, John, sheriff & jailor, r 141 Wisconsin

CARMEN, Edward, painter, r 71 Villa

CARMAN, William, brick-moulder, 4 West Water, r 30 Michigan

CARROLL, William, drayman, r 51 Main

CARY, Levi S., dept. surveyer, r 77 Chatham

CARY, John W., attorney at law, 158 ½ Main, r 79 Chatham

CARY, Alfred, carpenter, cor Ontario & Bridge, r 83 Chatham

CARL, Anthony, shoemaker, 69 Sixth, r 318 Main

CASHIL, Francis, cooper, 34 Erie, r 19 Erie

CAMBELL, John, teamster, r S. Bridge

CANFIELD & SON, lumber dealers, 32 Third

CANFIELD, Roswell, lumber dealer, 32 Third, r 195 Main

CANFIELD, Edmond, lumber dealer, 32 Third, r 272 Main

CASTILE, Robert, moulder, 5 Bridge, r Western Hotel

CENTRE, David, carpenter, r 43 South Water

CHAPMAN, John, blacksmith, cor Chatham & Fourth, r 30 N. Main

CHAPMAN, Joseph, blacksmith, cor Chatham & Fourth, r 41 N.


CHAPMAN, Wm., blacksmith, 1 Water, r 39 N. Main

CHAPMAN, Wm., wheat buyer, r 112 Villa

CHAPMAN, Jos. H., shoemaker, 62 Main, r 238 Main

CHAPMAN, G.W., shoe dealer & c., 62 Main, r Congress Hall

CHASE, Champion S., attorney at law, 127 ½ Main, r 98 Barnstable

CHISHOLM, John, chair maker, 126 Wisconsin, r 50 Villa

CHIQUE, Jacob, brickmaker, 15 S. Water

CHINN, Charles, tailor, 58 Main, r 15 S. Water

CLARK, Thomas, mariner, r 33 N. Main

CLARK, Norman, farmer, r 15 Barnstable

CLARK, Eugene, clerk, 76 Main, r 124 Wisconsin

CLARK, P., blacksmith, cor Fourth & Chatham, r 121 Chatham

CLARK, John, carpenter, r 5 Villa

CLARK, Lucius, carpenter, r 5 Villa

CLARK, S., miller, r 29 Villa

CLOUGH, S.D., grocer, 156 Main, r 194 Wisconsin

CLANCY, M., merchant, 85 Main, r cor Fifth & Barnstable

CONROE, John, hardware merchant, 100 Main, r 101 Wisconsin

CONGER, D., school teacher, 182 Wisconsin, r Racine Exchange

CONNER, E.G., Daguearrean artist, 122 ½ Main, r 10 Erie

CONGRESS HALL, T. Stevens proprietor, cor Chatham & Third

CONE, Russel, clerk, 133 Main, r 133 Main

COHN, Louis, merchant tailor, 78 Main, r up stairs 78 Main

COPLAN, William, carpenter, r 298 Wisconsin

COOLEY, E.R., hardware merchant, 164 Main, r 269 Main

CONNANT, Gordon, steward Racine House

CORSE, James P., mason, r 20 West St.

COX, H.F., machinist & iron founder, 5 Bridge, r 10 Fifth

CONNOLLY, J., blacksmith, 15 Erie, r 30 Bridge

COFFY, James, drayman, r 24 N. Barnstable

COOK, John, cooper, 122 State, r 118 State

COHEN, Edwin, carpenter, 90 cor Sixth & Chippewa

COLLIER, Joseph, carpenter, 61 Western road, r 109 Sixth

COUZNER, Edmond, miller, 49 Villa

COY, Wm., blacksmith, 6 Western road, r 60 Chippewa

COY, John, house mover, r 34 Sinclair

COSTOLO, P.J., tailor and renovator, 53 Wisconsin

COREY, Aaron, boarding house keeper, 45 Fifth

CROOK, E., plasterer, 134 State

CROSIER, James M., proprietor Frontier House, Western road

CRISWICK, J., waggon maker, 19 & 21 Campbell & Sixth

CRANE, Jacob, grocer, 17 cor Public Square & Sixth

CROUCH, Andrew, grocer, 16 Third

CURTAN, William, cooper, 34 Erie, r 72 New Mil. Road

CURLEY, Mrs., washerwoman, 10 Wisconsin

CUTLER, Chancellor, carpenter, 20 Michigan, r 10 Old Mil. Road

CUTTING, S.D., match maker, r 229 Wisconsin

CURLEY, P., carpenter, 5 Bridge, r 51 N. Chatham

CUTLER, Chas, farmer, r 198 Wisconsin

CUTLER, Geo., clerk, 98 Main, r 107 Wisconsin

CURTIS, T., carpenter, 70 N. Barnstable

CUDDY, P., carpenter, r 7 N. Main



DAME, E.J., grocer, 21 Sixth, r Exchange

DAME, J., grocer, 21 Sixth, r 21 Sixth

DANE, James, r 134 Wisconsin

DAWSON, John, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 69 Sinclair

DAWSON, Richard, mariner, r 97 Chippewa

DAWSON, John, mariner, r 97 Chippewa

DANIELS, Robert, teamster, r 223 Barnstable

DAVIS, H., shoemaker, 88 Main r 23 Campbell

DAVIS, Thomas, laborer, r 42 Chippewa

DAVIS, Richard, mariner, r 97 Chippewa

DAVIS, James, r 2 corner Seventh and Campbell

DAVIS, Thomas O., butcher, 134 Main r 20 Campbell

DAVIS, Samuel, carpenter, r 4 Seventh

DAY, B., teamster, r 52 Third

DE GROT, Albert, r 202 corner Wisconsin and Ninth

DENTON, H., r 67 Main

DENTON, William, laborer, r 65 Main

DENTON, Capt. Milo, mariner, r 67 Main

DE BERARD, F.W., druggist, 126 Main, r 196 Main

DEARSLEY, John, liquor dealer, 159 Main, r 159 Main

DEARSLEY, John, baker, 161 Main, r 159 Main

DEELAN, E.A., machinist, 8 Wester Road, r 128 Sixth

DENIS, Christopher, laborer, r 5 Third

DEITRICH, George, cabinet maker, 65 Main, r 122 Villa

DEAN, Henry, waggon maker, 120 Wisconsin, r 33 Sixth

DEMSI, J., laborer, 34 Wisconsin

DEMERS, Michael, boot maker, r 51 Western road

DENNIS, James, shoemaker, 88 Main, r 36 Chippewa

DEARDOFF, Oliver, mason, r 66 Chatham

DENGAL, Jacob, cooper, 34 Erie, r 32 Sinclair

DICKSON, John, merchant, 112 Main, r 245 Main

DICKSON, Griffin, carpenter, r 35 Villa

DICKINSON, Thomas, brickmaker, r 10 water

DICKINSON and FOSTER, waggon and carriage makers, 130 corner

Wisconsin and Fifth


DICKINSON, S.S., blacksmith, 130 corner Wisconsin and Sixth, r 138


DINGMAN, Robert, mariner, r Old Mil Road

DICKEY, A.P., fanning mill maker, 156 Wisconsin 61 Sixth

DICKEY, Edwin, fanning mill maker, 156 Wisconsin 61 Sixth

DIETRICH, Jacques, cabinet maker, 65 Main, r 31 Barnstable

DIETRICH, Daniel, proprietor Eagle Tavern, 48 Main

DORMAN, Joseph, ostler Frontier House

DOWLING, Sylvester, carpenter, 21 Campbell, r 34 Campbell

DOOLITTLE and CARY, attornies at law, office 153 Main

DORCHESTER, John, r 259 Main

DOWLING, Patrick, laborer, r 5 Twelfth

DOYLE, Thomas, millwright at city mills, r 70 N. Wisconsin

DURAND & HILL’s LUMBER YARD, cor Wisconsin and Second

DURAND & HILL, merchants, 82 Main

DURAND, Henry, merchant, 82 Main, r 18 Chippewa

DUNNELS, John, machinist, 5 Bridge, r 40 Superior

DUFOUR, Peter, blacksmith, 21 Bridge, r 107 Sixth

DUNLAVEY, P., laborer, r Old Mil Road

DUFFEY, Patrick, laborer, r 70 Sinclair

DUFFEY, M., laborer, r 70 Sinclair

DUKEMAN, G., tailor, 36 N. Wisconsin, r 36 N. Wisconsin

DUESTER, Louis, laborer, r 60 Chatham

DUSTIN, William, cooper, r 227 Main

DUNNING, John, r N. Mil Road


DUNTON, W.B., saloon keeper, 135 Main

DUNCAN, S., physician, office 152 ½ Main, r 152 ½ Main

DUTTON, A.P., forwarder, North Bridge Pier, r 40 Chatham

DRIVER, Thomas, carpenter, 5 Bridge, r 9 Bridge

DRAKE & STEWART, merchants, 138 Main

DRAKE, F.A., merchant, 138 Main, r Congress Hall



EPISCOPAL CHURCH, No. 173 Main Street

EARL, John M., millwright, r 288 Wisconsin

EASTMAN, Martin, gardener, r 129 Chatham

EASSON, L., mariner, r 31 N. Main

EDWARDS, Rowland, laborer, r 140 Barnstable

ELMINGER & KEIDEL, merchant tailors, 72 Main

ELLSON, James, trader, 24 N. Wisconsin

ELY & LAY, boot and shoe dealers, 120 Main

ELLIS, John, laborer, r 37 Campbell

EMERSON, Thomas, attorney at law, 82 Main, r 226 Main

EMERSON, D.W., lumber dealer, 20 Ontario

ENGLISH, J.W., saddler & c., 89 Main, r 289 Main

ENGEL, Bernard, grocer, 284 Main

ERIE and MICHIGAN TELEGRAPH, office 181 ½ Main

EVANS, Richard, barber, 155 Main, r 54 Chippewa

EVANS, Reece, teamster, r 54 Eighth

EVANS, John, laborer, r 53 Eighth

EVANS, Evan, carpenter, 116 Sixth, r 98 Sixth

EVANS, E., carpenter, r 83 Western road

EVANS, Edward, Welch Calvinist clergyman, r 11 Campbell

EVANS, Evan, teamster, r 54 Eighth

EVANS, Thomas, laborer, r 80 cor Chippewa and Tenth

EVANS, John H., mason, r 61 Barnstable

EVANS, O.B., blacksmith, 70 Chippewa, r 68 Chippewa

EVANGELICAL CHURCH (german), 31 Chippewa

EVELAND, A., hay presser, r 5 N. Main

EVERETT, Dr. E., physician & C., office 23 Fifth, r 259 Main

ESSER, Joseph, tanner, cor Villa and Water, r 41 Seventh

ESSER, Jacob, laborer, r 140 Villa

ESSER, Anthony, waggon maker, 15 N. Wisconsin

ERSKINE, M.B., carpenter, 27 Bridge, r Racine House

ETCHELLS, William, engineer, 8 Western road, r 40 Campbell

ENGINE HOUSE NO. 1, Racine, 162 Wisconsin

ENGINE HOUSE NO. 2, Fire King, 45 Main

ENGINE HOUSE NO. 3, Star of the West, 43 Seventh



FARLEY, Joseph, r 302 Wisconsin

FARLEY, Horace, chairmaker, 126 Wisconsin, r 252 Wisconsin

FANNING, Frederick, barber, 73 Main, r 73 Main

FALVEY, Thos., machinist & iron founder, 8 Western road, r 5

Western road

FAULKNOR, L., druggist & c., 150 Main, r 190 Main

FAY, Geo., carpenter, r 54 Sinclair

FAY, David, farmer, r 54 Sinclair

FELLOWS, Geo. D., r 6 North Barnstable

FISHER, Geo. J., grocer, 19 N. Wisconsin, r 19 ½ Wisconsin

FISHER, George, laborer, 19 N. Wisconsin, r 19 ½ Wisconsin

FISHER, Jacob, laborer, 19 N. Wisconsin, r 19 ½ Wisconsin

FISHER, H., r 11 N. Wisconsin

FISHER, William, chairmaker, r 11 N. Wisconsin

FISHER, J., bar-tender, 134 Wisconsin, r 11 N. Wisconsin

FISHER, Francis, fisherman, r 21 Erie

FINANS, John, laborer, r 27 N. Wisconsin

FISH, Rev. J.W., baptist clergyman, r 79 Barnstable

FISH, E.W., r Congress Hall

FILER, De Los, tobacco peddler, r 311 Wisconsin

FILER, Alanson, tobacconist, 123 Main, r 15 Chippewa

FILER, Elihu, tobacconist, 123 Main, r 288 Main

FILAN, John, laborer, r 64 N. Wisconsin

FINKELSON, Finkel, wheel-wright 5 Bridge, r 28 Erie

FLINT, W.N., carpenter, r 103 Chatham

FLETCHER, John, threshing machine maker, 27 Bridge, r 23


FLYNN, Gregory, clerk, 76 Main, r 124 Wisconsin

FLAGG, G.C., r 282 Main

FLASKER, E., carpenter, 53 Western road

FLYNN, Patrick, laborer, r 51 Centre

FOX, Martin, carpenter, 27 Bridge, r 26 Erie

FOWLS, Robert, shoemaker, 111 Main, r 129 Centre

FOBES, J.L., tanner & courier, cor Second and Wisconsin, r

29 N. Wisconsin

FOSTER, Charles, carriage maker, 130 Wisconsin, r 33 Sixth

FOSTER, Jas., proprietor Western Hotel, 7 Western road

FOSTER, Edward, sadler and harness maker, 129 Main

FOX, Peter, carpenter, 19 West St.

FOWLES, Giles, cooper, 139 Sixth, r Western Hotel

FRANCIS, Edward, clerk, 126 Main, r 190 Main

FRIERT, Nicholas, tanner, cor Villa and Water, r 41 Seventh

FRATT, Nicholas, r 68 Barnstable

FRANK, William, carpenter, r 68 Chippewa

FRY’S BREWERY, 18 Centre

FRY, Henry, grocer & saloon keeper, 99 & 101 Sixth

FRATT, Jacob, butcher, r 165 Wisconsin

FREEMAN, J.A., peddlar, r 252 Wisconsin

FULLER, H.T., attorney at law, 146 ½ Main, r Congress Hall

FULLER, Thomas, carpenter and joiner, 43 N. Main




GALLAGHER, James, r 127 Barnstable

GAPE, George, laborer, r 105 Villa

GALLIENNE, John, plasterer, r 260 Wisconsin

GALLIENNE, John, mason, r 297 Main

GALLIENNE, Nicholas, plasterer, r 273 Main

GATES, I.B., blacksmith, corner Fourth and Chatham, r 121


GEHAPER, Fredrick, laborer, r 55 Campbell

GEHAPER, Conroe, laborer, r 55 Campbell

GEHAPER, John, laborer, r 55 Campbell

GEORGE, L.F., carpenter, r 21 Wisconsin

GEORGE, Hiram, saloon keeper, 124 Main, r 8 Michigan

GEORGE, F.S., carpenter, r Western Road

GILLMORE, James, boot and shoe maker, r 35 N. Main

GIFFS, Edmund, laborer, r 39 Fifth

GILLIN, Hugh, laborer, r 42 N. Chatham

GILBERT, Albert, r 333 Main

GILBERT, Mark, miller, r 173 Main

GITTINS, Watkin, carpenter, _16 Sixth, r 21 Villa

GILES, Albert, physician, 46 Seventh, r 188 Main

GLIDDON, Artimas, mason, r 325 Main

GLASS, Homer, millwright, r 11 Michigan

GOFF, S., dealer in hydraulic rams, 117 Main, r 140 Wisconsin

GOREY, Charles, mason, r 325 Main

GOULD, Edwin, leather dealer, 113 Main, r 29 Sixth

GORTON, H., butcher, 106 Main, r 90 cor Tenth and Centre

GORMAN, Michael, farmer, r 99 Old Mil. Road

GOODWIN, M.M., r 22 Seventh

GORMAN, Michael, moulder, 8 Western road, r 8 ½ Western road

GRISWOLD, D., ship-carpenter, r 32 N. Main

GRISWOLD, Nelson, ship-carpenter, 48 Erie, r 32 N. Main

GRISWOLD, Hiram, painter, 25 Fifth, r Racine House

GRISWOLD, A., painter, 25 Fifth, r 32 N. Main

GRISWOLD, G., cabinet maker, 20 Michigan, r 32 N. Main

GRISWOLD, Henry, hat & cap dealer, 83 Main, r 198 Wisconsin

GRIFFITHS, William, laborer, r 214 Wisconsin

GRIFFIN, Patrick, saloon-keeper, 103 Sixth

GRAHAM, James, carpenter, 65 Western road, r 107 Sixth

GRAHAM, Mrs., milliner and dress-maker, 107 __________

GRAHAM, Wm., carpenter, 65 Western road, r 250 Wisconsin

GRAHAM, George, mason, r 325 Main

GRUTSCH, John, shoemaker and grocer, 66 Main

GRAVES, S.H., physician, 113 Wisconsin, r 5 Huron

GRANDY, Joe, painter, r 80 Chippewa


GREEN, Thomas, brewer, 40 City Brewery Western road

GROSS, John, tanner, cor Water & Villa, r 41 Seventh

GRUNDY, Benjamin, carpenter, 35 or 85 Campbell, r 43 Bridge

GUNNELSON, T., laborer, r 44 Michigan

GAMBROUGH, Michael, laborer, r 34 Sinclair

GUNNIMUN, John, brewer, 60 Center, r 17 Sinclair



HANSON, William, tailor, r 49 Villa

HANGLING, A., laborer, r Old Mil Road

HALBEY, Christian, blacksmith, 130 corner Fifth and Wisconsin, r

82 Villa

HARRIS, Robert F., mariner, r 109 Centre

HARLIHY, T., laborer, r N. Wisconsin

HAUCH, David, cooper, 34 Erie, r 32 Sinclair

HAUCH, N., cooper, 34 Erie, r 32 Sinclair

HANN, F., shoe maker, r 38 N. Wisconsin

HATCHINS, John, ship carpenter, r 20 Campbell

HAAS, Ulrich, proprietor Washington House 77 Main

HAAS, Leo, bartender 77 Main

HAAS, Xafer, r 77 Main

HAAS, F., laborer, r 83 N. Wisconsin

HAAS, N., butcher, r N. Wisconsin

HALE, S., gunsmith, 94 Wisconsin, r 111 Wisconsin

HALL, Chauncy, merchant tailor, 118 Main, r 176 Wisconsin

HALL, Shelton, lawyer, 156 ½ Main, r 115 Chatham

HALL, Charles, lawyer, r Racine House

HADDLESTADT, O.J., Norwegian printer, 137 ½ Main, r Sinclair

HARRISON, David, mariner, r 90 N. Wisconsin

HARRISON, John A., printer, 156 ½ Main, r 90 Barnstable

HARRISON, Wm. C., printer, 156 ½ Main, r 90 Barnstable

HANLEY, Michael, laborer, r 22 N. Barnstable

HANLEY, John, laborer, r 22 N. Barnstable

HANSON, Henry, grocer, 12 Bridge

HAPP, John, cabinet maker, 65 Main, r 76 Villa

HARTSAUGH, Peter, mason, r 70 Villa

HARTSAUGH, Abram, laborer, r 108 Villa

HARTSAUGH, Adam, carpenter, r 120 Villa

HARRIS, Evan, laborer, r 25 Chippewa

HOCKETT, John, laborer, r 31 N. Chatham

HUNTINGTON, Joseph C., carpenter, r 12 Sinclair

HULETT, Henry, printer, 137 ½ Main, r 63 Barnstable

HUNTINGTON, Joseph C. Jr., carpenter, r 12 Sinclair

HUGHES, William, laborer, r 70 Villa

HUGHES, Richard, r 107 Barnstable

HUGGINS & WASHBURN, marble dealers, 13 Fifth

HUGGINS, E.G., marble dealer, 13 Fifth, r 11 Fifth

HURD, Josiah, drover, r 67 Centre

HUNT, Wm. J., clerk, 100 Main, r 231 Main

HUMPHREY, Z.M., clergyman, r 226 Main

HUMPHREY, S., tailor, 140 Main, r 17 N. Barnstable

HURLBUT, Ira, joiner, 105 cor State and Marquette

HUBBARD, Irving H., r 6 Barnstable

HURLBUT, Lucius, butcher, r 69 Barnstable

HUGHES, John, waggon maker, 130 Wisconsin, r 13 Erie

HUMPHRIES, Edward, carpenter, r 32 Chippewa

HUGHES, Evan, tailor, 149 Main, r 27 Campbell

HUGHES, John, laborer, r 52 Centre

HUGHES, Frederick, cooper, 34 Erie, r Old Mil Road



IRVING, Charles H., saddler & harness maker, 113 Main, r Racine


IBING, Frederick, cabinet maker, 65 Main, r 77 Main

INGERSOLL, James, drover, r 38 Chippewa

INGOUL, Henry, gardener, 288 Barnstable

IRISH, W., carpenter, r 73 Marquette

IHRANS, Matthew, blacksmith, 27 Bridge, r 40 Sinclair



JACKSON, S., barber Congress Hall

JAMES, John, tailor, r 55 Villa

JAMES, John P., tailor, r 55 Villa

JAMES, Erasmus, tailor, r 58 Main, r 204 do

JAMES, John, tailor, r 44 Eighth

JANES, Lorenzo, attorney at law, office 73 Main, r 189 Main

JAMIESON, Dr. E., physician & surgeon, office 6 Public Square, r

6 ½ Public Square

JAMIESON, Thomas D., machinist, 26 Chatham, r Exchange

JANSON, M., r 62 Chatham

JENNINGS, Patrick, laborer, 72 Wisconsin, r 63 Wisconsin

JENNINGS, Peter, moulder, 8 Western Road, r 8 ½ Western Rd.

JENKS, William H., carpenter, r 133 Main

JENKINS, Griffith, laborer, r 41 Villa

JENKINS, Richard, plasterer, r 41 Villa

JENKINS, Richard, laborer, r 41 Villa

JENKINS, David, lumberman, r 53 Campbell

JONES, William, carpenter, 45 N. Main

JONES, Richard, carpenter, r 19 Erie

JONES, John, laborer, r 13 River

JONES, Richard, carpenter, 22 Erie, r 12 Sinclair

JONES, Evan, shoe maker, 27 Western Road, 32 Marquette

JONES, William, grocer, 70 Fourth, r 42 Water

JONES, H.W., laborer, r 74 Villa

JONES, John W., mariner, r 76 Villa

JONES, Thomas, mariner, r 99 cor Eleventh and Chippewa

JONES, Peter, match maker, 248 Wisconsin, r 229 Wisconsin

JONES, William, shoemaker, r 37 Third

JONES, Levi B., printer, 127 Commercial Buildings, r Exchange

JONES, John P., mason, r 24 Chippewa

JONES, John V., lumberman, r 21 Villa

JONES, J.T., shoemaker, 69 Sixth, r 67 Sixth

JONES, J.F., attorney at law, 123 ½ Main, r 84 Sixth

JONES, John, lumberman, r 216 Wisconsin

JONES, Louis, shoemaker, 88 Main, r 41 Tenth

JOHNSTON, Patrick, mason, r 55 Wisconsin

JOHNSTON, William, laborer, r 77 Main

JOHNSON & WRIGHT, merchants, 92 Main

JOHNSON, William, merchant, 92 Main, r 234 Wisconsin

JOHNSON, Seth, druggist, 121 Main, r 10 Fifth

JOHNSON, William, teamster, r 21 Erie

JOHNSON, Andrew, joiner, 81 Western Road, r 81 Western Rd.

JOHNSON, Augustus, mariner, r 93 Chippewa

JOGGERSON, O., cabinet maker, 167 Main, r 12 Water

JOY, Nathan, farmer, r 30 Villa

JOY, William, tinman, 164 Main, r 30 Villa

JUDGE, John, laborer, r 38 N. Barnstable



KAMMAR, Francis, laborer, r 23 Erie

KAWELTI, Jacob, shoemaker, 91 Sixth, r 82 Villa

KAWELTI, D., butcher, r 80 Centre

KALPENIA, Albinnad, mason, r 48 Villa

KEENE, H., grocer, 7 N. Wisconsin

KENTRAFF, C., boarding house keeper, 41 Seventh

KELLY, Mark, carpenter, 116 Sixth, r 54 Villa

KEEFE, M., laborer, r Old Milwaukee Road

KEEFE, Patrick, baker, 51 Wisconsin

KELLY, M., saloon keeper, 9 Wisconsin, r 9 Wisconsin

KELLY, Patrick, laborer, r 101 Centre

KELSEY, F., clerk, 100 Main, r 101 Wisconsin

KEIDLE, Michael, merchant tailor, 72 Main

KELLY, James, rail road agent, 95 ½ Main, r 102 ½ Main

KEARNY, John, City Marshal, r 55 Fourth

KENEA, Henry, machinist, r 252 Main

KEELER, S., clerk, stage office, r Congress Hall

KIDDER, T.H., book-keeper, 82 Main, r 190 Wisconsin

KIDDER, George T., r 190 Wisconsin

KILDOL, Adam, tailor, 40 Michigan

KIRKHAM, D., shoemaker, 120 Main, r 153 Barnstable

KILLIP, Newton, steamboat clerk, 97 Main, r 9 S. Water

KIRKER, Mrs., milliner & dress maker, 78 Chatham

KINGTON, Edward, butcher, r 90 Wisconsin

KIMBALL, Sheridan, teamster, r 121 Barnstable

KIMBER, John, clerk, 112 Main, r 61 Sixth

KING, M.W., waggon maker, 3 N. Wisconsin, r 5 N. Main

KLANE, John, laborer, r 67 N. Wisconsin

KNAPP, David, bar tender, 26 Chatham, r 23 Erie

KNAPP, Gilbert, U.S. Revenue Officer, r 61 Seventh

KNAPP, R.A., railroad agent, 95 Main, r 272 Wisconsin

KNIGHT, Samuel G., r New Mil Road

KNIGHT, Albert G., r 13 Superior

KOOPMAN, G., cap maker, 83 Main, r 83 Main

KUFT, Henry, laborer, r 110 Chippewa

KRIGHTMIRE, H., waggon maker, r 43 Chatham

KRAUPER, Anton, laborer, r 47 N. Chatham

KRANTZ, B., grocer, 53 Main, r 53 Main

KRANTZ, John, grocer, 53 Main, r 53 Main



LAVIN, M., quarryman, r N. Barnstable

LANGLAND, N., printer, r 25 Erie

LAIKEY, John, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 126 Western Road

LANE, Samuel, boot & shoe maker, r 77 Wisconsin

LAISEN, Henry, colporteur, r 101 Wisconsin

LAY, William, boot & shoe dealer, 120 Main, r 117 Wisconsin

LATHROP, William, forwarder, 3 Main, r 170 Main

LACKNER & ZAHN, tin and hardware merchants, 68 Main

LACKNER, Joseph, tinman, 68 Main, r 68 Main

LANGLOIS, J., paint dealer & c., 137 Main, r 196 Wisconsin

LAWSON, John, carpenter, 156 Wisconsin, r 61 Chatham

LACKNER, Joseph, laborer, r 34 Sinclair

LAWRENCE, J., chairmaker, 32 Bridge, r 93 cor State & Michigan

LATHROP, Chauncey, wheat buyer, r 89 Sixth

LANGIN, Martin, blacksmith, 115 Sixth, r 111 Sixth

LAW, William, clerk, _____ Main, r 124 Wisconsin

LEE & DICKSON, merchants, 112 Main

LEE, Henry, merchant, 112 Main, r 10 Barnstable

LEE, John, mason, r 284 Main

LEFFLER, Silas, butcher, 134 Main, r 8 Water

LEFFLER, Robert, butcher, 134 Main, r 85 Barnstable

LEE, Thomas, farmer, r 141 Barnstable

LEE, Simeon, mason, r 35 Campbell

LEDISCH, John, cabinet maker, 65 Main, r 42 Campbell

LEMAN, John, mariner, r 115 State

LEWIS, Evan, mason, r 100 Barnstable

LE RAY, Peter, carpenter, 61 Western Road, r 109 Sixth

LENSS, Henry, laborer, r 12 Marquette

LYAN, J., laborer, r 47 N. Main

LYAN, Richard, mariner, r 97 Chippewa

LONGFELLOW, Richard, tailor, 58 Main, r 92 N. Barnstable

LOWER, Gasper, tobacconist, 2 N. Main

LOWERY & IRVING, saddlers and harness makers, 113 Main

LOWERY, Elisha, saddler & harness maker, 113 Main, r 106 Wisconsin

LOYD, John, laborer, r 29 cor Eighth and Campbell

LONG, Patrick, laborer, r 5 Third

LOCKWOOD, James E., merchant tailor, 58 Main, r 25 Liberty

LUCKETT, John, laborer, r 14 Water

LUCKINGER, H., carpet weaver, 97 Western Road, r 97 Western Road

LUAN (spelling ?), Wm., saddler and harness maker, 65 Sixth, r 235


LYNCH, Michael, laborer, r 92 Barnstable

LYNCH, Thomas, farmer, r 5 Marquette

LYNCH, Peter, teamster, r 5 Third

LYNCH, John, grocer, 5 Third, r 5 Third




MANS, John, tanner, r 77 Main

MAY & CLOUGH, grocers and meat packers, 156 Main

MAY, William K., grocer, 156 Main, r 176 Michigan

MACK, Patrick, laborer, 93 Sinclair

MACK, Patrick, mariner, r 29 Sinclair

MALONE, Michael, farmer, r 94 Barnstable

MARKLE, Henry, mariner, r 236 Main

MAY, B., laborer, r 299 Main

MARSLIN, Thomas, carpenter, 156 Wisconsin, r 39 Sixth

MASSAY, J., laborer, r 102 N. Wisconsin

MANN, L., carpenter and joiner, r Old Milwaukee Road

MANN, George, teamster, r 51 Villa

MANN, G., laborer, r 51 Villa

MAGRATH, John, mason, r 114 Chippewa

MARSH, Wm., carpenter, r 6 Barnstable

MANEER or MANCER, John P., teamster, r 109 Western Road

MARSHALL, Wm. C., attorney at law, 82 ½ Main, r 237 Main

MARSHALL, Washington, carpenter, 3 Western Road

MANN, Chester, r 281 Main

MANCHESTER, James T., r 222 Main

MARTIN, George, mason, r 65 Chatham

MASTERSON, John, laborer, r 36 Michigan

MEAD, M.B., forwarder, r 219 Main

MEADER, John, turner, 116 Sixth, r 52 Water

MERRIL, L., cooper, 1 Eleventh, r Racine Exchange

McCARTY, Martin, laborer, 68 Wisconsin

McLANE, John, r Western Hotel

McANLESS, J., teamster, r Western Hotel

McCASTAL, M., saloon keeper, 87 Wisconsin

McCRERE, Wm., shoemaker, r New Mil Road

McSAMACK, F., mason, r 77 N. Wisconsin

McLINNAN, Ira, sawyer, 50 or 59 Erie, r 36 N. Chatham

McGEHIN, E., laborer, r 39 N. Chatham

McHENRY, C., clerk, 158 Main, r 176 Wisconsin

McHENRY, John A., saloon keeper, 104 Main, r 263 Main

McGINNIS, John, grocer, 53 Third

McFALL, Miss, milliner & dress maker, 41 Fifth

McHENRY, W.F., grocer, 130 Main, r 2__ Main

McCREA, BELL & ULLMAN’S BANK, 127 Commercial Buildings

McDONALD, Mrs., washerwoman, 30 Chatham

McDONALD, David, leather dealer, ____ Wisconsin, r 196 Main

McGILLICUDDY, D., clerk, 140 Main, r 271 Main

McQUIN, Peter, shingle maker, r 36 Chatham

McCAMBER, Francis, waggon maker, 24 Fourth, r 61 Seventh

MILLER, Moses, merchant, 90 or 99 Main, r 1 Barnstable

MILLINGTON, John, farmer, r 218 Barnstable

MICHAEL, Anthony, saloon keeper, 89 Wisconsin

MILLER, Mrs., tailoress, 142 Wisconsin

MILLETT, Nelson, lawyer, 134 Main, r 42 N. Main

MOORE, Milton, merchant tailor, 146 Main, r 127 Wisconsin

MOHR, Peter, gardener, 209 Barnstable

MORGAN, D., waggon maker, 47 cor Chatham & Fourth, r 27 Twelfth

MORGAN, H.J., waggon maker, 47 cor Chatham & Fourth, r 27 Twelfth

Morse, B.B., grocer, 84 Main, r 8 South Water

MOREY, Amasa, mason, r 171 Michigan

MORGAN, John, tailor, 118 Main, r ___ Sixth

MORRIS, T., deputy sheriff, r 63 Seventh

MOSHER, Alexander, beef packer, r 256 Main

MOOR, Daniel, cooper, r 34 Villa

MORGAN, Peyton R., lawyer, 156 ½ Main, r 15 Chippewa

MORGAN, James H., drayman, r 55 Chippewa

MORRIS, D.F., shoemaker, 88 Main, r 54 Wisconsin

MURRAY, Geo., clerk, 35 Chatham, r 122 Wisconsin

MURPHY, John, drayman, r 9 Bridge

MURDOCH, Wm., pump maker, r 208 Wisconsin

MUNROE, Darwin, clerk, 96 Main, r Congress Hall

MURPHY, Michael, proprietor Emmet Hall Hotel

MULLEN, Michael, printer Commercial Adv., r Exchange

Munn, R.J., carpenter, 10 Bridge, r 26 Marquette

MUERL, Thomas, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 55 Centre

MUNROE, H.B., r 84 (?) Sixth

MYERS, John, laborer, r 42 N. Barnstable



NATHAN, John, mariner, r 28 N. Wisconsin

NEAR, George, carpenter, 116 Sixth, r 10 Villa

NEAR, Jacob, carpenter, 116 Sixth, r 10 Villa

NEAR, B.H., laborer, r 29 West St.

NEEDHAM, William, merchant tailor, 144 Main, r 224 Wisconsin

NEEDHAM, ______, tailor, 144 Main, r 224 Wisconsin

NEUMAYER, John, cigar maker, 284 Main, r 284 Main

NELSON, Reuben, carpenter, r 81 Western Road

NEIBERGALL & SMITH, grocers and bakers, 86 Main

NEIBERGALL, John, grocer & baker, 86 Main, r 41 Chippewa

NEIBERGALL, Nicholas, farmer, r 41 Chippewa

NEIBAUKER, John, tailor, shop and res. 306 Main

NILES, Martin, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 128 Sixth

NILES, Ambrose, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 128 Sixth

NIELD, James, butcher, 106 Main, r 90 Wisconsin

NICHOLSON, Guy, blacksmith, 23 Fourth, r 61 Seventh

NICHOLS, George, mason, r 110 Villa

NICHOLS, Rev. Joseph H., Episcopal clergyman, r 30 Sixth

NORTHROP, Geo., attorney at law, 156 ½ Main, r 276 Main

NOAH, Nicholas, laborer, r 336 Main

NORTON, Robert, beef and pork packer, r Racine Exchange

NORTON, Henry, cooper, 21 Western Road, r up stairs do

NORTON, Reuben K., cooper, 189 Sixth, r 24 Western Road

NORTON, Harvey, mariner, r 121 Chatham

NORTON, Horace, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 128 Sixth

NORTON & DURAND, forwarders & c., 72 Wisconsin

NORRIS, Gallagher, catholic priest, r 127 Barnstable



O’REILLY TELEGRAPH OFFICE, 126 ½ corner Main & Fourth

OBESCH, H., laborer, r 42 N. Wisconsin

OLDSON, John, carpenter, r 95 Wisconsin

OLES, Jacob, waggon maker, r 19 Sinclair

OLEY, Phillip, laborer, r 229 Barnstable

OLEY, J., laborer, r 229 Barnstable

OTTAWAY, Wm., carpenter, 10 Bridge, r Exchange

OSGOOD, John M., chandler, cor Sixth and Centre, r 29 Chippewa

OSGOOD, I.C. & J.C., soap and candle manufacturers, cor of Sixth

and Centre

OSBORNE, John, farmer, r 92 Chippewa

OSBORNE, & HURLBURT, butchers, 18 Sixth

ORVIS, Columbus A., merchant, 98 Main, r 107 Wisconsin

ORAIN, Alexander, r 123 Villa

OWEN, David, carpenter, 27 Bridge, r 83 Villa




PATRICK, J., sawyer, r 88 N. Chatham

PAINE & MILLETT, attorneys at law, 134 Main

PAINE, Ira C., attorney at law, 134 Main, r 40 N. Main

PALMATER, John H., painter, r ____ Michigan

PARMALE, Thos. E., auctioneer & c., 141 Main, r 22 Sixth

PATEE, Orland, teamster, r 132 Western Road

PARKER, I.N., insurance agent, 127 Com. Buildings Main, r 3


PAGE, J. Lawrence, physician & surgeon, 167 Main, r 4 Chippewa

Paul, G.H., peddlar, r 90 Barnstable

PALMER, Amasiah, carpenter, r 161 Wisconsin

PALMER, B., drayman, r 43 S. Water

PALMER, Asa, carpenter, r 286 Main

PALMER, S., carpenter, r 286 Main

PALMER, W., laborer, r 35 Villa

PARKER, La Fayette, deputy clerk of circuit court, 12 Public

Square, r 179 Michigan

PARKER, Isiaha, County Clerk, 12 Public Square, r 109 Chatham

PAIL, John, tailor, 140 Villa

PAIL, William, mason, r 140 Villa

PAIL, Christian, tailor, r 264 Main

PAIL, Louis, mason, r 298 Main

PATCHIN, R., cooper, 185 Michigan, r 183 Michigan

PENDLETON, N., lumber dealer, 33 Chatham, r 246 Main

PERINE, W., clerk, 72 Wisconsin, r 116 Wisconsin

PETERSON, Andrew, painter, 24 Fourth, r 89 Chippewa

PENTS, Francis, laborer, r 60 Chatham

PERKINS, George, carpenter, r 22 Sixth

PECK, S.B., brick dealer, 19 Water

PECK, Stephen, carpenter, 185 Michigan, r 188 do

PECKHAM, Geo. R., r Congress Hall

PERRY, W.W., editor, Commercial Adv., 127 Main, r Congress Hall

PERRY, Geo., lawyer, 158 ½ Main, r Congress Hall

PERRY, Mrs. A., tailoress, 24 Bridge St.

PHELPS, William, carpenter, 116 Sixth, r 27 West Water

PIERCE, Benjamin, carpenter, 21 Campbell, r 20 Villa

PIERCE, Joseph, bar-tender, 135 Main, r Racine House

PUGH, Richard, shoemaker, 111 Main, r 43 Eighth



REGISTER’S OFFICE, 12 ½ Public Square

RAYMOND, Seneca, forwarder north bridge pier, r 39 Chatham

RAYMOND, Elisha, forwarder north bridge pier, r 233 Main

RAMSDELL, John, clerk board supervisors, 16 Public Square, r 77


RAMSDELL, Nathaniel, farmer, r 77 Chatham

RAYMOND, W., gunsmith, 94 Wisconsin, r 111 Wisconsin

RAMSAY, Henry, ship carpenter, 50 Erie, r Sinclair

RAYMOND, Joseph, mason, r 109 Villa

RADCLIFF, James, farmer, r 91 Western Road

RAISY, Henry, ship carpenter, 48 Erie, r 239 Barnstable

REDBURN, A.J., tinner, 128 Main, r 225 Main

REINTZ, Charles, tanner cor Water and Villa, r 41 Seventh

REECE, Henry, cabinet maker, 161 Main, r 106 Barnstable

RICHARDS, James, clerk, 128 Main, r 181 Michigan

RICHARDS, John, r 25 Chippewa


RICHMOND, W.T., banker, 125 Main, r 211 Main

RIDER, Wm., carpenter, r 23 N. Wisconsin

RICE, Wm. S., Justice of Peace, 156 ½ Main, r 50 Campbell

RICE, Charles, stage co. agent, 96 ½ Main, r Congress Hall

ROUGHAN, C., proprietor Franklin House

ROUGHAN, Timothy, laborer, r 56 S. Water

ROUGHAN, James, laborer, r 49 Wisconsin

ROBY, E.A., boot, shoe & leather dealer, 88 Main

ROFF, C.B., hardware merchant, 110 Main, r Congress Hall

ROFF, B., hardware merchant, 110 Main, r Congress Hall

ROLLINS, R.H., grocer and baker, 142 Main, r 198 Main

ROGERS, W.B., merchant, r 229 Main

ROGERS, P., mason, r 5 Third

ROBERTS, Robert, gardener, 228 Barnstable

ROBERTS, Peter, carpenter, 26 Chatham, r 343 Main

ROBERTS, John, plasterer, r 255 Main

ROBERTS, Geo., carpenter, 6 Bridge

ROBERTS, Owen, city sexton, r 41 Chippewa

ROBERTSON, J., mariner, r 46 N. Barnstable

ROBERTSON, William, mason, r 66 Chippewa

ROBINSON, James, blacksmith, 108 Sixth, r 104 Sixth

ROBINSON, Thomas, mason, r 73 Villa

ROBINSON, William, carpenter, r 65 Chatham

ROBINSON, Oscar, painter, 24 Fourth, r 1 Eighth

ROCKWELL, Nathan, shingle maker, r 36 Chatham

ROSENWALD, S., merchant, 158 Main, r Congress Hall

ROUSE, Abner, light-house keeper, 71 Chatham

ROE, Richard, clerk, 123 Main, r 202 Main

ROLLINS, David, mason, r 24 Chippewa

ROONEY, T., drayman, r 56 N. Wisconsin

ROOSSET or RONSSET, Henry, carpenter, 21 Campbell, r 19 Campbell

ROYCE, Tyler, farmer, r 36 N. Barnstable

RUSSEL & HURLBUT, merchants, 166 Main

RUSSEL, F., merchant, 166 Main, r 177 Main

RUSSEL, Hiram, clerk, 166 Main, r 177 Main

RUSSEL, Ed., clerk Racine House

RUFORT, Samuel, trushmaker ?, 12 Chippecotton

RYKOFF, Andrew, laborer, r 29 N. Chatham



SARGEANT, Charles, saloon keeper, 49 ½ Third, r 49 ½ Third

SARGEANT, Asher, bartender, 49 ½ Third, r do

SANDS, Samuel, shoemaker, r 67 Barnstable

SANS, Kinkle, waggon maker, 19 Bridge, r Erie

SAGE, Sidney A., miller, 39 city mills, r 52 Huron

SAGE, Stephen, clerk Post Office, r 52 Huron

SAMWELL, Thomas, mariner, r 79 Villa

SANDERS, Horace T., attorney at law, 141 ½ Main, r 102 Chatham

SAMWELL, Eveland, tailor, 58 Main, r 79 Villa

SARGANCE, John, teller Richmond’s Bank, r 211 Main

SALBRETHER, Barney, laborer, r 309 Main

SCOTT, William, painter, r 303 Main

SCHUYLER, C.S., tanner & courier 47 Wisconsin, r 22 N. Wisconsin

SCHNEIDER, John, physician & surgeon, office & residence 134


SCHNEIDER, J., grocer, 26 Bridge

SCHNEIDER, Charles, brickmaker, r 110 Chippewa

SCHROEDER, Peter, laborer, r 306 Main

SCHADEGG, Ulrich, carpenter, r 54 Chippewa

SCHOLT, Theodore, cabinet maker, 168 Main, r 63 Western Road

SCANLON, Michael, gardener, 134 Chippewa

SCHMERLER, Godfrey, tailor, 146 Main, r 111 Villa

SECOR, Thomas, shingle maker, r 50 Ninth

SECOR, Charles, lumberman, r 50 Ninth

SECOY, N.S., dentist office and residence 93 Sixth

SEELYE, Nathaniel, carpenter, r 27 Marquette

SEXTON, E.F., blacksmith & Horse-shoer 85 Wisconsin, r 86


SECCOY, N.S., dentist, r 93 Sixth

SEAMAN, Samuel, shoemaker, r 87 N. Michigan

SHENLUBER, John, blacksmith 130 Wisconsin, r N. Chatham

SHAN, Salina, mariner, r 38 N. Main

SHAN, Jas., laborer, r 50 N. Main

SHELDON, P., r 278 Main

SHOULT, P., tanner cor Water & Villa, r 41 Seventh

SHRIE, C., mason, r 15 N. Wisconsin

SHOULDS, Frederick, mason, r 69 N. Barnstable

SHOULDS, G., carpenter, 5 N. Wisconsin, r 69 Barnstable

SHAW, Charles, r 144 Wisconsin

SIMS, James, engineer, r 38 Michigan

SKINNER, Russel, machinist, 38 Western Road, r 120 Sixth

SLADE, George, clerk, 88 Main, r 14 New Milwaukee Road

SLAWSON, Henry, tanner, r 27 N. Chatham

SMITH, Gilbert, shoe maker, r 184 Wisconsin

SMITH, J., clerk, 98 Main, r 41 Chatham

SMITH, John, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 128 Sixth

SMITH, Thomas, tanner, cor Second & Wisconsin r 34 Michigan

SMITH, Henry G., teacher, r 79 Barnstable

SMITH, Eldad, postmaster 96 Main, r 73 Barnstable

SMITH, Nathan, whitewasher, r 61 Campbell

SMITH, Otto, laborer, r 67 Centre

SMITH, Henry D., carpenter, r 88 State

SMITH, J., gardener, r 30 Huron

SMITH, Harvey, cooper, 185 Michigan, r 183 Michigan

SMITH, Elias, r 242 Main

SMITH, John C., grocer, 86 Main, r 33 Chippewa

SMITH, Dennis, carpenter, r 32 Campbell

Pages 50 & 51 missing (hopefully will find another directory to

fill in).



TALCOTT, Joseph B., physician & surgeon, office and res. One door

west the presbyterian church, Seventh

TALCOTT, Edwin, clerk, 127 Main, r 287 Main

TATE, John, carpenter, 21 Campbell, r 26 Campbell

TATE, Robert, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 26 Campbell

TATE, George, teamster, r 26 Campbell

TATE, Gilbert, carpenter, r 24 Campbell

TARDWIN, George, teamster, r 256 Wisconsin

TAPIN, George, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 128 Sixth

TEEGARDEN, M.R., physician & surgeon, office 154 ½ Main

TERBUSH, Friar, waggon maker, 27 Fifth, r 74 Chatham

THAYER, Levi P., printer, 156 ½ Main, r 317 Wisconsin

THOMPSON, J., waggon maker, r 21 N. Chatham

THOMAS, Richard, miller, r 8 Erie

THOMAS, David, laborer, r 149 Barnstable

THOMAS, Humphrey, r 107 Chippewa

THOMAS, John, mariner, r 107 Chippewa

THOMAS, Evan, mariner, r 107 Chippewa

THOMAS, Ro_t, mason, r 107 Chippewa

THOMAS, Andrem, mason, r 144 Villa

THOMAS, Evan P., carpenter, 27 Bridge, r 78 Barnstable

THOMAS, Miss, dressmaker, 41 Fifth

THOMPSON, John P., physician, 217 Main, r 215 Main

THOMPSON, Ralph, laborer, r 6 S. Water

THORNTON, Thomas, shoemaker, 33 Western Road

THULL, Matthias, waggon maker, 29 Fourth r 77 Main

THURSTIN, Henry, carpenter, r 173 Michigan

TIFT, Robert, r 268 Wisconsin

TITUS, Augustus, miller, r 207 Main

TILLAPAUGH, J.M., physician, 217 Main, r 186 Main

TIERNEY, Patrick, laborer, r Racine House

TOMLINSON, Mark, carpenter, r 193 Barnstable

TORPY, Thomas, carpenter, r 49 Wisconsin

TOOLE, Patrick, laborer, r 51 Wisconsin

TORODE, J., painter, 173 Wisconsin, r 200 Main

TESTAVIN, W., tailor, 146 Main, r 92 State

TOSTEVIN, Miss M., milliner and dressmaker, 107 Sixth

TOSTEVIN, John, carpenter, r 107 Sixth

TRAVERS, James, chandler, 39 Western Road, r 128 Sixth

TRAVERS, Louis E., carpenter, r 57 Western Road

TROWBRIDGE, John, r 60 Barnstable

TRESSER, H., mason, r 59 N. Wisconsin

TROUP, Martin, steamboat agent, 97 Main, r 9 S. Water

TURNBULL, J., house builder, 32 Chatham, r 26 Chippewa

TURNER, John, teamster, r 59 Villa

TUCKERMAN, S.C., forwarder, 2 Chatham, r 117 Chatham

TYLER, Charles, painter, 126 Wisconsin, r 125 Barnstable




UTLEY, Wm. L., railroad agent, 131½ Main, r 179 Wisconsin

ULLMANN, Henry, banker, 127 Main, r 206 Main

ULLMANN, Isaac J., wheat dealer, r 199 Main

ULSTROP, Tyler, carpenter, 156 Wisconsin, r 61 Main

ULRICH, Wm., baker, 36 Fifth, r 36½ Fifth

ULRICH, Louis, mason, r 58 Campbell


UNDERDONK, R., r 315 Main

UNDERDONK, Isaac, carpenter, 5 Bridge, r 315 Main



VANTINE, D.C., grocer, 122 Main, r 182 Michigan

VANTINE, William, clerk, 122 Main, r 182 Michigan

VANTINE, Geo. H., fruit dealer, 160½ Main, r 7 Chippewa

VANCOTT, A.B., jeweller, 148 Main, r 148½ Main

VAN PELT, John A., auctioneer & c., 141 Main, r 22 Sixth

VAN PELT, William, wheat buyer, r 210 Main

VILAS, Moses, city surveyor, r 64 Barnstable

VAUGHAN, Wm. W., grocer, 71 cor Sixth and Barnstable

VANDOOZER, William, grocer, 107 Old Milwaukee Road

VANDOOZER, John, mariner, r 107 Old Milwaukee Road

VAN BLANDERCHOTIN, Simeon, mariner, r 37 N. Main

VAN VAULKENBURG, Daniel, carpenter, 109 State

VAN VAULKENBURG, John, carpenter, r 29 N. Wisconsin

VAN VAULKENBURG, Adam, drayman, r 67 Centre



WELCH BAPTIST CHURCH No. 72 Barnstable Street

WAIT & HILTON, cabinet makers, 163 Main

WAIT, Edgar, cabinet maker, 163 Main, r 94 Sixth

WATERMAN, W.H., forwarder south bridge pier, r 107 Chatham

WATERMAN, Enam, clerk south bridge pier, r 107 Chatham

WADSWORTH, W., physician, 40 Seventh, r 157 Wisconsin

WABER, Phillip, carpenter, 14 Bridge, r 244 Wisconsin

WAGNER, Jacob, laborer, r 77 Main

WARNER, Horace, proprietor Racine House cor Fifth and Public


WAIT, Reuben, carpenter, 116 Sixth, r 98 Sixth

WAYGAND, R., painter, 137 Main, r 120 Barnstable

WALLACE, Roswell, cooper, 139 Sixth, r 124 Western Road

WALL, M., joiner, 32 Chatham, r 32 Barnstable

WALLACE, E.Q., chairmaker, r 175 Wisconsin

WASHBURN, D.C., marble dealer, 13 Fifth, r 87 Chatham

WEED, Marcus, grocer, 31 Third, r 30 Chippewa

WEED & CRANE, grocers & provision dealers, 17 Public Square

WEED, Eben, grocer, 17 Public Square, r 96 Barnstable

WELCH, Stephen, clerk, 138 Main, r 39 Fourth

WELCH, R., carpenter, 116 Sixth, r cor Eleventh & Wisconsin

WELLS, Timothy, farmer, r 95 Wisconsin

WEST, Wm., insurance agent, 127½ Main, r 15 Chippewa

WEST, M.W., farmer, r 113 State

WEST, George, painter, r 113 State

WEST, Thomas, drayman, r 72 Chippewa

WEST, George R., machinist, 5 Bridge, r 125 Villa

WETHEREL, James, laborer, r 33 Western Road

WHITE, Philo, r 183 Main

WHITE, Patrick, laborer, r 5 Third

WHITE, O., jeweller, 133 Main, r 28 N. Chatham

WHITE, William, peddlar, r 27 Villa

WHITE, Chester, r 212 Main

WHITING, E.G., pattern maker, 5 Bridge, r 21 N. Barnstable

WHEELER, John T., mariner, r 63 N. Chatham

WHEELER, Isaac M., mariner, r 63 N. Chatham

WHEELER, J.L., mariner, r 63 N. Chatham

WHEELER, P.B., grocer, 108 Main

WHEELER, A.H. & SONS, lumber dealers, cor Main and Second

WHEELER, William, printer, 156½ Main, r 84 Chatham

WHELDON, L., beef packer, r 250 Wisconsin

WINTERBOTTOM, John, machinist, 5 Bridge, r 115 Centre

WINN, J., teamster, r 28 N. Main

WILLIAMS, J.D., grocer and provision dealer, 73 cor Sixth and


WILLIAMS, Hugh, carpenter, r 92 Chippewa

WILLIAMS, John, carpenter, r 21 Villa

WILLIAMS, William, mariner, r 64 Chippewa

WILLIAMS, Owen W., carpenter, r 93 Barnstable

WILLIAMS, John, saddler, 113 Main, r 93 Barnstable

WILLIAMS, David, laborer, r 52 Eighth

WILLIAMS, Francis, carpenter, 21 Campbell, r 160 Barnstable

WILLIAMS, W.H., carpenter, 27 Bridge, r 39 Chippewa

WILLIAMS, John, laborer, r 25 Chippewa

WILLIAMS, William, mason, r 50 Villa

WILLIAMS, Hugh, grocer 80 Sixth

WILLIAMS, W.J., merchant 25 cor Sixth and Wisconsin

WILLIAMS, William, blacksmith, 65 Chatham

WILSON, John, mariner, r 133 Chatham

WILSON, John, County Register 12½ Public Square, r 178 Michigan

WILSON, S.W., physician, r 187 Wisconsin

WILSON, J.B., r 240 Main

WINTERS, Henry, tailor, r 43 S. Water

WINTERS, Marshall, machinist, 8 Western Road, r 230 Wisconsin

WICKHAM, H.D., grocer, 102 Main, r 45 Huron

WICKHAM, Henry, clerk 102 Main, r 45 Huron

WILLAPAULE, Edward, carpenter, r 109 Sixth

WIM, Frederick, ship carpenter, 48 Erie, r 31 Campbell

WORDING, W.E., attorney at law, 120½ Main, r 91 Chatham

WOOD, Peter, laborer, r 35 Sixth

WOOD, Henry, ship carpenter, 48 Erie, r 9 Sinclair

WOLF, Charles, laborer, r 119 Chippewa

WOLF, C., teamster, r 119 Chippewa

WOODWARD, Leonard, machinist, r 112 Barnstable

WRIGHT, Thomas, lawyer, r 181 Main

WRIGHT, C., mason, r 13 N. Wisconsin

WRIGHT, George, merchant, 92 Main, r 84 Sixth

WRIGHTMIRE, J., teamster, r 27 N. Main

WRANN, Patrick, laborer, r 140 Barnstable

WRIGHTSON, Geo., harbor master, r 9 Dodge

WRATTAN, Jacob, carpenter, 21 Campbell, r 19 Campbell

WUSTUM & NEILA, butchers 106 Main

WUSTUM, George, butcher, 106 Main, r 80 Centre

WUSTUM, Fritz, butcher, r 43 N. Wisconsin

WUSTUM, C., tanner, cor Second & Wisconsin, r 46 N. Main

WURTZ, John, waggon maker, 24 Fourth, r 324 Wisconsin

WYMAN, Roswell, attorney at law, 138½ Main, r 133 Barnstable



YATES, James, proprietor City Hotel 29 Barnstable

YOUT, S.C., grocer, 16 Sixth, r 262 Main



ZAHN, Edward, tinner, 68 Main, r 45 Main

ZINKEISEN, H. & CO., tobacco, cigar & liquor dealers 152 Main,

r Congress Hall